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TotalSend Review

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8.5/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #26 in category Email marketing service
Easy to use
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  • Knowledge Base and Blog Support
  • Payment Flexibility
  • Personal Account Managers
  • No Mobile Support
  • Issues with Uploading
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Whether you are a budding business venture or a full bloom enterprise, marketing your products is essential in keeping your business up and running. Marketing is a lot of hard work, especially if you don’t have the manpower and network to do so. That’s where Email Marketing Providers come in. Email Marketing utilizes the power of the internet and social media platforms to gain a network of potential customers. The key to Email Marketing is a good campaign and a good provider that knows how to multiply your network without breaking the bank. TotalSend is an Email Marketing provider that offers basic yet powerful multi-platform network creation at very competitive rates compared to its counterparts. It is designed for companies that are looking for stable messaging options and accessibility at multiple platforms. TotalSend is more of a reliable message delivery system than an automated messaging service.

TotalSend also offers SMS marketing campaigns and Transactional SMS that are fast, reliable and secured. They guarantee that you will have full control over your clients’ data without compromising security.


Ease of Use

Like any other Email Marketing platform, TotalSend’s interface could be confusing to newbies but fairly easy to use for those who have exposure to similar platforms. The “What you see is what you get” editor of TotalSend may take a little time to be familiar with.

Nonetheless, it is a good thing that TotalSend has laid out an easy to understand knowledge base to help first time users.

Once you get the hang of it, everything will be easy. But in case it didn’t work out, you have the option to have them do everything for you. That is if you have an extra budget to spare.


What’s the use of paying Email Marketing Providers if they can’t deliver an excellent automation service? It’s a good thing that TotalSend has a great automation service. Their service ensures that emails don’t fall on the SPAM folder. Unlike other providers, TotalSend’s interconnection between the automated marketing email sending, the data collection, and response or follow-up emails is seamless and probably the best in the market today.

Integration and Add-Ons

With its Simple integration service, TotalSend ensures easy integration using all popular programming languages and tools. The same integration applies to your Transactional SMS subscription using TotalSend’s REST API.

TotalSend Pricing

TotalSend offers variable rates for your business needs. They designed their services to match your demands in email marketing and other services to help your company grow. TotalSend offers payment options in three categories; Monthly Plans, High Volume Plans and Pay as you go.

For Monthly Plans, TotalSend offers unlimited email sending. The only limit is on the number of subscribers that you can have on your plan. Below is the detailed pricing of TotalSend for their standard monthly plans.

Starter Plan 5000 Unlimited $35
10k Subscriber Plan 10,000 Unlimited $65
20k Subscriber Plan 20,000 Unlimited $89
35k Subscriber Plan 35,000 Unlimited $149
50k Subscriber Plan 50,000 Unlimited $209
75k Subscriber Plan 75,000 Unlimited $299


TotalSend’s High Volume Plans are targeted for customers that have a specific number of emails sent each month regardless of the number of subscribers. It has flexible options that in cases you exhausted the number of emails on your plan, you can avail of additional emails at CPM rates. Below is the breakdown of rates for High Volume Plans.

100k Email Plan 100,000 $1.10 $110
250k Email Plan 250,000 $1.00 $250
500k Email Plan 500,000 $0.90 $450
750k Email Plan 750,000 $0.80 $600
1m Email Plan 1,000,000 $0.70 $700
2.5m Email Plan 2,500,000 $0.60 $1,500
5m Email Plan 5,000,000 $0.55 $2,750
7.5m Email Plan 7,500,000 $0.50 $3,750
10m Email Plan 10,000,000 $0.45 $4,500
20m Email Plan 20,000,000 $0.30 $6,000


If you don’t want to have fixed monthly rates and uneven email sending needs, TotalSend offers a somewhat similar to a prepaid service. TotalSend’s Pay As You Go option gives more flexibility to its users. If you are not a frequent email sender, you can take advantage of this option. The best thing about this is that the email credits don’t expire. You just have to top-up once you have consumed the credits. See the below table for more details on TotalSend’s Pay As You Go plan.

5,000 Never $50
10,000 Never $85
25,000 Never $140
50,000 Never $175
75,000 Never $220
100,000 Never $280
250,000 Never $675


Furthermore, Transactional Emails are prices at $1 per bundle of 1000 emails. They also offer discounts depending on the bundle’s size; 10% discount for 10 bundles, 20% discount for 100 bundles and 30% discount for 1000 bundles. The minimum bundle that can be purchased is 1 bundle. While the maximum is 1000 bundles.

Other Pricing details can be accessed on TotalSend’s Pricing Tab. With the flexible options that TotalSend offers, consumers are guaranteed to make the most value for their money.

TotalSend Features


With a promise to ensure high-quality service and exceptional customer service, TotalSend has carefully designed its services to cater to the needs of any business size. TotalSend offers 3 main services, Email Marketing, Transactional Email, and Transactional SMS. The features of both services are detailed below.

  • Email Marketing

TotalSend helps you create a strong Email Marketing campaign from scratch. But if you want a simpler and faster approach, TotalSend also has a good number of templates with clean design. Their ready-made templates are easy to use with their “what you see is what you get” editor.

  • Flexible Sending time Options

Also, TotalSend has an email send function where you can have total dispatch control. Make your email now and send it at once or at a later time or date that you prefer. You can also pause and resume your email marketing campaign anytime with just one click.

  • Tracking your Network’s Movement

A tracking option is also available in TotalSend. This is a very important feature because it allows you to get a bird’s eye view of your network. Through tracking, you can calibrate your strategies based on what your customers like or dislike. You can also change the sending time based on the tracking data of when your customers are engaging most on your emails.

  • Expanding it Further by Socializing

It is a known fact now that Social Media is the best platform to do marketing. With this, TotalSend made sure that you can harness the power of Social Networking Sites to your business’ advantage. With TotalSend, you can share your email campaigns on existing social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

  • Manage your Subscriber List

TotalSend’s dynamic List Management feature allows you to import and insert subscriber information. The allowable custom fields are unlimited so you are sure that all relevant fields can be included according to your business needs. You can also make segments to target specific groups based on their info and engagement. The subscription forms may also be code generated to be embedded on your website or social media platforms.

  • Save time through Automation

When time is of a constraint, Automation helps you get the job done. TotalSend ensures seamless automation that monitors email movements. They automatically record emails that bounced, track and implement un-subscriptions, track and monitor spam complaints and automatically remove problematic addresses. All this to ensure that you get the best possible service.

  • Transactional Email

Transactional Emails are emails that are sent based on specific triggers. All customer actions can be sent as triggers for transactional emails. Transactional emails can be a thank you message, a follow-up on pending orders or an order confirmation email.

It is very important to have Transactional Emails in place instead of sending broadcast messages. It makes your interaction with your customers more personal and responsive. TotalSend will accurately track your network’s movement so you will know the effectiveness of your campaigns. TotalSend also ensures effortless integration using its flexible HTTP and SMTP APIs.

  • Transactional SMS

TotalSend offers fast and reliable transactional SMS. This feature can be used to send security verifications like one-time-pins, password resets, and other non-commercial services to your subscribers.

Additional Perks

    1. Increased In-Boxing

TotalSend ensures that all your customers are reached. Their free and dedicated IPs and sender domains make sure that all your email marketing campaigns go to the Inbox of targeted customers and not on their SPAM folders.

    2. Personal Account Manager

Total send treats its customers like VIPs. With this, each paying customer gets their own personal account manager. Their connections with major Internet Service Providers ensure unparalleled service from the time of subscription. All this to guarantee your satisfaction and eventually to further the success of your business.

     3. Consulting Services

With its roster of highly competitive business team members, TotalSend offers professional consulting services. They offer Email Marketing Strategy, Email Deliverability and Bespoke Messaging Delivery Solutions at an extra fee.

   4. Design & Account Management

If you don’t have the time to go through the design process or don’t have the skills to do the design on your own, TotalSend offers design and account management. They will do everything for you. All you need to do is subscribe, send your email list and design idea.

   5. Address Validation

Get the best value for your email subscription by removing problematic addresses. TotalSend offers an Email Address Validation solution that removes 80% of email addresses that have bounced and replace wit new ones. Also, it corrects the typographical errors on email domain names and non-existing domains. The service is capable to check up to 500,000 records per day.

  6. Blog

Access to email marketing industry updates and other relevant information is available on TotalSend’s website blog. TotalSend made sure that all relevant information on how to navigate through the website and use their features are easy to access. Just click the Knowledgebase link on their website.



The number of Email Marketing providers is increasing from day-to-day. TotalSend comes in on the midrange. They have great service and fairly integrated system design. The Transactional Email and SMS options are key services that make TotalSend a good choice for those who have the budget to subscribe. While TotalSend’s service may be a bit expensive, though flexible in pricing, it is by far one of the most reliable providers when it comes to getting through to your subscribers’ inboxes. Aweber is a good alternative to TotalSend. Another good option is Sendinblue.  It is a  complete all-in-one sales and marketing toolbox. The third alternative to this email marketing product is Mailchimp. It really shines with a feature-set that grows more enticing each time we review it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is TotalSend?

TotalSend is an Email Marketing Service provider. They offer marketing solutions with SMS options and dynamic content.

  • Who can avail of TotalSend’s Services?

Basically, anyone can avail of TotalSend’s services. Startup businesses could benefit from TotalSend’s free trial service. Once they have the necessary funds, they can explore more on the paid services. Large businesses could gain more networks using TotalSend’s paid services as well.

  • Is there a free trial on the Benchmark?

No, TotalSend doesn’t offer a free trial. They have a free plan for an unlimited time. However, it is quite limited on the number of messages that can be sent per month. Features are also very limited. It is good for Startup businesses only. It won’t do any good to those established businesses.

  • Does TotalSend have mobile options?

No, TotalSend doesn’t have mobile options. TotalSend is available on the Web app and Windows only. However, as of this writing, the TotalSend is currently planning to have its mobile platform.

  • Is TotalSend secure?

There is no such thing as “perfect security”. TotalSend offers a compromise that they will provide an increased level of data security and convenience to their customers. However, if data sent from each user is compromised by viruses or bugs, TotalSend cannot be held responsible. They insist that users take necessary caution when uploading data on their accounts.

Customer Service

TotalSend provides excellent service to its customers. Included to their commitment to high-quality service is good customer support. TotalSend has an online form for its users and potential customers to input their details and inquiries. They usually reply within one business day.

If the inquiry needs an urgent response, you may call their direct hotlines. TotalSend’s hotlines are available in the United States, the United Kingdom, and South Africa. And if you are a paying customer, TotalSend assigns a dedicated personal account manager to handle your concerns. This feature makes its customers feel valued and supported.

To further show their commitment to their customers, TotalSend’s blog is accessible as well on their website. The blog contains email marketing and business-related techniques to help their customers to catapult their business sales.

Finally, TotalSend has a library of self-help articles. These articles allow users to get the necessary knowledge to understand how to use their platform. All that information is available on TotalSend’s website and is updated from time to time. TotalSend is highly committed to giving their customers the well deserve support. Especially for their paying customers.

Pros and Cons

In order to further your understanding of TotalSend’s email marketing service and help you decide if their service is at par to your expectations, listed below is a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages in using or subscribing to TotalSend’s email marketing service.

TotalSend Pros

Below are the advantages of subscribing to TotalSend’s Email Marketing Service.

  • Free Service: The free service option of TotalSend allows its new subscribers to get used to and feel TotalSend’s performance before subscribing to their paid service. It is also useful for a small startup business that doesn’t have the budget for an email marketing service but wants to further expand its network and increase its sales.
  • Knowledge Base and Blog Support: TotalSend made sure that their customers get relevant information anytime and anywhere in the world. With this, they created a library of “How to” information on their website. Its knowledge base is accessible and easy to understand. The blog support also provides a handful of information that will be helpful for your business growth.
  • Payment Flexibility: TotalSend offers flexible payment options for their subscribers. They have free service for startup companies. They have monthly payment options based on the number of subscribers or the number of email usage. You can also purchase email credits for non-frequent transactions.
  • Personal Account Managers: Paying Customers to have the privilege to have their own account managers. Through this, you could get the best value for your money.
  • SMS Transactions: To further enhance security, TotalSend has put in place an SMS Transaction add-on. This is a good tool that can eventually be expanded into another marketing platform in the future.
  • SPAM prevention: The struggle of most Email Marketing providers is the deliverability of emails. If the email is not well-formatted or run through a secure network, it will definitely fall on the SPAM folder or worse on junk. The good thing about TotalSend is that they have a good network connection to Internet Service Providers and SPAM protection. This eliminates the agony of dealing with lost emails and eventually lost customers.

TotalSend Cons

  • No Mobile Support: In this modern age, mobility is a must. Unfortunately, TotalSend has no mobile support. Their services are accessible only on their website. While most email marketing providers are mobile supported, it may still take time for TotalSend to establish their mobile platform.
  • Posting Issues: Almost all Email Marketing provider advertises itself as being the cheapest or at least having competitive prices. The same thing applies to TotalSend. When you look at the pricing options of TotalSend, it is competitive. However, there are services offered free on other providers but is offered as an add-on at a cost. TotalSend is not a good option for start-ups or businesses with limited resources. Simply, what you pay is what you get.
  • Not user-friendly interface: Using the TotalSend platform may be difficult for first-time users. Even if there are online help tools or knowledge bases, as they call it, there is still a need for more time to get used to it. However, if you are a code editor or an HTML expert, TotalSend might just work out for you.

Issues about costing, mobile support and interface is a big downside for an email marketing provider that promises ease and comfort for their services. However, the amount of hands-on support and payment options are still worth looking out for.

TotalSend brands itself as a customer-oriented and high-quality service provider but it comes with a price. Therefore, if you have the means and the budget to pay for their service, you could definitely harness the high-quality service and customer dedication that TotalSend offers to their paying customers.

Final Verdict

When it comes to Email Marketing, the primary aim is to get your message to your customers. This enables your business to expand and reach your target sales. The deliverability of your marketing campaign is essential. Thus beyond any other feature of an email marketing provider, deliverability is the top consideration. That’s what TotalSend is best for. Subscribing to TotalSend means getting the value of what you paid for. The more you play, the better service you get. Just by starting to pay already makes you a VIP though their personal account managers. And the more you play, the better service you get.

The SMS capabilities of TotalSend also is very attractive to those who want more secure options. TotalSend is also committed to giving you a secure and worry-free service. So if you are looking for security, TotalSend is best for you.

TotalSend’s interface is difficult to be accustomed with. Although there are knowledge base information and blog support available on their website, it is still inevitable that paying for the full service is your better option. It does things fast and more effective, especially if you are an email marketing newbie.

TotalSend is not for everybody. It is dedicated to those who want premium services and can pay for such services. If you have the money, TotalSend can get the job done for you.

Finally, to decide whether to subscribe to TotalSend or not is up to 2 things. One, do you want or need a premium service? And two, do you have the resources to pay for a premium service? If the answer is a firm yes, then TotalSend is the Best Email Marketing Provider for you.

TotalSend Review
TotalSend Review
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