Snovio Review

Snovio Review

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8.3/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #36 in category Email marketing service
Ease of Use
Cutomer Support
  • Very easy to build drip campaigns and bulk email
  • Has many email search features
  • Collects leads’ emails from any website or social profile
  • Keeps the user’s email list free from duds with the email verifier
  • No leads filters
  • Can't find emails on Facebook
  • Limited credits, export, and integrations on the free plan 
  • A Little Bit Expensive

Snovio is a cloud-based email marketing platform that was founded in 2017 in Ukraine. Snovio helps the user to optimize all aspects of their email marketing journey from email prospecting, drip campaigning, lead generating, and much more. Users can utilize all the fantastic features provided like the email verifier that identifies any dead-end email addresses or domains and export the results via CSV, XLSX, or Google sheets. Snovio also has a chrome extension that will enable the user to collect and save lead information from different websites and the information can then be checked against LinkedIn and Google keyword search. Snovio allows the users to design and configure email drip campaigns using the drag and drop function, lets the users optimize the scope of those that will receive the specifically triggered emails, and then develop a quality, long-lasting and loyal relationship with the existing leads through automated follow-ups. Snovio enables users to find emails using filters like domain, brand names, size, location, social URLs, and many others. Snovio has a REST API so that businesses can integrate with other 3rd party systems.


Snovio Pricing

Snovio provides unique and one of a kind plans and pricing for its users and it is available for those of whom would like to pay both monthly or those who wish for annual payments. Snovio’s annual plans are much cheaper when compared with the monthly plans as the user not only has lower monthly payments but also will have two months without charge. The user can choose from four paid plans to suit both their needs and the size of the company. After deciding and purchasing a plan you are given a certain amount of credits, the number will vary depending on the which plan to user chooses. These credits are used as a means of payment for different features and each of the different features has a varying price of credits, the credits are given monthly and will be refreshed anew each month, credits will not be carried through the months. For an example of where the credits are required, to search emails on a domain – 1 credit, to get emails from LinkedIn – 1 credit, to send emails – free, to upload and to verify emails – 0.5 credit. Snovio does have a ‘Forever free’ plan that grants the user with 50 monthly credits and 100 drip campaign recipients, so first-time users can sample the platform this way and test out all the tools and features. Once the user is satisfied with the platform they can upgrade their plan. The user can spend the credits on whichever tool they require. There is no difference in the features between plans, each plan has access to all features from the free plan up to the ‘XL’ plan.

Pay Monthly

  • XS (Forever Free) – 50 credits & 100 recipients
  • S ($39/mo) – 1,000 credits & 1,000 recipients
  • M ($69/mo) – 5,000 credits & 5,000 recipients
  • L ($129/mo) – 20,000 credits & 20,000 recipients
  • XL ($199/mo) – 50,000 credits & unlimited recipients

Pay annually with 2 months free

  • XS (Forever Free) – 50 credits & 100 recipients
  • S ($33/mo) – 1,000 credits & 1,000 recipients
  • M ($58/mo) – 5,000 credits & 5,000 recipients
  • L ($108/mo) – 20,000 credits & 20,000 recipients
  • XL ($166/mo) – 50,000 credits & unlimited recipients

Snovio Features


Snovio’s platform has a lot of great features and some genuinely handy Chrome extensions. These features are in place on Snovio’s platform to make every aspect of the email marketing process easier and more straightforward while enabling the user to rapidly make a list of highly targeted leads.

Finding Emails

Snovio is very well known for its ability to find email addresses from any web source. Snovio enables the user to find emails via several different searches, through a domain and bulk domain search, a company profile search, a social URL search, a boolean search, and users can also simply find emails from both and individuals name and or a company’s name.

Domain And Bulk Domain Search

Finding emails that are linked to different domains and collecting them couldn’t be easier for users simply select domain search from the selection of features available on Snovio. This feature is super simple to use all the user needs to do is to enter in the business’s domain name and search it. When the user needs to locate email addresses that are linked with several domains, the user should save them in a TXT, XLS or XLSX file, upload it, configure the search settings and then search it. Users can review the previously searched domains or companies in the plugin history that’s located in the business tab. Other details can be viewed from the companies profile.

Boolean Search

Users can use the boolean search to find leads based on location, industry, and skills. Snovio’s boolean Search enables the user to narrow down and specifically target leads on massive databases like LinkedIn or Google based on the filtered search.

Social URL Search

Snovio also enables users to input a list of URLs to anyone’s social profiles and support the user in retrieving the email addresses. This process is very quick and easy and is a big advantage of Snovio’s. This feature provides users with a great number of opportunities.

Company Profile Search

This feature enables users to easily find different companies based on a wide range of variables, filters like are company name, founding date, city, company size, industry, country, and specialties. After finding the company the user can go to the companies profile and have access to all the emails of those who work within the company.

Emails From Names

Snovio can also retrieve emails from the names of people and companies, the user simply needs to input the list of names. Afterward the user can verify the email addresses and then prepare a drip campaign for them.

Verifying Emails

This feature is crucial to be a successful email marketer as it is very easy for your account to be suspended or even worse permanently deactivated. If the user sends too many emails to dud email addresses it will drive your bounce rate straight up and the user’s high bounce rate will draw attention and soon enough the user will receive a notification saying that their account has been suspended. The bounce rate needs to be between 10% and 15% to stay active. Once Snovio has verified any email addresses it will award them a certain status, a valid email address is right and exists, catch-all is an uncertain email and invalid is an email address that is either inactive or does not exist.

Email Drip Campaigns

Snovio’s drip email feature allows the user to choose and set up the suitable triggers, schedules, and delays for follow-up emails the user sends which automates the outreach. The user can send email chains to a large number, which are all possible future leads, with ease.

Plain Text Emails

The user can make plain text emails with customized variables for the subject line and email body. The user can also set up and add a professional email signature in plain text or add in an HTML one.

Snovio reveiws


Snovio also provides many email templates that are readily available for use, or the user can also design their own and save it into the library. Snovio also provides email campaign templates on the platform.


The trigger is the part of any email campaign that automates it. After the trigger has performed its action the follow-up email will follow automatically at the pre-set time. If the trigger has been set off outside of its schedule the follow-up email will be sent based on the schedule but as soon as possible.


The delay feature connects either two emails or a trigger and a follow-up. Its function is to postpone sending the follow-up.


The scheduling feature enables the user to send emails based on times and time zones. This can help with ensuring that the email will be at the top of the Inbox when the recipient opens their email.

Creating Drip Campaigns

The Email Drip Campaigns feature checks the real-time statistics and track key metrics that are included with the package. It notifies the user who viewed the email, how many times they viewed it, and the number of people who visited the link, the number of responses, and much more.

Tracking Emails

Snovio will not only help the user to locate, verify, and send personalized triggered emails, but the platform also tracks their performance for the user right into Gmail. The user can easily be aware of how many leads open your emails and clicked a link. The user can easily turn on/off the Gmail tracking and get notifications whenever a lead opens or clicks the links. This feature helps the user track link clicks and email opens, notifies the user about follow-ups, and sends real-time push notifications if the user’s email is opened or a link is clicked.

Technology Checker

Snovio’s technology checker is an extension for Chrome that aids the user to identify the technologies used to build a website or an app. This feature can recognize CMS, marketing tools, e-commerce solutions, etc. This extension can also let the user find websites in bulk by searching the database of thousands of websites. This feature is great for identifying technologies and locating the right contacts to engage.

Snovio’s Chrome Extensions

Snovio provides four chrome extensions. The email finder extension helps the user to locate emails from any website, including LinkedIn and Google and the user can send emails to the leads directly from the extension. The Email Checker lets you verify from any website. The Email Tracker monitors emails in Gmail and G Suite. The Technology Checker as a Chrome extension.

Ease Of Use

Snovio is a very simple and straightforward platform, it takes around two minutes to set up Snovio in the user browser and once that is installed it will lead you to the main signup page where you can choose which plan you would like to use. After signing up, and completing the integration the user can browse emails download and save to needed ones to contact list

Snovio 2020

After the user confirms the signup verification they will automatically be logged in and then be shown a video that shows the user how to search LinkedIn and how to use the other feature on Snovio. It’s well worth viewing.


Email automation is the capability to send time or action triggered emails to the customer and information that is relevant to the recipient. Snovio’s automation is useful for a variety of different marketing purposes, as soon as the user’s email campaigns are up and running, the user can begin to send personalized emails to those who fit the pre-established conditions, For example, a series of welcome emails, a series of thank you emails, a series of abandoned cart emails or even a notice for the new items in stock. Email automation can make or break any business, by setting different conditions and actions, the user can then design and build flows and set new rules for any situation with subscribers.

Integrations & Add-Ons

Snovio has built-in integrations with Zapier and Pipedrive, through these the user can gather leads from anywhere and synchronize them. Snovio also has an API for full integration into any platform. Users can synchronize Snovio with over 2,000 different apps. There are over 60 app categories to choose from. For example, Mention is an app that will enable the user to monitor any specific keywords in real-time and receive filtered, organized, and prioritized information. Google Analytics is a web and mobile analytics package. Databox is a mobile platform that aids the user to stay connected with key performance metrics. Stripe is a way to accept payments online and through mobile apps. Shopify is an easy way to design an online store to list products, collect credit card payments, and ship your goods. PayPal is a fast, safe way to send money, make an online payment, receive money, or set up a merchant account.



There is an abundance of email marketing platforms that are available to email marketers, some that provide different features or are lacking certain feature it is very important that marketers put in the research before signing up to one of them. Each email marketer has different requirements some different platforms are better suited than others. Constant Contact is an alternative to Snovio, it is another email marketing platform that promises to help users reach more customers, sell more products, Constant Contact has lots of tools, features, and provides the guidance you need to get online and grow online, all within the platform. Although users feel that it is much slower to reach ROI and it is more expensive, not to mention that a lot of emails sent end up in the spam or junk bin.

Mailchimp is a very well-known platform that has the ability to operate in several different languages, it helps users design and share campaigns across various email and ad channels, it also has the ability to integrate with a lot of very handy services, and follow your results. However, users again feel that it is much slower to reach the ROI and again it is more expensive, and also there are limited automation options.

Frequently Asked Questions about Snovio

How much does Snovio it normally cost?

Snovio plans start from nothing they provide a forever free plan that gives the user 50 credits a month along with 100 drip campaign recipients and the user has full access to try out all the tools and features.

Does Snovio provide API?

Yes, Snovio provides API.

Who uses Snovio?

Snovio is available for anyone to use from businesses who are searching for the most suitable applicants to join their team to someone who is looking for new contacts.

Which applications commonly tandem with Snovio?

Any website, domain address, LinkedIn.

What is Snovio used for?

Snovio is most commonly used to locate and retrieve email addresses and verify them.

Snovio customer service

Snovio has a vast knowledge base that holds the answer to the most commonly asked questions about its features, services, and pricing plans. If the user is unable to find an answer that they are looking for, they can contact the customer service directly via chat, email, or phone. Customer service is very helpful and tends to respond in a timely fashion. They are active 24/7 so if the user is ever struggling with absolutely anything on the platform or when using the extensions they will provide the necessary assistance.

Snovio Pros

  • Very easy to build drip campaigns and bulk email simultaneously
  • Personalized email chains designed with the drag and drop editor
  • Has many email search features
  • Collects leads’ emails from any website or social profile
  • Keeps the user’s email list free from duds with the email verifier
  • Sends triggered sequences with email drip campaigns
  • Provides an email tracker for Gmail
  • Has a technology checker
  • Comes with a free plan that opens access to all tools
  • Automates email outreach and follow-ups
  • Has a robust knowledge base
  • Intelligent triggers for opened links and scheduling
  • Open source code and signature free
  • Extremely accurate email verifier and lots of search options

Snovio Cons

  • No leads filters
  • Can’t find emails on Facebook
  • Limited credits, export, and integrations on the free plan
  • A Little Bit Expensive

Final Verdict

Snovio is a fantastic platform, there is no longer the need to manually search because, with the Email Finder extension, Users can collect emails from any website users want to improve, segment, and for later use possible customers. Users can upload your domain and or email list to Snovio and let the features do the rest with the huge domain search and email verification. Snovio also supports multiple formats like XLS, XLSX, CSV, and TXT. An all-in-one platform every time the user needs to change platforms to search for email addresses, track emails, create campaigns, and analyze results, your efficiency decreases so having a complete toolset on a platform like Snovio solves this dilemma and presents a comfortable and dynamic way to cruise through the daily workload. Users can save so much time by automating email verification, lead generating, and email sending processes. Users can send emails to varied candidates with filters of your choosing. Snovio is a powerful solution that any marketing or sales departments should use. Users have nothing to lose by integrating Snovio into their company. Snovio knows the strains and needs of small companies. Snovio has what users need to become high-performing marketers.

Snovio Review
Snovio Review
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