SMTPProvider Review

SMTPProvider Review

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8.6/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #21 in category Email marketing service
Ease of Use
Customer Support
  • Dedicated IP Addresses
  • Statistics Analysis
  • Exceptional customer service
  • UI needs extra Features
  • Pricing Packages could be improved
  • No Event Triggered Email Feature

SMTPProvider is an email marketing service provider, striving to suit all kinds of clients with their products and prices that cater to those of all financial situations. SMTP Provider is a company founded in 2012 located in India and offers the email marketing service, SMTPProvider. They want you to experience a top-notch email marketing service at an affordable price. SMTPProvider targets every type of business, regardless of size, that has an online presence. They boast about offering a large range of features such as archiving, response management, contact management, split testing, segmentation and much more. Whether you are looking for bulk, mass or niche email services, or an SMTP server with dedicated or shared IP addresses, or for promotional, marketing or individual emailing needs, SMTPProvider offers solutions to all types of email delivery needs.


SMTPProvider Pricing

SMTPProvider offers a large range of choices in their pricing to give you very affordable packages. They offer the following affordable 12 Promotional Email Packages:


Pricing (Monthly) Features
Free Up to 100 Emails for 7 days, Shared IP Address
$2 Up to 1 000 emails/month, Shared IP Address
$5 Up to 4 000 emails/month, Shared IP Address
$10 Up to 10 000 emails/month, Shared IP Address
$20 Up to 25 000 emails/month, Shared IP Address
$30 Up to 50 000 emails/month, Shared IP Address
$50 Up to 100 000 emails/month, Shared IP Address
$80 Up to 150 000 emails/month, Dedicated IP Address
$150 Up to 300 000 emails/month, Dedicated IP Address
$250 Up to 500 000 emails/month, Dedicated IP Address
$300 Up to 750 000 emails/month, Dedicated IP Address
$400 Up to 1 000 000 emails/month, Dedicated IP Address

SMTPProvider offers all these plans to supply clients with a multitude of options that could suit every potential client in any financial situation. Even if you are a business where millions of emails are required to be sent out every month, SMTPProvider also caters to this with the following Unlimited SMTP Plans:

  • $400 per month plan with 5 dedicated IP addresses.
  • $700 per month plan with 10 dedicated IP addresses.
  • $1000 per month plan with 15 dedicated IP addresses.

Each of these unlimited SMTP plans boasts unlimited emails, 24/7 customer support, unlimited data transfer, delivery within 24-48 hours and much more. SMTPProvider offers one more service similar to the 12 Promotional Email Packages, which is 12 Transactional Email Packages:

Pricing (Monthly) Features
Free Up to 10 000 Emails for 1-month, Shared IP Address
$5 Up to 20 000 emails/month, Shared IP Address
$10 Up to 50 000 emails/month, Shared IP Address
$20 Up to 100 000 emails/month, Shared IP Address
$40 Up to 200 000 emails/month, Dedicated IP Address
$75 Up to 400 000 emails/month, Dedicated IP Address
$100 Up to 600 000 emails/month, Dedicated IP Address
$125 Up to 800 000 emails/month, Dedicated IP Address
$150 Up to 1 000 000 emails/month, Shared IP Address
$225 Up to 1 500 000 emails/month, Shared IP Address
$300 Up to 2 000 000 emails/month, Shared IP Address
$450 Up to 3 000 000 emails/month, Shared IP Address


These are different from the promotional emails as transactional emails are automated messages sent to users in response to an action done by them.

SMTPProvider Features


SMTPProvider offers two main email solutions, as outlined in their pricing plans. The first is its Promotional Email Solutions, which is bought through the 12 Promotional Email Packages. These email solutions have many benefits to boast about:

  • They allow you to establish a connection to your followers through their tools like a weekly-round up or newsletter.
  • You can easily handle all the minute and useful details of email marketing through its extremely valuable tools for managing contacts.
  • With their new and improved segmentation tool, you can create customized messages for specific groups of contacts.
  • An advanced Split Testing attribute allowing for zero guesswork in your campaigns.
  • Triggered autoresponders, allowing you to always be open to respond to your audience whenever they open an email, click on a link, join your email list or unsubscribe.
  • Thorough activity reports through a comprehensive email log so you can be constantly aware of your results.
  • They have a unique and personalized platform and offer solutions for every email marketing requirement, which could be a need to provide more email services or to build an email marketing platform, whatever it may be SMTPProvider provides solutions to it all.
  • A high-end email delivery system to deliver to anyone and everyone, plus you’ll have the comfort of being backed by top-class specialists.
  • Great 24/7 customer support full of highly skilled experts.


SMTPProvider’s second email solution is its Subscriber Email Solution, bought through its Unlimited SMTP Plans. The benefits of these Subscriber Emails are:

  • A fully automated marketing framework you can configure to boost your conversion.
  • Their email marketing system allowing you to run professional email marketing campaigns even if you have zero technical experience.
  • Exceptional lead tools for you uplift these leads, whether it be from your website, Facebook page, Twitter ads or blogs.


SMTPProvider seeks to provide users of all types with its wide range of features with a range of affordable prices. On top of all that they offer customized solutions on every email marketing requirement, 24/7 live chat and phone support and easy to use API systems.


SMTPProvider was made for beginners and experienced email marketers alike. There may be a slight learning curve in some of SMTPProvider’s features, but other features like its drag-and-drop editor is made to be extremely easy so you can design email marketing campaigns completely by yourself. Even if you’ve had no previous technical experience the drag-and-drop editor allows you to create responsive email templates within minutes, you can import subscribers extremely fast with just a few mouse clicks, you can easily receive real-time reports on open rates, click rates, geo-location and the like and there are even some ready-made email templates for mobile devices.

SMTPProvider’s features in their Promotional Email Packages also make the service easy-to-use. With their thorough reports making it easy to keep an eye on all your results, excellent management of your contacts, robust segmentation tools for specialized groups of contacts and personalized platform to make navigation easy and useful SMTPProvider goes out of their way to make things as easy as possible.

However, not everything can be made as easy-to-use as those mentioned so SMTPProvider has worked their way around this with their 24/7 online support. Simply head over to their website and you can have amazing support from top-notch specialists at all times of the day and night.


SMTPProvider’s automation is as reliable and useful as it can get. To offer such a wide range of features in their services, their automation must be robust and dependable. SMTPProvider’s automation allows their users’ room to be creative, it made elements of email marketing that could otherwise be confusing and overwhelming to beginners, into something easily understood and logical.
Their robust automation also comes into play with their 12 Transactional Email Packages. These emails are sent automatically to your customers in response to something that customer had done. This could be unsubscribing from your email list, joining your email list, clicking on a link and basically anything that triggers autoresponders.


Mailchimp is an email marketing platform that was created back in 2001. Even so, it still proves to be an email marketing giant and is a great entry-level marketing tool. They offer a generous free plan allowing you 12 000 emails to 2000 subscribers and sports a very easy-to-use interface and playful design. Mailchimp’s dashboard has a plain, easy-to-manage design to them, so you can easily check your audience growth and recent campaign statistics. However, their premium plans can be rather expensive and many of their customers have wished for more customer support. The features and applications of this service make this a great alternative email marketing service to SMTPProvider.

MailerLite, compared to other email marketing platforms, is relatively new to the scene. Even so, they have quickly made a name for themselves with a minimalistic and clean interface and a simplicity to their design that still allows for a wide range of choices in newsletters and forms. A huge advantage of MailerLite is its ‘Forever Free Plan’ offering you 1000 subscribers and an unlimited number of emails every month for no price at all. Even their paid subscription options are comparatively cheaper than its competition. This service is best used for smaller businesses, freelances, solo-entrepreneurs, bloggers, and beginners but if you need comprehensive reports and complex automation, then it might be best to look elsewhere.

ActiveCampaign is a very affordable email marketing service that they aren’t as known as other services, making this quite the hidden gem. They have excellent software design, extremely powerful automation, offers thorough reporting on almost all areas like click maps and page visits, and they offer a helpful live chat and email support. Another highlight of ActiveCampaign is their automation, it allows you to create both simple and complex automation of emails. Their interface may take be a bit overwhelming, there may be a small learning curve for beginners, and they aren’t the cheapest email marketing tool out there, but this is a great alternate email marketing service.

GetResponse claims to be one of the easiest newsletter tools on the market, making this a very viable alternate product choice. They boast to offer a large range of email marketing services more than what their competitors can offer and more powerful tools like their intelligent list automation, unique design testing, and auto funnel feature. They don’t offer a free plan as others may, but they pride themselves in extremely sophisticated automation and product quality. GetResponse may have a wide range of features, but this doesn’t mean it lacks when used simply for email marketing. With every one of their features, they go deep into detail to offer you the absolute best that they can. GetResponse is a very powerful and versatile tool with great value for the amount and quality of features it offers.

Client Reviews

SMTPProvider features

A significant amount of SMTPProvider has left great reviews for the service provided. After researching and averaging all client reviews, the following results were created:


Ease of Use                                        4/5

Customer Service                               5/5

Value for Money                                  4/5

Likelihood to Recommend                  5/5

Features                                              4/5

 Overall Rating                                   4.4/5


Looking at all aspects of SMTPProvider, clients have left amazing reviews. SMTPProvider may prove to be a bit expensive for some, but there is great value in it, and they have done their best to make their services easy-to-use. The features were said by some to be a bit overwhelming but after some effort, it was easy to navigate through. Their customer service was greatly appreciated by almost every review submitted, clients felt supported and were extremely grateful for the assistance they received. Most even said they encountered no problems whatsoever with SMTPProvider’s customer support, hence the 5/5 rating for customer service. With all these taken into consideration, SMTPProvider has earned an average rating of a whopping 4.4 stars out of 5.

Frequently Asked Questions about SMTPProvider

Here are some questions asked about and to SMTPProvider:

  1. Which subscription is right for me?

An amazing part of SMTPProvider is its wide range of prices, making it affordable to everyone. But this still begs the question, which subscription should I take? Well if you are a solo entrepreneur or small business, the Promotional Email Packages would be best for you. This is because they are much easier to handle solo and you most likely won’t be sending out millions of emails every month, right? And fortunately, the Promotional Email Packages have multiple options so you don’t need to spend too much than what u may need too.

For bigger business though, they may need to send out millions of emails each month so the SMTP Plans, which offer unlimited emails, would be the best for them.

  1. Is SMTPProvider friendly for beginners?

There may be a slight learning curve for beginners, as with most email marketing services, but SMTPProvider does their best to help beginners and any questions you may have can easily be answered with their exceptional customer service.

  1. Are there any hidden charges in the service?

No, the SMTPProvider website offers a full understanding of the prices and features for each of their services. Plus, SMTPProvider customers have complimented on the reliability of this service, allowing you some peace-of-mind.

  1. How secure is SMTPProvider?

SMTPProvider safeguards all personal information with the utmost seriousness, whether it be about passing on email addresses to any third party or the security of payments. Speaking of the security of payments, SMTPProvider carries out all payments to them through a secured server of PayPal SSL.

  1. How do I expand my subscription after I am done with the free test?

Once you’ve finished the free trial, all you need to do is simply log in from the customer login tab, click on the button START SERVICE and choose a subscription suiting your needs. This is all done online and, afterward, you will receive a reminder at least 10 days before your subscription expires and another notice two days before the expiry. If you don’t wish to expand the subscription again then there is no extra effort you need to go through as the subscription automatically expires.

Customer service


Perhaps the best feature of SMTPProvider is their customer service and support. They offer a 24/7 live chat support with highly trained specialists to help you with any and every issue that may pop up. Usually, SMTPProvider has nothing to worry about in errors, but there will always be some technical issues to arise from time to time. And all you need to do in this situation is to use the online chat. The customer service is extremely easy to contact and communicate with, there will always be someone on the online chat at any time of day and ready to help you. The specialists are polite, knowledgeable and fast in their ability to resolve issues, so much so that any issue will usually be resolved within half an hour. SMTPProvider’s support is exceptionally professional and valuable.

SMTPProvider Pros and Cons

To help new users decide whether they want to use SMTPProvider, here are some advantages and disadvantages to using SMTPProvider.


  • Dedicated IP Addresses: SMTPProvider provides dedicated IP addresses for many of their services, using this increases your reputation and avoids the blacklisting of your IP that may have been caused because of someone else, which is often the case in shared IP addresses.
  • Statistics Analysis: SMTPProvider’s statistics are extremely detailed and its regularly generated reports allow you to discover the number of messages sent out, number of links clicked, number of conversions and many more details.
  • Exceptional customer service: Even compared to other email service providers, SMTPProvider offers amazingly valuable customer service with highly trained professionals.
  • Easy-to-use editor: SMTPProvider, in general, is very easy-to-use, its drag-and-drop editor, in particular, is made to be exceptionally user-friendly so you can design email marketing campaigns completely on your own, even without much technical experience.
  • Reliability: The reliability of SMTPProvider is worth noting. They take their security very seriously and provide you with a secured email server.
  • Large range of Features: SMTPProvider’s large range of features allows them to target their service to every type of business, whether they be small, medium or large and whether they are an eCommerce website or product/service-based company.


  • UI Features: Some clients of SMTPProvider mention that they would prefer the UI to have some small extra features included, like a password reset for additional accounts.
  • Pricing: Although SMTPProvider offers services for all types of budgets, when compared to alternate solutions there are more affordable options that offer more to clients.

As you can see although SMTPProvider is not perfect, their advantages heavily outweigh their disadvantages, and to be honest, what email marketing service is perfect?

Final Verdict

Choosing the right email service provider can be a surprisingly hard task to do. But if you decide on SMTPProvider, you will not regret it. Such is the thinking of their 10 000+ customers in over 150 countries all around the globe. It may be a bit expensive, but it was completely worth the value of the plans.

SMTPProvider’s outstanding customer service, a huge variety of features and ease-of-use make this a hard service to pass. It is recommended for small businesses, medium-sized businesses and large businesses, this is due to the services they provide being able to help solo-entrepreneurs and large businesses alike. The usefulness of SMTPProvider is simply outstanding and it would be a mistake to pass on such a valuable resource.

SMTPProvider Review
SMTPProvider Review
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