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These days, sending out emails in bulk is a strategy used by many brands and companies who wish to let their customer base know about a new product or offer. However, like many new trends and activities in the digital age, it is important to have a systematic approach when sending out material to a massive group of people. Email marketing companies like SendX specialize in making it easier for you to send out emails and grow revenue. SendX is widely known as a go-to intuitive email marketing software company that offers a more result-oriented service to its customers. Yes, they also deliver results and reports on open rates and numbers of clicks, but they also offer a holistic approach to truly help the client grow their business: by anchoring the email campaigns towards goals on revenue and conversion growth.

On top of this, SendX also labels itself as Value SAAS Business, fully committed to building its brand and capital the best they could. Value SAAS companies are ones that can make 1USD of revenue through “less than 1USD spent”. This means right from the start, SendX will make sure you get the best value for every dollar of your email campaign.


SendX Pricing Options

As a revenue-oriented company, they also set an affordable and competitive pricing range for the services. Their website lists packages and services one can avail of. A free trial period of 14-days is also available to those who want to check out the services first.

The packages start with the most affordable plan at 9.99 USD per month. The packages and its features also entail different price ranges with a price tag of up to 79.99USD a month for the most expensive package. Check out the table below to get a gist of their service offerings with prices:

Pricing (Monthly) Important Features
9.99 USD Up to 1000  subscribers, All Features, Unlimited emails
19.99 USD Up to 2,500 subscribers, All Features, Unlimited emails
39.99 USD Up to 5,000 subscribers, All Features, Unlimited emails
59.99 USD Up to 10,000 subscribers, All Features, Unlimited emails
79.99 USD Up to 15,000 subscribers, All Features, Unlimited emails

Aside from monthly plans, you may also get their services on an annual term. Try their services first from the free trial option (where no credit card is required upon sign up, too).

SendX Amazing Features

Enjoy the best features of SendX has to offer. Together with this easy-to-understand interface, it also ensures that clients can send unlimited campaigns, build their email list, as well as automate advanced sequences.

  1. Unlimited and Easy-to-Execute Email Campaigns

SendX packages allow users to send unlimited numbers of emails. Aside from this major feature, SendX also offers help in strategizing how to create and send out email campaigns. SendX has a feature that can send out broadcast emails to help brands nurture their audience and keep them on the loop. On top of this, the software also has a feature that can schedule what type of email to send next as a follow up (drip campaigns).

The email campaign is the main feature customers like Kik, Furlenco, Drivezy, PDFSimpli benefit the most from.  SendX is a useful tool in designing, scheduling, and tracking multiple email campaigns with the usual goal of driving sales from each email sent.

  1. Resend to Un-openers

SendX can help companies grown their revenues because of its dedication to not only boost open or click rates but also improve conversions. When it comes to sending emails in bulk, brands will be lucky enough to have at least 30% of emails opened. That is why SendX works strategically to raise the open rate to up to 50%. At the same time, SendX also takes sales a notch higher at up to 23& with the 1-Click Resend to Un-openers feature.

Plus, SendX also has the Leverage Geo Send option to properly send out emails based on the target audience in a specific region or location. Meanwhile, the Smart Send option is also utilized to get good open rates as it optimizes the sending option based on past opens and recipient behavior.


  1. Email Sign Up Forms

Sign up forms are a good avenue to get information and to understand your audience better. SendX allows users to have access to high converting sign up templates. From exit intents, welcome bars, scroll bars, and more, users can use standard ones to customize their sign up form fit for their brand.

These forms can also be easily integrated with WordPress, Medium, and any other website to help grow your brand’s email list. This is a good way to harvest new contacts to add to future mailing lists, too. Based on data, users can now automate their email and lists. Based on collected data, this feature also allows the customer to auto-tag recipients based on the forms and data provided.

  1. Effortless Bulk Emails

The traditional way to send email In bulk is to send the same content to multiple email addresses manually. Most often, these will be flagged by email service providers as spam and may suspend the personal email address used. This is why it’s best to avail services and software from industry leaders like SendX to effectively reach the target market.

  1. Drag and Drop

Count on SendX to help users design their emails easily with its drag and drop option. With this easy feature, users can create and design appealing emails without the use of HTML codes but still easy enough to use to personalize any email. In a tight deadline or just starting? SendX has a collection of pre-made templates ready for use. After designing the template,  one can also have an instant preview of the email on a mobile or desktop view.

Additional Perks 

  • Half a Million Free Stock Photos

To create highly enticing content, SendX also offers the use of 500,000 stock photos! This is especially useful for brands that bank on visuals to create content. These are royalty-free and can also be easily dragged and dropped in the email format.

  • Award-Winning Service

It is consistently being recognized by award-giving bodies for high-quality customer satisfaction. SendX is #1 in Customer Satisfaction, Best Value in 2018 by Capterra, High Performer in 2019 by Crowd, as well as Top Rated Email Marketing Software by Software World.

  • Email Drip Sequence Campaigns

Nurture leads and grows brand followers with the email drip sequencing feature from SendX. This allows users to automate their email marketing campaigns with a rules-based interface. This is not just sending random emails in bulk, but also sending the right message to the right user at the right moment. It is a handy scheduling tool to help users focus on the next task ahead.

  • Dedicated IP

SendX also operates with a dedicated IP. This task SendX to take control of the client’s email deliverables by using their dedicated IP. This makes sure that clients get exclusive use of the email delivery infrastructure and works best when sending a high volume of emails (around 100,000 or 200,000 per month).

  • ESP Integrations

SendX also has a feature that integrates the service with software like payment gateways, marketing automation, webinar tools, Zapier, and others. Aside from this, SendX also allows users to bring in existing ESP along when first using the software. The All-ESP integrations include Amazon SES, Twilio SendGrid, Mailgun, PostMark, Custom SMTP Servers, Gmail, and Microsoft Office 365.

  • Worldwide Use

SendX is also used in 93 countries making it locally and globally competitive too. This works for brands with offices or operations worldwide or for companies looking to expand. Customer service is also present for those 93 countries involved.

Ease of Use

Just by looking at SendX’s website alone, it is not surprising to see that it is exceptionally easy to use. The interface is highly user-friendly and setting it up is also not complicated. As stated earlier, templates are available for use if you are just starting or want to try out the features first.

The drag-and-drop option is also useful for those trying to familiarize themselves with email personalization. They also have customer service representatives available to walk clients through the processes or if they have questions.



SendX’s automation is also top-of-the-line. It gives users the freedom to be creative with their content. This is also helpful because it allows users to work on autopilot. With SendX, users can automate their email marketing with a rules-based interface, which controls what, who, and when to send the emails according to the user’s needs. It involves pre-made triggers, actions, and the option to segment their audience.

Integrations & Add-Ons

It was earlier mentioned that SendX can integrate with the likes of CRMs, payment gateways, marketing automation, webinar tools and, Zapier can connect with 1000+ apps and create workflows accordingly. Meanwhile, SendX also has a WordPress plugin that allows forms and pop-ups on the site.

Other available integrations include Medium, ClickFunnels, Intercom, Paypal, Stripe, WooCommerce, Shopify, Demio, Pipedrive, Convertbox, Samcart, Instapage, JS API, REST API, and InvoiceBerry.

Its marketing analytics also include A/N Testing, campaign trackers, customer journey mapping, performance metrics, ROI tracking, and more. These are all important when dealing with sales-driven campaigns which are SendX’s main mission.


In terms of a user interface, the one that can compete is Campaigner but this particular software tends to look more dated than SendX. It also has a more affordable price point compared to other service providers. Other alternatives include Mailchimp, AWeber, Constant Content, or Convert Kit but all these are typically more expensive and they count subscribers more than once across accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions about SendX

  • What is SendX?

SendX is one of the leading email marketing software in the country. It is also one of the few who is geared towards helping clients gain revenue through email campaigns. They are also sought after for their relatively lower price point than other competitors.

  • How Much Do I Pay each month?

Like most retainers, SendX also has options to pay the dues in a monthly schedule. You may check out how much you have to pay at the Billing page. This page shows details like your Last invoice and Current Balance and can be found at the Settings page, then click Account Details, and finally, click Billing Page. Of course, your bill will depend on the package you avail of.

  • How to upload HTML content the email template

SendX already has a functional drag and drop feature for easier use. However, if you have a pre-made HTML code from a designer, there is always the option to include it in your next email. While the drag and drop editor does not support HTML, you can always change the editor to Plain Text Editor to host your codes.

  • How do you check if your contacts have unsubscribed, marked emails as spam, or if the emails have bounced?

Marketers consider it important if subscribers unsubscribe, marked the emails as spam,  or if the emails bounced so they will not have to send out emails to these people again. Fortunately, SendX also has this Segment feature to know all these.  Simply click the Lists, Tags, then Segments on the dashboard and from there you can select the segment in which the conditions you are looking for applicants.

  • How many subscribers and emails are allowed in the free trial?

The SendX 14-day free trial allows users to add up to 500 contacts. This trial also allows up to 2000 emails sent to the 500 contacts. Like most people who tried the free trial and were satisfied, you can upgrade the account immediately.

Customer Service

One thing that users also look forward to with modern marketing tools and software is customer support. SendX understands that clients must be comfortable enough with using their product and so they have initiated to offer 24/7 help desks and informative articles to help walk the clients through their project.

  • 24/7 Live Chat – This is pretty common to almost all email marketing services but SendX makes it a bit easier to interact to. The live chat pop-up is present in all the pages on the website and also doubles as a feedback form.
  • Blog – For casual readers or users looking for more information about SendX or how to make it big with email marketing in general, the Blog page of SendX is indeed a gold mine. You can find articles on the basics such as the types of email marketing, beginners’ guides on newsletters, and more. From fun articles such as putting GIFs on emails to more technical ones like strategies on how to increase response rates, the SendX blog page is a helpful source of information.
  • Knowledge Base – SendX team describes the Knowledge Base as a place to get advice and answers from their team. It includes topics such as “getting started”, FAQS, General questions, as well as advanced topics, too. Users can also type in their questions or subjects they wish to know about from the search bar in the Knowledge Base
  • Email Marketing Resources – For those on the lookout for more formal email marketing material, check out SendX’ email marketing resources page. It is filled with guides on how to successfully create email campaigns. Some topics on the page include Ultimate Small Business Marketing Guide, Top Strategies for List Building, 295+ Best Performing Email Subject Lines, and more.
  • Templates Resources – Like the email marketing resources page, SendX generously shares another expertise of theirs: effective email templates. This page lists interesting resources on templates with titles such as Biggest Free Responsive Email Templates Collection on the Web (which has over 1500 templates!).

These customer-centric pages all help SendX deliver a great user experience to its clients. Not only does it help the users get started, but it also supports their quest to create impactful email campaigns.

Pros and Cons

We have listed some pros and cons of SendX to help new users decide if they wish to pursue the service or not.

SendX Pros

  • Most Affordable choice – It is no secret that SendX has the most competitive price in the market now. It is a top choice in cost-effectiveness which makes it the natural choice for businesses and brands which are after value for money.
  • Geared towards revenue growth ROI – Unlike other services, SendX is not only after a high click or open rates. They also work hard towards helping clients achieve higher conversion rates and sales.
  • Personalization – With its easy user interface, user-friendly drag and drop option, and even a way to run HTML codes, SendX allows its clients to be creative. This is a plus for brands who design their emails to stand out to their clients.
  • Smooth Migration – Many users who first use discovers may have had a bad experience with another email service provider. SendX makes it easy for them to migrate data and run their campaigns smoothly.
  • Customer Service – The support team is present and helpful throughout the service, not just at the beginning. From set up, test runs, and to reports, SendX’ support and sales team is always a call away.

SendX Cons

  • Delivery failures – Some clients report having been able to deliver only 20% of the emails. In some instances, the recipients would receive emails in one batch, when it should have been sent and received based on a schedule. There are also chances where the emails go to spam.
  • SendX branding – Some clients may also benefit more on personalization of the signup forms if the SendX logo can be removed from the layout. This is especially tacky for brands whose branding or logo looks different from Sendx.
  • Report Extraction – SendX can also make their report extraction easier for users. Some clients may feel it is tricky to navigate the site to get just a report on some projects.
  • AutoSave option – When creating a detailed email, some users may find it helpful to have an autosave function so they will not lose any or all progress made.
  • Can improve the experience for first-time users – SendX already has a user-friendly interface but newbies and first-time users may still find the whole experience confusing at times. The trial period of 14 days is also sometimes deemed short by some.

Above are the pros and cons of SendX which will hopefully enlighten you on your next email marketing decision. Be sure to always consider the pros and cons, as well as your main goal to see if SendX and its features are aligned with them. After reviewing each point made above, you should be able to decide if SendX will be able to help you grow your business.

Final Verdict

Spending on email marketing solutions should be done by carefully considering which software or app to subscribe to. The amount spent on each subscription must help the brand grow that is why SendX is a good choice for those whose main goal is to sell more.

SendX is highly recommended for businesses who are looking for an easy-to-use software but can still be impactful when delivering conversions. At the same time, it is also important to note that SendX is not solely dedicated to ROI, but also, in a sense brand building. Its personalization tool and flexibility is the main feature that keeps clients subscribed and loyal.

Despite already having a lower price point, some users may consider the price as a bit expensive compared to more basic service companies. But consider this, other companies are most likely focused on delivering higher read or open rates, but SendX’s adds value to each email sent and makes sure you earn after each campaign.

Go for SendX if you wish to master the email marketing know-how as well as how to make each email sent a tool to grow your business. It is also a good way to practice how you can create meaningful and easy-to-digest emails that can keep your audience hooked thanks to SendX’ effective templates and strategies.

SendX Review
SendX Review
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