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Sendloop Review

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8.8/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #19 in category Email marketing service
Ease of Use
Customer Support
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With more than 3 billion active email addresses around the globe, one might wonder which email marketing tool should be chosen that helps him grow his business via email marketing. Now no more wondering as you will be enlightened by all the information needed to choose the best tool that automates email marketing which is Sendloop. Sendloop is easy to use, fully-featured and user-friendly email marketing software. For e-commerce, industries, and business. It’s a realizable marketing and advertising computerization platform.

Designed with the utmost focus to profit anyone, interested in digital email marketing and advertising. The software provides advanced, tools, integrations, applications, and plugins that help you to automatize email marketing operations. With Sendloop users get in-depth statistics, which help the monitoring of campaigns. Companies can have a closer view of the value. Also each alteration for every automation campaign. The application also allows users to calculate, comprehend the return on investment, of their marketing automation scenario.

It offers the right channels, enables users to effectively and efficiently engage the target audience. To scale businesses and upgrade digital value. Using Sendloop, businesses get tools to cultivate and also section leads. In a bid to run a highly-effective email marketing movement. The drag-drop email builder, more than a hundred free responsive, interactive email templates. Facebook leading Advertisements, Fast-subscribe-import, Email slicer, mobile and desktop applications, Social media, post sharing, and Transactional email and also gateway are some of its highlights.

Sendloop features

Sendloop Pricing

Sendloop covers all kinds of subscribers including frequent and occasional users. For frequent users who send every day, every week without cost concern, rates are 9$ per month. For occasional users, it is free forever and pays when you send emails. Its rates are 10$ per thousand emails sent. Besides this Sendloop gives rates depending on several subscribers ranging from 9$ per month for 500 subscribers to 1645$ per month for 350,000 subscribers. All plans cover the following features.

  • Free sign-up
  • Pay-as-you-go plans
  • Monthly unlimited delivery plans
  • Unlimited subscriber lists
  • Unlimited segments and custom fields
  • Hosted mail list subscribe pages
  • Full-featured API and webhooks
  • Drag-n-drop email builder
  • 50+ mobile-friendly email templates
  • Email content personalization
  • Email open and click booster
  • RSS to email campaigns
  • Repeating campaign scheduling
  • Multi-user with permissions and list access roles
  • Real-time campaign performance reporting

Further below is the Detailed grid explaining rates.

Sr. No of Subscriber Rate $
1 500 9
2 1000 14
3 1500 19
4 2500 24
5 5000 39
6 7500 49
7 10000 59
8 15000 79
9 25000 145
10 35000 179
11 50000 235
12 75000 365
13 100000 465
14 150000 645
15 200000 945
16 250000 1245
17 350000 1645

Sendloop Features

An extensive number of features are available here. These features have been designed and improved over the years to improve the usability and ease of access. The features include:


Drag & Drop Email Builder

Easy email building. More than a hundred free email templets are available. The drag and drop option makes the process of email building and generating much easier. Within a matter of minutes, the whole email is ready and on its way to being dispatched.

100+ Free Responsive Email Templates

Abundant of email templets are available. They assure the generation of many accurate and precise emails. Using the templets makes the task much easier.  It prevents the hustle of checking and rechecking the email and ensures a quick process

Facebook lead Ads

Sendloop also gives the facility to generate and publish ads shown on Facebook. The ads are shown with top priority. Visible to millions of people across the globe. This promotes and increases the traffic towards the business being promoted.

Fast Subscriber Import

Here you can import anything for new subscribers including contacts, files consisting of contacts with their details and can allow you to copy if you want.

RSS Base Email Campaign

RSS email campaign is one of the trademark features of Sendloop that reduces your manual efforts. RSS converts your feed into email all by itself. It sends notification of your new projects which are uploaded to your site. Notify about your recently added blogs. It also helps you to keep track of other comping running in the market by continuous monitoring.

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications are available and also ads can be shown on the mobile applications affiliated. This improves and enhances the number of spectators available.

Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns let you to strategies your communication with built-in messages to your targeted customers. It takes only two steps to be done. First, make segments for the targeted customer list and then run a campaign for those segments.

Social Media Sharing

Posts are shared and promoted over social media to increase traffic. This helps to promote and increase the audience to which the message is being sent.

Transaction Email Gateway

SMTP is an email delivery platform that helps in sending your transactional email. Besides this API endpoint are also used for this purpose.


Integrations and adds on are also available. They help to enhance the package that you are using. This is with a minimal price that has to be paid. Through this, the audience, the quality of the message and the advance facilities are added to ensure maximum engagements.

Customer Service

Efficient and effective customer service is available. Help is available around the clock. At any time if any sort of issue arises. The customer care and support representative will be there for your aid. They will not only help you with the issue and also guide you through the process.

Email Builder Boost

Sendloop boost feature helps you run your campaign effectively by making sure your email is not left unread in the inbox. It increases open and clicks rate by keeping follow up of the customers and suggesting them to open emails.

Sendloop features

Ease of Use

As being in the industry for twenty-five years. Sendloop has a lot of experience regarding user demand and how to suffice it.  To assure the fulfillment of the objectives. Which includes providing a user-friendly interface. Such that any layman can operate it without any IT assistance. Easy drag and drop features have been enabled. These features help in the production of emails within no time. Free email templets are available. These temples not only save time wasted in writing and rewriting the email. But also provides a ready-made professional design tailored by the professionals. This assures fewer mistakes and needs to go through the email, again and again, to check for errors and shortcomings of the writing.

Reliable and easy to use graphical user interface is available. While email can be written, designed, styled and published in a matter of a few clicks.

The UI/UX is simple and easy to understand. Hours do not have to be spent. Just to understand the functionality and capability of the tools available. A list of subscribers can be easily imported just by a click. Similarly, the format of a newsletter can be imported or generated as per desire. Then it can be sent and the whole task will be done within minutes.

A good email marketing campaign can be assured using the Sendloop tools. It has an effective management algorithm. It makes it super easy for the user to manage clients all under one account. Speedy customer support is available around the clock. Any issue is addressed on a priority basis. Within 12 hours of delay maximum.  The company focuses mainly on this notion of making the product efficient and easy to be used. Many of the businesses are attracted to Sendloop due to its user-friendly interface.


Integrations & Add-Ons

Since Sendloop is easy to use email marketing service and Zapier helps end-users to connect their web services, so the integration of both can do wonders. They do! This Integration takes a few seconds and you can sync your data between Sendloop and any third party services. And all this requires.

So you just need one Sendloop account to connect to all social media. This allows you to advertise your product in a better way. if invalid emails are bothering you and getting you blacklisted or if you want to track and prioritize your leads inefficient manner or if you want to manage your e-commerce account this integration and hundreds of add-on allow you to manage all these without any technical or development knowledge.


Automation is the standout and most prominent feature of Sendloop accompanied with plugins and integration. It is designed in such a way that your email marketing campaign gets automated.  recognizing new users or controlling particular customer behavior. It can recognize new users and control specific customer behavior and manage email delivery accordingly. All this action requires no time and all targeted customers are addressed

Customer Service

Sendloop pricing

Well-developed customer service is established by Sendloop. It assures assistance and promotes active maintenance. Operators are present to answer the user’s questions and actively respond to them online or video calls or emails. Any questions can be asked from any part of the globe. The help is available around the clock. Sendloop promises a very responsive and friendly customer service. If the user is uncertain about the email packages. Then the customer service will help in choosing just the right package, they also help through the email generation process. After designing and generating the email. They also do guide through the contacts list. How and to whom the email should be sent for a maximum delivery rate.


Sendloop a leading name in the online marketing world. Having 20,000 users from more than a hundred countries. Sending more than five hundred million emails every month. Is a definite competition or lead in the market however other companies are also there which provide similar services?

  • MailChimp is an all in one marketing platform with helpful tools and services. Beneficial for small, new or growing businesses.
  • Campayn is mainly famous for its “Free for Life” plan which allows a package of 20,000 emails to 500 contacts. It permits the sharing, creation, and tracking of emails.
  • Sendpulse is also an integrated messaging platform. It uses Artificial Intelligence. The system is personalized and made according to the demands of the user. This enables the user to communicate through emails, SMS and SMTP.
  • Mailjet is also an email service provider. It works with Microsoft, Etsy, Product Hunt, and Toast to create, send, optimize and enhance marketing emails.
  • Shiftmail is professional software. It is mainly designed for deep dive emails. It also works as an analysis software. Measures and analyses email engagements.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sendloop

  1. Why I choose Sendloop?

Sendloop is the easiest email marketing campaign software that automates the reach out of the targeted audience effectively using righteous channels to boost your business. It provides you with various options to enable your marketing to reach the audience of your choice. It’s simple UI/UX and customization not only saves time but also reduces the dependencies on technical staff. It gives deep insight into the campaign by continuous monitoring of conversions that enables you to calculate the value of investment made for the campaign. After-sales customer services are its stand apart feature among its competitors making it the first choice of the customers.

  1. How can I get assistance?

You can get assistance from one of our key features that are Customer Service. You can leave us an email with your queries at our email address or can use your call schedule link to schedule a one-on-one support/strategy call with our team.

3.      How can I grow my email subscriber list?

The success of your email marketing depends on the list that you have built for your campaign. The right list can ensure you of success. It should cover all past, current and prospective customers. We should work on finding the targeted customers interested in what your firm is offering. If you are trying to reach out to those who are not interested, then its a waste of time and it may hurt your marketing reputation.

  1. How much it costs?

Sendloop provides flexible rates from as low as 9$ per month depending on the number of subscribers.  You can pay either monthly or annually, it’s your choice. If you opt for annually you can get a 20% discount.

  1. Where is Sendloop located?

Sendloop is an established trademark in Octech. Which is in the United States. The team is spread over several cities. Cities include San Francisco, New York, Istanbul, and Kiev.

  1. Is the consultancy service available?

Yes, it is. The managed Deliver Service provides one to one and customized email delivery.

  1. Is the refund available?

Ans.) Within the first 30 days of the order. The customers can avail of a refund. There will be no question asked. Even no alternative routes will be suggested. But the money will be funded back in full amount.

  1. What are the payment methods?

Payments can be made using credit/debit cards. Visa cards, Master cards, AMEX and all of the widely used card ranges across the globe are acceptable. The payment can also be made via wire transfer and direct transactions.

  1. Is there any discount for nonprofit organizations?

Yes. The Send loop team is very considerate and cooperative with such organizations. As mainly established to make the small and newborn businesses grow. The main emphasis is on providing the maximum amount of services.

A whopping discount of 40% is available for these growing and nonprofit organizations. For further details. And to register and use such facilities.

  1. Are there any annual payment plans?

Yes! There are. The send loop team encourages and appreciates the annual subscribers. There are ample of annual plans available. Also, an annual discount of 20% is available for annual payments.

  1. Can the plans be canceled?

Yes, at any time. Whenever you think that marketing has been done enough. Or there is no need for using these services, you can cancel these plans. They may be monthly or annual. Subscribers can cancel and discontinue their plans at any time.

  1. Can Sendloop be used for free?

Yes, it can be. When you initially subscribe to this email marketing software. You can use the “Claim free use” option. After setting up the Sendloop account submit the form to claim to free use. 10,000 free emails and delivery worth the value of $100 will be made available.

Pros and Cons


Email marketing has its pros and cons just like everything in life. Generally, there is a lot more talk about the pros of email marketing and the cons are sometimes get ignored. The email marketing campaign is lucky enough that it has more pros than its cons. Here are some important pros and cons.

Sendloop Pros

  • Cost Flexibility: Sendloop gives you flexible rates depending on the number of subscribers and the frequency of email sent by a subscriber. Since it is email marketing so it cuts down the budget that has to be used on any old fashioned techniques like printing, flexing, advertising using TV commercials.
  • Simple and Easy Interface: If you don’t have an IT background and worried about running an email marketing campaign them don’t because Sendloop is providing you the solution. It’s a simple user interface and customizing features help you save your time and relieve you from the pain of learning technical knowledge.
  • Target audience: Sendloop provides you with various options to define your own rules and target customer of your choice. So planning and strategic advertising are ensured using Sendloop.
  • Reliability: Sendloop makes sure the delivery of its newsletters to all the subscribers within time. So if one is looking for a trustworthy platform Sendloop is the go-to software.

Sendloop Cons

The following are some disadvantages that can clarify your vision about Sendloop and its use for your campaign.

  • Few improvements are needed in reports and automation.
  • It is still evolving and new features are being added regularly. So one can’t be in any doubt that it is a complete email marketing solution.
  • Reports need some improvement but also the integration possibilities.
  • Sendloop has issues with logging out involuntarily, it will log you out after a few minutes of inactivity

Final Verdict

“Excellent Customer Service and Easy-To-Use Interface”

After learning about this software and comparing it with other competitors. It can be concluded that Sendloop is user-friendly, fully-featured, and effective email marketing software. Used by e-commerce business, SMB owners, and digital services. It’s a customizable, flexible advertising automation software. Designed explicitly to profit any business involved in digital email marketing/advertisement. The application provides advanced tools. Integrations, and plugins, that help you automatize email marketing campaigns.

The feature-rich HTML editor makes it easy to customize, personalize any of the more than a hundred free, responsive email templates. It accords full control over your emails. It enables the user to prepare emails in minutes.

Sendloop also excels in subsidiary marketing automation. It helps and enables the business to send messages. These messages are perfectly customized and designed for the right client, Emails are sent at the most appropriate time, to boost sales. The marketing automation feature, allows users to target the right sector. Regardless of the number of customers and subscribers. It empowers e-commerce and businesses to target customers who do not use shopping-carts, those who are going off the scale. Or customers who have recently looked up for a certain product. Send loop advertising automation segment, is engineered and designed to easily integrate into the website of the advertised business and drive marketing automation.

Reliable rates, beneficial pricing plans and easy to modify templets have established Sendloop a respected and reliable name in the market. Critically analyzing the features, the reviews, the tools, and the user-friendly interface. It would not be wrong if it is said that Sendloop is among the best, efficient and most affordable marketing software available.

Sendloop Review
Sendloop Review
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