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Robly Review

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8.5/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #28 in category Email marketing service
Ease of Use
Customer Support
  • Segments audiences quickly,
  • OpenGen Technology
  • Highly Responsive Templates
  • Email support Issues
  • No sales intelligence service
  • Sometimes Email Attachments Issues

Robly is privately owned software, the name being whimsically composed of the names of the founders – Adam Robinson, Tate Blahnik, and James Murphy. The headquarters are based in New York and San Francisco. Robly is an email software targeting mass distributing newsletters and marketing. It provides facilities for managing campaigns and allows you to keep a close eye on all developments. Robly’s main attraction is its claim to advance recipient engagement by 50% in an extremely short amount of time.

It is this claim that put them on the map in 2014 with their ground-breaking software, descriptively dubbed OpenGen. Robly has won various awards over the years, being named as the ‘Fastest Growing Software’ by and rated amongst top applications on TrustRadius in 2018. Robly includes features that will assist you in increasing both your profit and reputation as well as tools that allow you to drastically grow your mailing lists.


Robly Pricing

Robly is payable by either monthly or annual subscription fees. The fees are based on the size of your subscriber base and if you are entitled to an automatic discount rate if you choose to purchase an annual subscription. While the plans listed below only extend to include up to 10 000 subscribers, you can calculate additional quotes on the website following the individual need of your business. There is no free tier available, but you can try out the software for a 12-day free trial. Despite the convenience of the 500-subscriber plan, certain features are omitted with this package as well as a limited amount of customer support. There is no additional cost for sending which is unlimited on every tier.

Subscribers: Price/Month Price/Month Billed Annually
500 $19.00 $15.00 $180.00
2 500 $35.00 $29.00 $348.00
5 000 $58.00 $49.00 $588.00
10 000 $92.00 $79.00 $948.00

Robly Features

Robly pricing

Custom Templates

Robly offers 100s of free templates that are all compatible with all devices, including mobile. These are pre-designed with aesthetic color schemes and eye-catching features. You can integrate buttons into your emails to allow your subscribers to participate and engage with your missives with minimal effort and stress. They claim that their design tactics provide for much 100% higher click-through rates.

If you are not satisfied with the available templates or cannot find any that suit your themes or purposes, Robly will design unique templates for your news. This is only available for an additional fee, but reviews claim that it is well worth it.

Data Migration

Robly will assist you in importing your contact list from whatever application you are currently using. You can maintain all the contacts you have obtained up until this point without experiencing major mailing list setbacks. This feature is only available above the 500-subscriber tier.


This is a tool that increases the engagement of subscribers with your emails. See Add-ons for further information.


Robly AI

Again, available with all packages, Robly AI (Artificial Intelligence) takes your campaigns to the next level. Robly AI canvasses the times that individual subscribers are most likely to read their emails. The AI will then time the email transmission to coincide with these times, usually sending the email at the exact moment they open their email application. This is a huge contributor to increased open and click-through, meaning that your campaigns will perform with the greatest efficacy possible.

A\B Testing

A\B Testing is a multi-variant testing method used to determine optimum conditions and interactions. A\B testing will utilize slightly different methods in emails to determine which elicit the best response. Robly utilizes this software to assist you in creating the most effective subject lines, call-to-action verbiage, and content. This will increase your click-through rates exponentially and lead to raised campaign success.

Exit-Intent Pop-ups

This simplifies the subscribing process, making it convenient for potential recipients. As opposed to enlisted additional applications or web pages to create subscription forms, Robly triggers a pop-up message to appear when visitors are about to leave your website. This will prompt users to enter their contact information and can contribute to the increased growth rate of your mailing list by up to 400%.

Detailed Reporting Metrics

This provides you with detailed analytics, not only your click-through and open rates, but information on the devices that your recipients are using to access your emails. This will allow you to fine-tune your emails to be best compatible with the devices on which they are opened.

GDPR Compliance Forms

Robly is GDPR compliant. This means that they adhere to the data collection legislature of the EU. GDPR requires the distinct permission of subscribers to collect their data such as email addresses.


Your Robly subscription fee includes up to 5 users. Users can use the application concurrently, allowing you to get the maximum number of eyes and hands on the task. This differs from other applications that tend to charge a subscription fee per user.


This feature is only applicable to packages with a monthly subscription fee that covers a minimum of 501 subscribers.

Robly Contact management provides for all your contact needs with additional features to make your experience more efficient and enjoyable. You can edit contact information and add additional data fields such as age and demographics. The software allows you to create your tags to make the entire process simpler. You are also able to import and export contacts and all their data from other applications. Furthermore, you can manage aspects of individual accounts. You can schedule tasks and reminders with individuals such as meetings and calls. You can also add notes to the address with whatever information you deem necessary to enhance your interactions. One common problem is that when contacts are not attached to a name, the name fields on your database are filled by email addresses. Contact management allows you to go in and manually change and edit these names. The software also allows you to keep an eye on all the activities of individual addresses. Robly also allows you to sync with your Gmail account inbox and calendar to streamline all events.

White Labeling

Also known as branding, this process will allow you to send emails that appear to come from your servers as opposed to Robly’s servers. DMARC software on most email providers, which is intended to filter out phishing and spoofing emails, may sometime malfunction and block legitimate emails. This could severely impact your campaigns and outreach by preventing your emails from reaching their destination. Robly’s technicians will assist you in setting up free procedures to bypass such events. They will also assist you in purchasing your domain name if you so wish. This is not always necessary and can be a costly venture. White Labelling provisions are only available to the tiers including more than 500 contacts.

Integrations and add-ons


List Cleaning

Robly protects your sender score by keeping your lists clean and clear of extraneous data for no additional cost. For more details see automation.


Robly promises that you will see a 50% increase in your open and click-through rates in a maximum of three months. If they fail to deliver on this promise, you are entitled to a total refund o your entire subscription – without meeting any additional terms and conditions. OpenGen operates by resending newsletters and marketing emails to all recipients who did not initially open the emails. Emails will be resent with different subject lines (employing A\B testing) to elicit better responses from your subscribers. This feature is available on all tiers.


Each package comes with over 70 different integrations, but Robly boasts of offering over 1 000 integrations due to their work with Integrations provide you with the ability to sync Robly with dozens of other applica9tions including other email applications, Shopify and create integrated email carts to provide for in email purchase. Robly also allows you to upload the contents of your emails, or details on campaigns and subscription, directly on to social media from the application, circumventing the need to copy and paste on every occasion.


In addition to their extensive list of integrations, Robly includes detailed API documentation to assist you in building your integrations and automating monotonous tasks. Minimal coding knowledge is required as there are already some automated features that you can compile into specialized procedures.


List Cleaning Tools

Robly automates the list cleaning process for you, saving an inordinate amount of time. List cleaning allows you to use resources to elicit actual results, not just a backlog of unopened emails in someone’s server. Robly software is equipped to deal with four prominent events or bounces:

  1. Hard Bounces: This is when your email is rejected due to a recipient providing you with an invalid email address – be this a result of a syntax error or the non-existence of said address. Robly treats ‘drops’ – emails with non-existent domain lists in the same manner. All emails meeting these criteria are removed from your lists and added to your list of ‘unsubscribed’ recipients.
  2. Soft Bounces: These are events in which our emails are deferred. This is generally due to action on the receiver end of the email. Their inbox may be full, they may have marked your address as spam, or the server may be unable to identify your IP address. These addresses are not immediately deleted, rather Robly will attempt to deliver the email for 72 hours before designating it a soft bounce. Additionally, they will only remove these addresses after 6 occurrences of soft bounces.
  3. Syntax: This may due to typos in your email. These emails will be retained and kept available for you to reassess and pinpoint any errors:
  4. General list cleaning: This covers most other instances in which you would desire the deletion of certain addresses. This deals with any emails requesting to opt-out or any addresses that have reported your emails as spam.


Robly provides the facilities for writing basic automated responses. These can be triggered by different events and with different purposes in focus. Whether you wish to build your relationship with recipients, offer free email courses or increase or promote profit revenue, you can do all the above with Robly. Their site offers detailed information on building your autoresponder reputation and system. This also allows for list segmentation, allowing you to better target your emails to a more receptive audience.

Ease of Use

The interface provided by Robly in straightforward with many drag-and-drop options. The automation features and various integrations simplify processes to minimize the time you take carrying out simple tasks. While most reviews assert that the interface is easy to use and navigate, others claim that there is a steep learning curve or have expressed dissatisfaction with the updated version. However, positive reports on the ease of use are consistent in conjunction with step by step guidance for tasks such as designing emails. Reports on the mobile Robly app are negative in contrast. The Robly app is allegedly difficult to negative, it also doesn’t allow for the creation of new campaigns and marketing ventures, only the ability to monitor.

Client Support

Client support for Robly is staggered according to the different subscription tiers. This is unusual in and of itself. For subscriptions including 500 or fewer subscribers, the only client support available is via email. For higher tiers, chat and phone support are also available. However, the site does provide extensive resources to navigate the tools and interface. Some articles offer advice and instruction on background skills, which are not strictly technical, that will help you advance your business and improve your emailing techniques. They claim to answer emails within minutes during work hours, so you should receive the answers you need swiftly so that you can proceed with whatever task is in progress. Customers report satisfaction with customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions about Robly

Robly features

How do I gain subscribers on Robly?

Robly does not rely on online forms. Online forms are often time-consuming and are unappealing to potential subscribers. To circumnavigate this problem, Robly offers exit-intent pop-ups. These concise pop-ups will appear when visitors to your site are about to leave. These are small and unassuming and will prompt visitors to subscribe without having to undergo detailed processes.

What is A\B testing?

Here’s the non-technical answer: A\B testing collects information on the efficacy of different emailing techniques. It will present two options that are identical in all but one aspect, for example, subject line or certain content wording. It will then asses which email receives better responses. It will compile all this information to create emails that will elicit better recipient responses. This should result in exponential click-through rates.

Is there a way to suspend my subscription without losing all my data?

Robly allows you to suspend your account without canceling your subscription completely. This means that you can reopen your account at a later stage with all your contacts and data intact. This does require a maintenance fee of $5.00 per month. You will still retain access to certain elements of the software but will not be able to launch and manage new campaigns. If you do not intend to ever use the application again, you can cancel your subscription but should export all your contacts beforehand.

Is there any basis for Robly’s claims to increase open rates by 50%?

Yes. Robly is so secure in this claim that they offer a full refund on your subscription, with no hidden caveats. Robly uses a software dubbed ‘OpenGen’ to accomplish this. When they presented this software in 2014, it was a truly revolutionary turning point in email marketing. This Software works on the basic principle of resending emails to those who do not open them initially in conjunction with A\B testing that equips it with a new subject line that is hopefully more enticing to the recipients.

Can I send holiday and birthday wishes with Robly’s autoresponder?

No. Admittedly, Robly’s autoresponder is basic. It only responds to various triggers such as subscriptions or on a pre-set schedule. Robly’s autoresponder provides for client relationship building emails, events such as free email courses, and revenue building. Advanced features such as birthday and holiday cards are not available as of yet.

Robly Pros and Cons


  • Robly delivers on its promises to increase click-through and open rates. This is an incredible opportunity to grow your business and subscriber base
  • Robly goes to the fullest extent to ensure that your emails reach their destination, offering white labeling services
  • Reporting features go beyond the conventional and included information on the devices your recipients are using to read your emails.
  • Sending is unlimited
  • You can fine-tune your subscription to suit your needs exactly
  • Robly offers a seemingly endless array of integration which all contribute to a streamlined and efficient experience
  • The UI is easy to understand and use
  • Robly offers extensive contact management, meeting all the regular requirements and more


  • Robly’s autoresponder is fairly basic and doesn’t offer some of the more advanced features that are considered commonplace on other applications
  • There is not a huge variety of available templates and some of the design features leave a lot to be desired. Some users complain that it is difficult to maintain an air of consistency through the emails
  • Robly’s API is not completely up to date which can be a hindrance and delay in the development process
  • There is no free option for Robly
  • The cheapest Robly tier comes with minimal customer support, which is arguably the tier small businesses would use and thus would require the most assistance


There are endless mass email and marketing emailing tools available now. Many include free tiers where there provide resources that are only available on Robly for a fee. Additionally, your work may require more advanced autoresponders, especially if you view recipient relationships as integral for your business advancement. Customer loyalty is key to any business, especially for pro-bono or charity organizations. Small businesses with limited resources cannot afford the time to put in work that can be accomplished more efficiently with more automated features. For various reasons, you may also prefer a subscription option that is based on payment per mail. If one of these reasons or more speaks to you, you may need to locate an alternative application.

If pricing is a concern, Mailchimp offers discounted rates to charity and non-profit organizations. They also offer a free version that allows you to have up to 2 000 contacts and a monthly subscription rate starting at $9.99. Other contact-based options include Constant Contact and iContact, although monthly subscription fees begin at a much higher rate. Other alternatives include Campaign Manager, Emma, and AWeber.

Final Verdict

Robly’s main drawing point appears to be their ability to generate high click-through and open rates. While they also boast ease of access, some of their features do not appear to be up to the standards of applications that have been around for a longer time. This is the case when it comes to the autoresponder and API. This contrasts with the utilization of their ground-breaking OpenGen technology. However, this does not seem to be a major drawback for consumers who overall give positive reviews and express satisfaction with the product.

Robly is a viable option for businesses of all sizes, the ability to calculate a quote that will fulfill your needs is a bonus and will allow you to streamline your subscription details. There are is also a vast array of software that will allow you to increase your recipient engagement, this is beneficial regardless of whether you are running a marketing campaign or distributing a newsletter, and A\B testing allows you to take huge strides in your strategies without requiring hours of intensive analysis.

Overall, Robly provides a solid foundation for your campaign management and distribution needs. There are decided benefits, but there are shortfalls in the technology. However, the benefits do appear to outweigh the negatives and Robly delivers all that it promises and more. They are an evolving software and any deficits will likely be eliminated in future updates.

Robly Review
Robly Review
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