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Privy Review

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8.4/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #30 in category Email marketing service
Ease of Use
Customer Support
  • Onsite displays, customizable email feature
  • Easy integration
  • Live Features
  • Limited Templates
  • Customer Support is Slow
  • No Image Library

Email marketing has evolved, leading to the growth email service providers. There are some email marketing tools in the market and Privy is one of them. Privy is an email capture and conversion tool for e-commerce businesses. It is used for web conversion and email marketing. Most businesses lose sales due to unanswered emails, abandoned carts, and poor marketing. It’s possible to avoid some of these challenges, with proper guidelines and tools. Privy gives you several ways to track and recover sales. For beginners, you can use this tool without spending money. Start by creating a free account, to have a general overview of the platform. It’s also suitable for both large and small businesses.

For Shopify users, download the software from the Shopify App Store in just a few clicks. Privy integrates with other websites and service providers too. Create personalized emails, promote products and coupons and follow up on abandoned carts. You can also create beautiful pop-ups, banners, newsletters and advertisements.

Privy review

Privy offers a 24/7 customer support. Request for help via email or live chat. You can submit your requests and include attachments where possible. The blog section of this platform is very informative. There are different topics covered, which can help you grow your business. The podcast has various videos that new starters can use to build their brand and trust in the market.

Privy will help you grow your email lists, track abandoned carts and send text messages. All these tools will help you attract, engage and convert customers to your business.

Privy Pricing

Privy has different pricing for the products it offers. There are two premium plans available, growth plan and email marketing plan. Here is a detailed review of each, starting with the free account:

Free account

For this account, you will have up to 5000 monthly page views. Other than this, you will also use:

  • A/B Testing
  • Privy Branding
  • Unlimited popups, banners, flyouts.
  • Multiple targeting rules
  • 5 users only
  • Sync with other service providers and Shopify discounts

Growth Plan

To access this plan, you have to pay a monthly charge of $20. You will have up to 10,000 monthly page views. Some of the features in this plan are:

  • Multiple targeting rules
  • A/B Testing
  • You can scale your traffic
  • Ability to remove the Privy logo/ customization
  • Unlimited popups, flyouts, banners
  • You can sync with other email service providers and Shopify discounts
  • Can allow up to 5 users
  • Access to the dedicated customer success manager with over $250 per month.

Here is a table showing other charges and the Monthly page views that you can choose:

Monthly charge Monthly Page views
$20 10,000
$35 25,000
$70 50,000
$140 100,000
$250 200,000
$350 500,000
$500 1,000,000

Email Marketing Plan

This plan is separate from the growth plan. The charges start from $10 per month, for the first 1000 contacts. There’s a $5 charge with extra 1000 mailable contacts. Here is a list of the various display features that are part of this plan:

  • Drag & drop email designer
  • Send newsletters and batch announcement emails
  • Send automated abandoned cart emails
  • Send automated coupon reminder emails and welcome series
  • Send automated order follow up emails
  • Coupon code integration with Shopify and Big Commerce for automated emails
  • Cart recovery reporting
  • Save your email templates
  • Behavioral and geography-based segment-based targeting

Privy Features

Privy has different features that are suitable for any kind of e-commerce business. You can use them to create personalized emails, newsletters, autoresponders and more.

Abandoned Cart Emails

There are instances where shoppers exit a site having added items to their carts but never show up again. This could be a potential customer who either forgets to complete their order or lacks the money to pay.

You can create automated emails, which will be sent to such customers. Several customers may return and complete their transactions. This will increase the number of successful sales. This is the purpose of such emails. To recover missed sales.

Segmented Newsletters

Create and schedule the specific emails for your shoppers based on certain attributes. These could be country, cart value, order count and reward points. You want to make every shopper in your business feel appreciated and valued. Sending personalized emails to your clients’ shows that you are part of their shopping cycle.

Order follow-up Emails

As the name suggests, this feature allows you to make a foll0ow-up for your shopper’s order(s).  You might ask them to give a review or recommendation based on their shopping experience.

You can also send a thank you message after a successful sale. These emails are useful when showing other products that may be of interest to clients.

Coupon Reminder Emails

Coupons and offers are a great way to attract new customers and also keep the existing ones. With so many e-commerce businesses, a good way to beat the market is by giving regular coupons.

Create emails that remind your subscribers to use their coupons for existing discounts. There is an effective way of selling, as not all customers will check your stores.


Drag & Drop Feature

With Privy, you do not need any prior knowledge in programming, design or even IT background. This tool is very easy to use and self-explanatory. Drag & drop means that you only click on any attribute and pull it down to the desired destination.

Design custom newsletters, offers and coupons which are associated with your brand. For instance, send newsletters with your logo, tagline, code and specific details.

Other Features

Every visitor in your store is a potential customer. It all depends on how you handle and communicate with them. These display features will help convert visitors and existing shoppers to return customers.

Sign-up Displays

Use forms for clients sign-up, in exchange for valuable content, discounts and offers. This is the initial step to having access to visitors’ credentials. It’s the most known way to get basic information from your clients. You can make use of this display to promote your business and attract customers.

Cart saver Display

Most businesses have lost sales due to cart abandonment. Prevent such occurrences by creating pop-ups that remind customers to complete their sale. Based on your site, you can add these pop-ups on the checkout page or in the shopper’s cart after making a purchase.

You can also make use of the exit intent-driven pop-ups. You can set a trigger to pop up when a user intends to click on the ‘back’ and close buttons. These pop-ups are triggered by mouse movement on a computer. In a mobile, it’s tracked by how a user moves to the previous or exit buttons.

Upsell Displays

After analyzing your customer’s shopping experience, you can suggest other products for them. You can display related items for them with brief information. After reviewing the item, a customer might decide to add them to their cart, increasing your sale.

With this feature from Privy, you can increase sales from your website. Display other products based on what’s in the shopper’s cart or previous experience.

Spin To Win Displays

By using this display, you can create a game-like challenge for your customers. Using Privy’s Email list, you can ask your customers to sign up for a game, with a variety of offers. The condition for playing this game is to sign up using their email address. You can target both new and existing customers on your website.

Announcement Bars And Banners

To show any important updates in your business, you can choose to do it using banners or announcement bars. Display offers, coupons, free shipping and sale. You can set this information to appear at the top or bottom of your site.

On-Site Segmentation

Personalize your visitors’ experience based on their behavior, device and session count.  Track customers who have unsubscribed, bounced and non-existent from your lists.

With Privy, you will send the intended message to the specific audience at the exact time. The aim of segmentation is to divide your contacts into different groups with similar interest.

A/B Testing to ensure Effectiveness

Privy gives you a platform to test different options, to see which best works for your business. Test your offers using different designs and forms to see which has a greater conversion. The aim here is to find out what will give you a higher conversion.

Professional Looking Campaigns

Marketing requires a certain level of professionalism. When it comes to emails, you have to design them in a way that is catchy, brief and relevant. With features like drag and drop, you can create custom designs that represent your brand.

It also builds trust with your customers and attracts them to your website. You can set your business apart by doing what other e-commerce merchants are not doing. Create official and well-thought-out designs, which will drive sales.

Drive Urgency With On-Site Timers

With Privy, you can create timed displays and offers to attract customers to your store. You can run campaigns for a specific amount of time. Create a time frame for when the offer will run, boosting people’s morale to buying.

For instance, you can run an offer that will run for like a week. Everyone loves a discount and most shoppers will buy then, increasing your sales.

Customer Support

You can chat with the Privy support team and ask for any form of help. You can also send various attachments, based on your intended request. They also provide an email option, where you can reach out to them. The live training sessions also offer help, making it easy to get along with the tool.


This feature equips users with skills and insights to grow their e-commerce businesses. The videos help first-time users to get along with the platform.

All Privy users get an alert notification, on when the live videos will be taking place. In case of any issues, email the support team, and you might get help through the podcast.

Shopify App store

Shopify App Store is accessible from Privy’s homepage. In a few clicks, you will have the tool installed on your website. From there, follow the basic procedures in creating your account.

There’s a dedicated page for Shopify users. It contains detailed information on the available features and tools.

Create And Sync Powerful Offers And Discounts

These features automatically sync with Shopify and BigCommerce stores. Send recovery emails and offers for cart savers, to attract shoppers to finish buying.

Create special discounts, which are specific to certain audiences. You can also add new contacts into the different lists in your account.

Social Media Pages

Privy is available on various social media platforms. These are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-In and YouTube. Look out for more content from these channels. The links are provided from the homepage.


This is an important feature in most tools. It contains different content relating to a tool and how to apply it. Privy’s blog page contains information on how to run e-commerce businesses. There are guides, testimonials and mini courses, to help you grow your business from the current situation.

Ease of use

As earlier stated, Privy is very simple to use. It’s best for small and large e-commerce websites and stores. Create personalized emails, banners, popups, newsletters, email campaigns, etc.Privy features


A feature like cart abandonment makes it possible to track and recover lost sales. The drag & drop feature also makes it easy to create high converting emails and displays in a few minutes.

By using Privy, you’re at a higher chance of beating your competition. Build strong relationships with your customers using emails. Promote your brand and grow your email list with a variety of built-in features.

All pages in this platform are very appealing, including the colours and images used. The website is easily accessible from a mobile phone. The landing page has been designed to display and fit well in any mobile device.


Privy’s automation plan, allows users to send automated emails to their subscribers. For this to work, you need to set specific triggers. Examples of triggers are sign ups, purchases, abandoned cart, cart saver and spin to win.

Integration and Add-ons

Privy integrates well with other tools and websites. Examples of websites are WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, Magento, Hubspot, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Volusion and Shopify plus.

For Email Service Providers, it integrates with Mailchimp, Hubspot, Dotdigital, Emarsys, Klaviyo, Iterable, Retention Science, Bronto Marketing Forum and Listrak.


There are other email service providers in the market. These are Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Mailoptin, Gist, TotalSend and SendX. Mailchimp beats the competition with their in-built CRM accessible in the free account. Unlike Privy’s free plan with limited features, Mailchimp has a variety of templates and tools to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Privy?

Privy is a tool used to capture, create and send personalized emails from a website or online store. It’s used for e-Commerce type of businesses. Attract, engage and convert customers using built-in features. Privy helps you track abandoned carts and drive sales.

What is the meaning of exit intent?

An exit-intent is a trigger or pop-up, that displays when a shopper is about to click the back or exit button. This movement will be tracked automatically, triggering a display. Exit-intent helps in the recovery of abandoned carts. It works the same way on a mobile phone and a computer. In a desktop, it monitors a mouse movement.

Do you have a free trial for first-time users?

Yes. You can create a free account with Privy. You can use the account for 15 days, with access to limited features on this platform.  If your website receives over 5000 average monthly page views, you will have to upgrade your plan. Available plans to move to are growth and email marketing.

What is an auto-responder and does Privy allow one to set them up?

An auto-responder is an automatic email sent to a subscriber after a certain action. They will go off when someone signs up for your campaigns. A welcome message can have an informative message about your brand.   It can also have an offer for specific products.

Privy has autoresponders and you’re free to customize them.

What differentiates the pop-ups in Privy from those of other Email Service Providers?

Most providers in the market offer basic pop-ups which only capture email addresses. Privy offers a beyond approach of dealing with such displays. Customize your displays to align with your brand and website.

The spin to win feature is an example of a distinguishing feature. Creating different displays for specific audiences makes Privy suitable for e-commerce businesses.

Customer service

Privy’s customer support is dedicated to providing the best to its users. There are various ways in which they offer support. Unlike other email providers, Privy does not have a contact number. You request for help by use of the email provided.

There’s also a live chat forum, where you get to choose whom to address. Depending on the type of help you need, there are various platforms to choose from.  There are live training too. These sessions are run weekly. You can learn about pricing plans, that is, Growth and Email marketing. You will also learn A/B Testing, audience targeting, onsite displays, spin to win campaigns, coupons, using Privy and List growth.

There is a help Centre, which has split guiding information into three categories. These include ‘How to guides’, ‘Common questions’ and ‘Best Practices’. The promoted articles section offers insight on various topics and how to use the platform.

Privy Pros and cons

Privy review

Every tool has some ups and downs in using it.


  • It’s a great email marketing tool. This is evident with their onsite displays, customizable email features and auto-responders.
  • Easily integrates with Shopify and Mailchimp. You will download this tool from the Shopify App Store, which is accessible from Privy’s homepage.
  • The interface is easy to use and understand. Navigation from one page to another is very easy.
  • The live feature distinguishes Privy from other email providers. It makes it easy for most beginners to use the platform. Both beginners and existing customers can learn how to use unidentified features to stand out from their competitors.
  • Privy makes it easy to collect emails from your shoppers. For instance, your subscribers can play spin the wheel and have access to offers in exchange for their emails.
  • Create landing pages that are mobile-friendly. A poorly designed landing page is a big turn-off for most people. It’s a good practice to create pages that can be accessed from all devices.


  • Limited templates. For users who want to save time, there is a limited number of templates to choose from. You have to come up with your own design from scratch.
  • Privy’s support team sometimes take longer to reply to emails. This is a setback for someone who wants instant feedback.

Final Verdict

Privy integrates well with other tools like Mailchimp, WooCommerce, and Shopify. The e-commerce business world is saturated and if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, you can use Privy.

You will enjoy a wide variety of features, which you can customize to represent your brand. These features include email pop-ups, spin the wheel, cart saver, A/B Testing, cart abandonment. With other email service providers in the market, Privy has the best features.

The drag & drop feature makes it easy for non-techy users to get started with various designs. It’s also suitable for all business types. If you make good use of List growth and Email features, you can grow your mail list.

Privy is commendable to result-oriented individuals. This tool allows merchants to track lost sales, like in abandoned carts, and send follow up emails. It’s simplicity and dedicated customer service makes it an easy choice.

For anyone looking to grow their business, Privy provides the platform, training sessions and support required. The testimonials and videos included, are easily relatable as they are challenges faced in most businesses.

Privy Review
Privy Review
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