Pepipost Review

Pepipost Review

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8.6/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #21 in category Email marketing service
Ease of Use
Customer Support
  • Free Trial
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Powerful Queue Management
  • Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS-based service only
  • No Shared Inboxes feature¬†
  • No Signature Management

¬†Pepipost is a cloud-based transactional mail transport service platform. Helping businesses grow by sending their important correspondences like notifications, advertisements, circulars, and updates, etc. Users admire mainly because Pepipost focuses on matters like deliverability, rating, pricing, and decent statistics. It won‚Äôt be wrong if we classify Pepipost as a leading email delivery service. The user interface is easy and the company can start sending emails in a matter of minutes. Easy integration and add-ons are available through ready-made plugins to make and SMTP, API. Pepipost has been reviewed as the perfect email solution for both developers and enterprises. Pepipost is currently the world’s best and only email service provider that does not charge for all the opened emails. All the emails opened by the receiver are free. Making this feature a major attraction to the companies and users.


At Pepipost data security and privacy has the utmost significance. Hence teams are uninterruptedly working to achieve this motive. Feedback and reviews are not only appreciated but also promoted. As these help Pepipost to improve the quality of their services. Multiple passwords feature is enabled making it difficult for the intruders to get in or access any important data.

Pepipost supports a highly scalable platform. This is capable of delivering billions of emails every hour with minimum delivery rates. Easy and efficient integration and disruptive pricing model are maintained. Makes Pepipost the ideal email delivery partner for any growing startups or industry bigwigs. Pepipost has a prominent name in the market and is rated as the number one Transactional Email Software for the small business and start-ups.

Pepipost Pricing

Pepipost provides the best pricing plans that help you save your money annually way more if compared to its alternatives. It covers all kinds of customers ranging from small to bulk subscribers. Pepipost provides monthly basis packages but you can choose an annual base package and save 30 %.  It also offers a one-month free trial version. You can send 30000 emails for one month and then if you wish to continue there is a free forever version allowing you to send 100 emails per day.

The following table highlights the plan in a better way.

Sr. No of Subscribers Rates $ per month Rates $ per year charge on additional 1000 emails $
1 150,000 25 17.5 0.6
2 400,000 85 59.5 0.55
3 600,000 145 101.5 0.5
4 1,000,000 245 171.5 0.45
5 2,000,000 445 311.5 0.4

All plans come with the following features with no extra charges.

  • SMTP
  • Email API
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Email Marketing
  • Webhooks
  • Subaccount Management

Pepipost Features

Pepipost reviews

Efficient System

Pepipost is well-known for its established and always updating system. The customer care team is in charge of handling this process and surly it is done quite well. The system is upgraded and updated after regular frequent intervals. This is to improve the services and enhance the scalability of the software.


Pepipost focuses mainly on improving the security protocols of the email marketing platform. As the companies share their data using these protocols and the platform provided. There is a high risk of imprudence and mismanagement of data. Due to this data can be lost and might even get in the hands of the irrelevant parties. To prevent this from happening. The teams are always working to improve the management of resources and improve their security policies.

Real-Time Reports

Real-time reports and analytics are managed and maintained by the software. These analyses are saved and reports are generated. This is done daily. The main benefit of this analysis is to help the growth of services. The Pepipost platform not only provides an email marketing platform but also helps the start-ups and the newly established businesses to grow.


Integrations and add-ons are available. These help to maintain a steady relationship with not only the other email service providers but also with other platforms. They may be national or international. These integrations include Zapier, Xenforo, Magento, Prupal, WordPress, MODX, VBulletin, SugarCRM, and Mail Enable. Also, many others are affiliated and work as partners with Pepipost.

A/B Split Testing

A / B testing may vary in complexity, and basic A / B testing can involve sending several subject lines to check which one generates more opens, whereas more sophisticated

A / B testing may include testing entirely different email templates against each other to see which one generates more click-throughs.

Pepipost features

When you are using email software such as Campaign Monitor, A / B testing your campaigns is very straightforward, as you can use the email generator to generate 2 different variants of your email and it will automatically send it to 2 different subsets of your list to see which variation works better.

Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation is a resourceful strategy to use when you want to more explicitly and efficiently target your audience. To put all your users into one category is to the detriment of your marketing efforts. Every subscriber has their relationship with your brand and you are responsible for meeting their needs. 

Easy Email Creation

We can easily create emails in these more than hundreds of templates, and these templates serve as a simple building block for effective email development. Easy drag and drop option in email creation and email circulation helps not only in sending and developing the email. But also, it assures less wastage of time which would be spent in reading and rechecking the draft.

Pepipost reviews

Triggered Emails

A trigger email is an automatic email sent by advertisers to alert consumers and shows that the business is active and constant replies can assure more efficient and effective means of communication.

24X7 Live Chat Support:

A main attraction of Pepipost is it’s well maintained and managed customer care system. Their representatives are present around the clock to help the affiliated companies manage their problems. The customer care not only manages their issues but also guides them through the whole process. This helps in maintaining an easy to use and friendly environment among the service providers and service users.


Automated email marketing will automatically send emails to your clients and prospects based on a schedule, or triggers, you determine. Automatic emails are accurate, customized, and highly reader-relevant. As a result, they are more often opened and clicked, which boosts your company visits with revenue.

Integrations and Add-ons

Pepipost supports integrations and add-ons. Compatible with many of the common third-party applications and websites also email service platforms. These include services like Twitter, Facebook Instagram, and WordPress.

This platform offers many local and international integrations as well. Users from diverse platforms and companies can send emails, newsletters, and circulars to Salesforce associates.

Pepipost has an open API based system. This allows integrations and with a lot of many business and marketable applications. The contacts Include analytics, societal and market-based functionalities. This integration and add-on facility can be beneficial in many factors such as to collect new mailing addresses and also contact information. This information is of the people who potentially might be interested in the company’s product.  Routine synchronization of the business details to Pepipost. This is basically for the cause of enhancement, development, and evolution of the email contact list. Resultantly having a positive and beneficial impact on the whole business mechanism.


some of the popular tools that integrate with Pepipost are Python, PHP, Node.js, Java, and C#. The integrations and add-ons also include WPMAILSMTP, Zapier, Xenforo, Magento, Prupal, WordPress, MODX, VBulletin, SugarCRM, and Mail Enable.

Customer Service

Pepipost provides its customers with the best, dependable, and most efficient customer service catering to all their needs instantly. twenty-four/seven customer service makes it possible that you don’t have to wait for hours or days to get a response. You are served immediately. Pepipost‚Äôs customer care team works day in day out to cater to is customers’ queries and help them with possible solutions instantly. Even if an instant solution is not available, they refer you to the respective department and so you are never left unanswered. Notifies you if someone unauthorized tries to interfere with your account by putting emails on standby. On spot-fixing of errors allows customers to carry out their business smoothly without any interruption. It supports you with its telephone, email, and live chat service. An online web portal is also available for further queries.

Ease of Use

Pepipost review

Pepipost is one of the very best in the business and vastly experienced who know its customer needs and demands. It possesses all the tools to ease their business in a hectic schedule. So, it provides you with the easiest user interface. It gives you hundreds of templates. These templates serve as a simple building block for effective email development. You don’t have to be someone from an IT background to use this or compose an email. It comes with an easy drag and drop option for fast and effective email response allowing you to send and develop emails in few seconds. This also assures less wastage of time which would be spent in reading and rechecking the draft Pepipost provides you with automation tools. The purpose of this tool is to automate your email messaging by personalizing them. Artificial intelligence not only improves deliverability but also intelligently finds content and manage customers accordingly.¬†¬† In addition to this YouTube, tutorials are available to make things easy for you.

Pepepost promises a highly effective and solution-oriented email service to its customers. Relives your stress by allowing you to manage all your tasks under one account. It serves you with an instant response, twenty-four/seven customer service that further eases your job if you stuck in any problem.


MailerLite is well-developed marketing and advertising platform. It is designed and cast-off for deep-dive emails.  It works as an analysis software as well as advertising software. This makes it a major go-to software and marketing platform appreciated by small businesses. Procedures and evaluates email engagements.  Such is done to help sales and improve marketing tactics.

Mailchimp helps in the designing and sharing of various campaigns. This can be done using many email providers. It adds-on with many services which the companies already use. These include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WordPress

An Email marketing and publicizing services platform. This helps mainly small businesses to grow. mechanize email follow-ups, circular, and mail delivery. This is for the best motive to increase customer retention and also to ensure higher sales. MailJet is among the leading names of the email service providers. It has a lot many famous clients including Etsey, Mycroft, Product, Hunt, and Toast, to create. Sends optimized and boosted publicizing and advertising emails and circulars.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pepipost

Why Pepipost?

Pepipost provides timely and highly reliable email delivery service with affordable pricing plans. It is easiest to use having the simplest user interface. It gives comparatively best email delivery service when it comes to shared server service and provides the best analytical tools adding value to your money.

What is meant transactional email?

Transactional emails are automatically created by emails from customers’ websites or depending on the subscribers’ actions. The action includes the signup, confirmation of the order, forgot password. Cart cancelation, feedback emails, and many more.

How my domain is approved?

The domain approval process takes 2-6 hours. At the first member of the compliance, the team reviews your request. Based on their report it is decided either it will be approved or turned down. All communication related to domain approval is shared with you over your registered email Pepipost account.

Is there any daily limit?

Pepipost advises its customers to use a warm-up plan to thoroughly have the idea of your email volume. This avoids your reputation being a Spammer by ISPs and eliminates any chance of your emails ending up as spam. Once your IP reputation is built and deliverability is improved this daily limit is increased.

What is a free forever plan?

It is an extension of the one-month free trial version. After verifying your account as a free trial, you can send 3000 emails for one month. Once this period is over you can send 100 emails per day for free forever if you continue using this account.

What if I reach my credit limit?

Once a customer reaches its credit limit, Pepipost stops its email services and you cannot send emails anymore. Also, Pepipost rejects all API calls.

How Pepipost is different from the SMTP server?

Pepipot is a highly reliable email delivery service. its advanced technology maintains email deliverability level to the highest standard and focuses on reporting as well. Whereas SMTP is only designed to relay the customer’s emails to recipients while not focusing on deliverability and reporting.

Is it possible to send attachments over Pepipost?

Pepipost neither supports attachments generation nor lets you personalize attachments. But still, there is a way to get things done. You can use third-party integration to generate and personalize and then push them to Pepipost for delivery.

How Pepipost ensure the security of email data?

Pepipost only stores basic information about the email. The delivery is a Data-in-transit form using a secured port via TLS/SSL. API and configuration and reporting use secured HTTP. Logs are secured by two-factor authentications. API calls are secure by IP whitelisting and ISO 27001 accredited Data Centers are there at your service ensuring security.

Pros and cons

The overwhelming volume of emails in our inboxes makes it a valid question that should email delivery services be used to run the business smoothly. Emails are the most valuable means of communication for business. Pepipost serves the purpose by providing the most reliable delivery service. The following pros and cons help to develop a better understanding.

Pepipost features

This section highlights why Pepipost is best.

  • Reliability: Pepipost is the most reliable delivery service. Its main focus is on email deliverability thus ensure that your email won‚Äôt end up as spam. It also gives you reporting and automated suppression on hard Bounces, Unsubscribes, and Abuse complaints.
  • Affordable Payment Plans: Pepipost provides the most flexible plans depending on the number of subscribers. Covers small to bulk subscribers allowing them to pay monthly or save 30 percent by going for annual payment method. There is a one-month free trial version available that can be turned into free forever and you can send 100 emails daily for free.
  • Secure Email Server: Along with dependable deliverability service Pepipost does not compromise on security. It uses a multi-layer network system for email delivery. Security is ensured using a secured port via TLS/SSL, secure HTTP 2-factor authentication, IP whitelisting, and ISO 27001 accredited Data Centers.
  • Customer Care Service: Customer support is a stand out feature of Pepipost that distinguishes it from its competitors. Around the clock availability of representatives, answers to your queries instantly besides this telephone, live chat and emails are at your service.
  • Fast and Easy: If you are looking for a fast and easy email delivery service then Pepipost is your go-to technology. Pepiost provides you with the easiest email compose method with hundreds of templates, drag and drop options, and many more advanced tools. And works in the fastest way so you have efficient email delivery service.


  • Improvements can be made in the User Interface.
  • There should be a multiple password system for logging in, on different platforms for the security of the account.
  • Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS-based service only
  • No Shared Inboxes feature
  • There is no Signature Management

Final Verdict

Pepipost has the motive to make mails free of cost again, redolent to the times when all emails were sent directly to the inbox. Clicked open and read by the recipients. The receivers would then respond and engage with the senders. Emails have been used as a relatively formal channel for professional, personal, and commercial communication. There is no need for superior tenders to guarantee that emails have been sent to the recipient‚Äôs inbox and were not sitting in the spam folder. Keeping in mind the important notion. That businesses have their own business needs. It is wise and just that the platform should use and be clear of electing a one size fits all kind of system. Which is referring to ‚Äúperfect‚ÄĚ software. It is almost impossible to utilize such a software platform even in this technically efficient world. The practical step that can be taken would be to pick out the diverse vital factors that demand deliberation. Such as important features, integrations, pricing, skill sets, organizational size, and many more. Pepipost is designed around the idea that ensures that the companies email and newsletters satisfy all filtering requirements. This allows the emails to land in the addressees‚Äô inbox. It has a unique pricing model. Unopened emails are not charged a single penny. This design is mainly to reassure email senders to send more emails. This has created a network of good email senders from across the globe.

Pepipost Review
Pepipost Review
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