Outreachplus Review

Outreachplus Review

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8.9/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #15 in category Email marketing service
Ease of Use
Customer Support
  • Auto follow-up
  • Easy to Use
  • High Inbox delivery rate
  • Some bugs that need to be fixed
  • Bit Pricy
  • Lack of visibility for the scheduled follow-ups
  • No integration Feature

OutreachPlus is a brilliant email outreach program created for SMEs, agencies, and organizations to aid them in producing more marketing leads, backlinks, and advertisements. It helps marketers and sales agents acquire more customers, build traffic, and strengthen relationships. A new email outreach software platform automates the sending and tracking of highly personalized emails.

OutreachPlus is well- recognized for its marketing outreach activity that increases traffic and backlinks through customized interactions on autopilot. This program is definitely for sales and marketing. It also improves sales direction with cold emails that collects positive responses from clients. Through its automated campaigns and messages, it creates hot leads and active customers.


Its primary mission, as set up by Ian Cleary, who launches and grows OutreachPlus, is to assist you in developing your business through smart, targeted, personalized emails. And it aims to continue forming its products to support the development of your business in a way that is efficient, manageable, and result-oriented.

OutreachPlus Pricing

Outreach has a competitive pricing table for its subscription plans that customers can choose from to get the ideal one for his or her business. It will allow you to enjoy its various features for free and without commitment. For its free account, you get to have at least a minimum of 100 contact databases and emails. You can track the customer’s reply-open-click activities. You can set-up the automatic follow-ups. You can have unlimited campaigns and templates and enjoy other email functionalities. With OutreachPlus, you get to try a lifetime free plan.

Free Solo Multi-user Agency
Flat monthly Flat monthly Flat monthly Flat monthly
Free $18 $38 $79
User Account – 1 User Account – 1 User Account – 1 per User User Account – 1 per User
Email Accounts- 1 Email Accounts- 1 Email Accounts- Unlimited Email Accounts- Unlimited
Contact Database – 100 Contact Database – 1000 Contact Database – Unlimited Contact Database – Unlimited
Monthly Email limit – 100 Monthly Email limit – 1000 Monthly Email limit – Unlimited Monthly Email limit – Unlimited
Reply, click and open tracking Reply, click and open tracking Reply, click and open tracking Reply, click and open tracking
Inbox to manage all responses Inbox to manage all responses Inbox to manage all responses Inbox to manage all responses
Automated follow-ups Automated follow-ups Automated follow-ups Automated follow-ups
Gmail/Outlook/IMAP support Gmail/Outlook/IMAP support Gmail/Outlook/IMAP support Gmail/Outlook/IMAP support
Unlimited campaigns and templates Unlimited campaigns and templates Unlimited campaigns and templates Unlimited campaigns and templates
Tagging feature Tagging feature Tagging feature Tagging feature
Basic Team Functionality Basic Team Functionality
Advanced Team Functionality
Multi-Client Functionality

The plans vary depending on your usage or operation of your business. Paid plans start at Solo with $8 per month to the Agency plan, which is $79 per month. The difference in all these plans can be pinpointed on the total number of email accounts, users, contacts database, email limits, team functionality, and multi-client functionality. Whenever subscribers are opening new accounts, they are not obligated to enter their credit card information to prevent their cards from being used illegally.


Subscribers are in for a wild treat as OutreachPlus both offer a free trial and free full version. Free trial is for 14 days for whatever plans that you choose. After the free trial, you are given the option to avail of the paid plan or not to proceed at all. When you have decided to buy any of the presented subscription plans, you are still given a 30 days money-back guarantee to try the OutreachPlus without any risk at all. Cancel the plan if you don’t find it living up to your expectations and receive your money back. There is nothing more admirable with OutreachPlus but its generosity to its customers. You get to appreciate its free, paid, and refund policy with only a click of a finger. Choose and feel free to use it without the guilt, but only all the excellent features in email marketing with OutreachPlus.

OutreachPlus Features

OutreachPlus has many features that stand out against its competitors in the market. These are the definitive features of OutreachPlus:

Outreachplus features

4-step Campaign Wizard

You can launch your email campaigns quickly and send them in 60 seconds. When using the campaign wizard, you must comply with the required procedure in choosing a campaign type, uploading prospects, and then creating emails that will go out in a chronological order beginning from initial outreach and then succeeding emails. You can put on hold campaigns or prospective clients sequence at any time and modify emails accordingly during campaigns when necessary.

Advanced Email Personalization

You can use mail merge capability to personalize every outreach email you send. To facilitate this process smoothly, you can choose among the many built-in templated in OutreachPlus, or you can have your personal template creation. With the editor, you can modify your emails by adding, merging graphics to customize your emails and newsletters. High-quality artists designed email Templates. Once you are satisfied with your template creation, you can advance to a higher level and set up your automated follow-up sequence so that you can send it automatically to those who haven’t responded.

Outreach Campaign Automation

The software provides an automation capability that detects email opens, clicks, and replies and triggers personalized emails to prospects based on their actions.

OutreachPlus Inbox

You can connect multiple email accounts to OutreachPlus and manage all responses in a single inbox. You can even place in one inbox to organize all reactions, including across all campaigns & projects. It has an auto-matching of prospects suited in one area of the campaigns. OutreachPlus’ outbox can detect and adjust messages in the line.  It also has the capacity to archive all sent emails. In your email campaigns, you can add notes, create tasks, or block contacts from inbox.

Campaign Analytics

Monitor the movement of your campaign, see prospect status, and track the performance of your templates. When your campaign goes online, you can see its progress in the dashboard. Monitor the behavior of your campaign in terms of open rates, response rates, and click prices so you can plan and perform better on the next campaign activity.


Email Marketing Features

Outreach has the capacity to test the dynamic content of your emails and messages, aside from it’s A/B testing ability for your email headings to optimize it your readability and to increase its click-rate status.

Prospect Management

It will give you a 360-degree perspective of your prospects to aide in creating a compelling data-driven idea for your next campaign activities. You can go down on each event, like sending and receiving emails, tasks, opening emails, responses, clicks, and more. It allows you to identify responsive prospects to your outreach in the future. It also showcases an automated prospect grading following previous responses or performance. The prospect dashboard shows a complete summary of each prospect. It offers group functionality and a thorough prospect sheet by tracking all correspondence with them, including scoring. It also has tagging support, which allows you to classify your contacts extensively. You can conveniently import files from Google sheet, Excel, and many CSV files.

Contact Management

You are given three alternatives to create your target list. Here’s what you should do; import your list of prospects from a CSV file and add new prospects manually. If you are using OutreachPlus already, you can choose to send this new campaign to an existing list of relevant prospects.

Ease of use

OutreachPlus is very easy to navigate over time. It has tutorial videos for those email campaign beginners, which makes it very convenient when starting your own business and promotional activities. Because of its user-friendly interface, it becomes effortless to train and orient people in running the campaign and monitoring them.

Outreachplus reviews 2020

With prospect management, it helps you save time from setting up clients in the system, thereby increasing your productivity level by focusing on campaigns that deliver. It has more flexibility to prepare and schedule campaigns because the interface is manageable even on a mobile browser. Learning to use it becomes quick and easy because of how it is set-up. Email scheduling saves you a lot of time in sending those email and newsletter campaigns and tracking them across all verticals.


OutreachPlus intuitive automation platform will supply rapid outputs. You can send emails that immediately attract your future clients and reach increasing feedback rates through their innovative customization features. When your emails are highly customized, it will have a greater probability of getting an optimistic feedback. You can immediately add the first name of the person, name of the company, and many more. Also, you can include customs fields that specifically cater to your requirements, like interest and hobbies. If you don’t possess the necessary data in your hand, you can build conditions to automatically show other text when the custom field data cannot be obtained. It also has the skill to examine and adjust every personal email before sending them. You might not encounter this in the bigger lists, but whenever you decide to customize a smaller list, then this is a perfect attribute. The emails you are sending becomes personalized for every prospective client and automates the merging of personal data to get better results. Its intuitive platform and automating its system provides faster results by reducing the requirement of manual intervention. It also determined user behavior like opening, replying, and clicking of email and activates personalized emails based on these actions. Moreover, it has advanced reply detection technology automatically send follow-up emails.


By definition, email integrations are individual tools that can be combined with email marketing to create a complete and effective strategy. Being new in the industry and an upgrade of the basic Outreach program, OutreachPlus has not much of an integration feature as of the moment. Unfortunately, it does not have API integration, calendar integration, and CRM integration.

OutreachPlus has intensified its team to put into execution the best add-ons and compatibility features for its email marketing system. Customers, however, have provided access on mobile phones using the mobile browsers so you can continue to enjoy its full attributes on the go.

Customer Service

OutreachPlus values its customers by providing them customer support that allows them to reach out to a 24 / 7 / 365 support option. It has responsive and competent support staff that are available continuously to assist you via Telephone or Live Chat with any questions.

It is usual for customers who are new to the system to ask or inquire questions relating to its features of the email marketing program like the use, applicability, and others. In order to avoid inconvenience in searching some answers, OutreachPlus has the Frequently Asked Questions section in order to give them answers to common questions instantly.

Outreachplus features


OutreachPlus has a forum for its customers to generate online discussion, gather and consolidate ideas, and a place to encourage conversation in the form of posted messages.

 Online Support

Customers can use the internet for any questions or inquiries about the program. OutreachPlus has 24/7 live email support for round the clock questions and queries thrown to them. The website provides an email where email experts are available to answer your questions. The website also has a live chat available on its site that you can view upon checking on the website.

Phone Support

Customers also have 24/7 live phone support, where campaign experts are available with intuitive advice to lead you with your campaign objectives.

 Video Tutorials

OutreachPlus also provides some training videos and product demo where customers can have a visualization of how the entire email marketing program works. You can access all training videos on the website,

Frequently Asked Questions about OutreachPlus

 What is the deployment type of OutreachPlus?

It is Cloud-based, Saas, and Web-based. As a SaaS provider, OutreachPlus organizes the overall system and infrastructure to run the program and making sure that the software is available anytime and anywhere. Outreach operates using the web browsers, getting rid of any downloads and installation so you can focus on your marketing campaigns while taking care of your server maintenance and deliverability support.

 How much does the OutreachPlus cost, and does it have a free trial or free full version?

The OutreachPlus has various plans starting from Solo at $8, Multi-User at $38, Agency $79.per month. It has 14 days free trial for all plans, and It also offers a free full version so you can make use of the program without worrying about future regrets.

Who are the typical users of OutreachPlus?

OutreachPlus has a fan-based comprises mostly of freelancers, start-up companies, small and middle enterprises (SMEs), agencies.

 Which operating system does OutreachPlus support?

OutreachPlus provides several operation systems, namely; web application, Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

Supported Countries

OutreachPlus extends its services to the following countries, such as Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom, and the United States.

OutreachPlus Pros and Cons

Outreach has a way of defining itself in the market and creates a highly positive feedbacks for its many features. Customers find some very remarkable and non-remarkable attributes which must be correctly identified to have a smart purchasing decision when it comes to a product that delivers for your company.


  • Auto follow-up. Automated email follow-ups are an advantage in getting increased open rates and viewership.
  • Very comprehensive and easily understandable reports on your email campaign activities.
  • Inbox delivery rate. It measures how your emails are doing based on their responses.
  • Best pricing for the value of the product compared to others.
  • Labeling prospects from several outreach campaigns and can track campaign-specific information.
  • It is a keeper of contact details. It can import spreadsheets ready for your contact database so that you won’t be dependent on them.
  • Its mobile interface is one of the impressive features of OutreachPlus, which allows you to manage your account while traveling or not at home.


  • It has some bugs that need to be fixed. Bu this is very understandable, knowing the software is still new, and upgrades are usually necessary for future improvement.
  • When you get to upgrade to a paid plan, it is a bit pricey and very little to choose from the packages offered.
  • There is a lack of visibility for the scheduled follow-ups.
  • It has no integration feature that is very important for email marketing, as it makes your workload more manageable and faster.


MailChimp is a well-known email marketing platform that provides various plans for small and middle enterprises while also handles voluminous emails for large companies and organizations. It is created to concentrate on the customers so they can transmit marketing emails, postcards and automated messages, build focused ad campaigns, create landing pages, manage reporting and analytics, and transact on the internet. Its free plan allows you to send up to 10,000 emails per month to 2,000 subscribers. Most of Mailchimp’s tools and templates are available on their free account, including their in-built CRM. Mailchimp has an excellent reputation in creating a contact list where you can input personal information either manually or import data from a CSV File or database. It has reporting tools that enable you to determine who is viewing, clicking, and responding. The reports can be seen two-ways on the dashboard and mobile devices and then export and send them to team members and customers.


Oracle Eloqua is a software as a service (SaaS) platform for marketing automation by Oracle. It aspires to aide B2B marketers and companies to organize their marketing campaigns, and sales lead generation. It transmits marketing promotions to phones, email, video, and search results pages. Its value proposition is its integrated lead management and easy campaign creation. The solution supports the salesperson to get the target clients.  Its Drag and Drop Campaign editor makes it easy for you to do your job at the same time allows you to do complicated ideas and workflows. It offers integration with other businesses like CVENT, Linkedin, ON24, Salesforce, and other third-party applications effectively and without any hassle. It also provides smart reporting capabilities for individuals and marketers to show their campaign performance.

Mailshake is a great tool to generate an easy drip campaign with a condition attached. It helps you with cold emailing to generate leads, build links, or promote your content. You can send customized cold emails at large, set activity to participate with prospective clients via phone, emails, and social media in the dashboard and automatically track the responses generated by the system. It has known integrations with Salesforce and Pipedrive, CRM, G Suite, and other third-party applications. The great attributes of Mailshake are that the emails you sent will not flood the customer’s inbox because the messages are more personalized, very easy to use. The interface is brilliant; the email sequences are comprehensive and increase your lead. It is a vital tool to help you manage your time by automating the entire procedure. It also features an automatic follow-up message for those who neither view or reply to the emails and scale your customer outreach effortlessly.

Final Verdict

OutreachPlus is an excellent application that helps improve sales with customers and create successful outreach campaigns and steadily upgrade results. It enhances marketing and PR outreach and guarantees that we got the correct prospect and measures accurately how customers receive us. It is also an excellent tool in streamlining jobs and provides a massive customer base; otherwise, everything we do would be more on the manual drive. It is also reliable in giving us competent reports that let us monitor our daily, weekly, and monthly performance.

I highly recommend it for the solo entrepreneur and small businesses that are multitasking and want to monitor the activities conveniently. It assisted us efficiently and independently from CSV files like Excel and Google Spreadsheets and handily kept track of prospects and their feedbacks. If your business is active in outreach activities for a client, then this is the right one for you and your business. You can actually build and organize your account quickly. It also offers flexible packages according to the needs of the organization while giving you the option to avail of its free trial and free full version of the program. It is ideal for businesses that have email campaigns that require a consistent set of records. With OutreachPlus, email campaign outreach will be realized in no time.

Outreachplus Review
Outreachplus Review
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