MoonMail Review

MoonMail Review

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8.9/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #11 in category Email marketing service
Ease of Use
Customer Support
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Free Trial
  • Dynamic Content
  • Excellent Auto Responder Feature
  • No A/B testing
  • No Mobile Optimized Emails
  • spam and junk filters Issues

In today’s modern world email is the preferred method of communication for most individuals and companies. It is because there are so many benefits to using email. It is immediate, direct and not to mention convenient. Not only is email widespread and can be personalized to your customer’s necessities and preferences. Developers describe MoonMail as “Serverless Framework for Email Marketing Using AWS SES and Lambda”. You can send amazing email marketing campaigns with Amazon SES. Let Amazon Lambda design and write exception email after email and scale it to infinite. You can create & edit lists of email addresses and store them easily within a DynamoDB, edit HTML code, send it & track its success. MoonMail is an American company that was founded in 2013. It is a cloud-based email marketing software platform. This platform allows us to design and monitor marketing campaigns with ease. This platform is most suitable for small to midsize companies in all different fields. Moonmail has lots of extra tools and features available to make the process as simple and straight forward as possible for example they provide configurable email templates that you can adjust to your liking using the drag and drop editor and there is never a need to start from scratch. The templates also include interactive headers and have email validation features. They also have complaint tracking and spam reporting, email automation and email bounce management so you can track and improve when and where it is needed. Moonmail also operates using Amazon AWS but you do not need a separate Amazon account. You can import MailChimp data if needed too. The platform is also available in several different languages to accommodate all users from different backgrounds.

MoonMail Pricing

The pricing depends on how many emails you wish to send. Moonmail offers 4 different packages.

MoonMail pricing

MoonMail Features

As mentioned in the overview there are a lot of nifty features that will aid you while using MoonMail such as:

Campaign Design And Management

Spam check is a great feature that will help you identify if your campaigns and automation emails are to ‘spammy’ before they are sent. Drip campaign is for direct marketing to gain customers via lead nurture programs. Behavior-driven rules can be used to help you target customers based on their online presence, their searches and purchases. Tonnes of features for creating mailing lists and campaigns. The drag and drop feature is super user friendly and makes the whole process less taxing and it allows you to create your own individual templates, using your own branding and add elements you would like, you can develop something to suit you and your company but also I think it’s great that there are other templates ready for use so that you can mix it up every now and then. You can also import CSV files (Comma separates values) for importing spreadsheet data such as Emailing lists. Cloud marketing uses all online marketing efforts providing new ways to present products engages with possible clients and push messages. Targeted group messages are sending certain groups of individuals emails that are relevant to them. Campaigns dashboard to follow, track and monitor your campaigns


With MoonMail you can see how your campaigns are working from all angles and this helps you and gives you the know-how to improve strategies so that your results will skyrocket as often as possible. The reporting features and statistics dashboard to help you monitor and track your progress. You can also view and compare your open and click rates. Automatic management for unsubscribes, bounce and complaints. Once your emails are working well you can make them perform even better which is crucial for any and all email marketing companies. You can use analytics provided they give you real-time reports on everything from clicks, open delivery success rate and email interactions. By studying these graphs you can adjust and shape your upcoming campaigns to incorporate your new focus based on what you have learned to improve your business strategies. Understanding how your emails will be received and how to develop them to gain more interest in campaigns is any email marketing companies main aim.

Emailing list Cleaner

Sometimes users will bring lists that have not been screened or updated and a lot of the email will bounce. So MoonMail’s email cleaning tool is perfect for this. It runs on artificial intelligence and big data to help figure out which emails will bounce and decrease the numbers which will in turn lower your wasted emails because don’t forget it’s the emails that you are charged by.

Amazon SES

Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES) is incredible especially if you take into factor the pricing and the phenomenal deliverability rates. However if its used to send your email marketing campaigns it can have a massive bottleneck effect. All campaigns, typo fixes and email sequencing are all described as developmental tasks, but these are tasks that to be honest are a waste of any developers time and diverts design and development resources. However now MoonMail has bridged this gap. Built based on Amazon SES and Lambda, MoonMail has provided us with the infrastructural benefits of AWS, while enabling you to build your email campaigns in a friendly UI. Not to mention the API is good, it is open-sourced and you are able to upload the software into your AWS instance.

Shopify and More

One of MoonMail autoresponder functions is an event triggered outreach to Spotify shops, there are 4 prepared templates that are ready to be used that have lots of great features like WYS/WYG, HTML editor and loads more that make life easier.. you’re able to see the activity through Google Analytics too. The app is great it automatically follows up with every client in a personalized way following their order and you can also use it to give feedback on your Shopify website which is so helpful and definitely valuable.

MoonMail features


MoonMail has a multilingual dashboard to aid those who speak different languages. The dashboard is very simple and sophisticated. Firstly you will notice several graphs the bottom graph will report your active campaign metrics sent, delivered, opened, clicks, delivery rate, email open rate and email click rate. The second shows an aggregated campaign metric with the same specifics sent, open delivered, etc. The third and final graph displays your audience metrics, your active contacts, unsubscribes contacts and the unsubscribe rate. These three graphs are color-coded and very easy to read. At the top of the dashboard we have three buttons the first is for campaigns, the second for segments and the third for contact form which is all very self-explanatory.

If you select campaign it will lead you to a step by step how to create your own campaign you can either start from scratch or use a template. If you select the segments or contact form it will lead you to pages that are equally as straightforward where you will be able to manage your segment lists and contact forms with ease.

Multilingual Live Chat Support

MoonMail has a great team available who are capable of corresponding with users in several different languages. This chat support is available 24/7 to help you with anything from simple explanations or walkthroughs to resolving any difficulties you may face. The customer service has to be noted as a big benefit the human voice on the other end to soothe you in a crazed time and walk you through your difficultly. Not to mention that they have multilingual representatives so that everybody can be accommodated with a language barrier. Most email marketing platforms downfalls are the amount of time it takes before you can get through to the support team but with MoonMail it was a pleasant surprise to see how quickly they respond.

Ease of Use

In regards to ease of use, on average e-mail marketing normally involves a considerable amount of time spent on the homepage. Moonmail’s dashboard and the home-page are laid out very well so that in no time even someone with even no previous knowledge of email marketing could operate it. As well as that when creating events and campaigns there are templates ready available with a step by step guide showing you how to develop them. Their reports are all very clear with their results and throughout the platform all information is provided in lame man terms. Even with the platform being that straightforward there is still a help and support feature if you are struggling.


Email automation is a way to enable your emails to reach the desired audience. To targets people through their online behavior, previous searches and purchases. These behaviors can help you personalize the messages and emails sent to each customer to be as relevant as possible. This will improve the click rates because you are then giving the customers relevant offers and promotions by targeting their interests. Automation also saves time and improves productivity the right promotions go to the right people with minimum waste when based on behavior. There’s is also no need to manually compile different emailing lists as it’s all computerized the team member can focus on more pressing matters. It is also easier to retain your customers, you can regulate your emails so that you can stay in touch and with a personalized note rather than something that will go straight into the junk bin. You can also reach a much larger audience than you would ever be able to if you were manually sending each and every email. You will reach larger audiences and save so much faster again saving time.



Emails by themselves can only do so many things however this is where integration comes in, integration will help you achieve so much more. Email integration has a lot of unique features that shouldn’t be ignored by any email marketer as you will miss out on a lot of business opportunities. Integrations are like boosts for your emails integrated email can do a great number of things such as targeting the right clientele, automating campaigns and help you to retain your current subscribers. Email integration could take your campaigns to whole new levels. Integration can help provide you with data from our subscribers and keep your lists updated. The data provided will help you segment your lists, add engaging content to your emails as well as automated campaigns to clients. Using these features your campaigns will be more engaging than ever.


There are many email marketing alternatives some that specialize in different areas. ActiveCampaign is another highly rated email marketing platform. Users can make trigger-based email and event-based campaigns, segment emailing lists, set auto-response emails for confirmations and signups. They also use great features like RSS and A/B split testing so you can compare them to your campaigns. While it is cost-effective with a lot of customization options, the interface is somewhat out of date and the customer support is slow to respond.

Campaign Monitor is another cloud-based email marketing platform where you can make and design email camping and workflows, segment lists and monitor your client on its dashboard. Campaign Monitor is very easy to use it also has a built-in drag and drop function on its interface. While users enjoy the visual aspects they also think that it takes too long to get familiar with. They also think that this platform is more expensive than others.

MailerLite is one more example of alternative email marketing platforms. On this platform you have the ability to make newsletters and landing pages, segment lists, send targeted campaigns and track their open and conversion rates on the dashboard. MailerLite has the cheapest rate for 1000 subscribers making it more cost-effective than all other platforms mentioned especially for companies that juggle lots of subscribers. While user found MailerLites interface easy to learn and easy to use the wish that the platform had more templates available.

ConvertKit is another email marketing platform for online creators and e-commerce. On this platform, you can make opt-in forms, email workflow and monitor subscribers and recipients on the dashboard. This platform is known for its functionality and recommendations ratings. Its only downfall is that there are so many features that it is difficult to get used to.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who uses MoonMail?

Anybody who needs to send email campaigns can use and people from all backgrounds will be able to use this simple and straightforward interface.

What is MoonMail generally used for?

MoonMail has lots of attributes, it allows you to design and create your own targeted camping, segment your contact lists and tracks your company progress a

Does MoonMail integrate with any other apps?

You can integrate with Zapier and Shopify

Does MoonMail offer an API?

Yes, this platform has API. MoonMail is an OmniChannel Service Provider and Marketing Platform where your support, sales, and marketing team can see the entire customer journey through a real-time dashboard. Use Messages API, Push Notification API, or the Chatbot AI API, are designed for handling an OmniChannel system

Does MoonMail have a free trial?

MoonMail offers a 14-day free trial with up to 300 emails per month for free

What platforms does MoonMail support?

Because MoonMail is a cloud-based email marketing platform it can be accessed from any web browser

What are applications does MoonMail tandem with?

Amazon SES/AWS, Email List Cleaning Tools, Design Tools, Google Analytics

Does MoonMail have customer support?

MoonMail has 24/7 online customer service that can assist in several different languages.

Customer Service


When you press on the help and support button you are brought to a page full of helpful and detail frequently asked questions so before even getting in touch you might already be provided with a solution if not you continue on to contact a representative where you can leave your email, the problem you are facing and even a screenshot to help them further understand your problem after your email has been submitted they will promptly reach out to you with either an outright solution or further questions for better understanding, once they have touched base with you I guarantee a solution is on the horizon. Not to mention that the customer service is very friendly and patient there is also a chat function for immediate assistance.

MoonMail Pros

There are many things that are wonderful about this platform.

  • The interface is super simple and easy to navigate
  • The email editor, and some other really great features on the drag and drop email composer like the video insert and countdown also the emails are not all uniform so you can mix it up every now and then.
  • You can set up flows in the automation section.
  • The support team is really helpful.
  • The pricing is really good considering what you get in return, it has integrations from happier that are free too.
  • Other features like AWS, Serverless lambada architecture, open-source code base are cutting edge and it integrates really smoothly.

MoonMail Cons

I didn’t find many faults with this platform. Here are a few things that I would like to

  • The Shopify plug-in on e-commerce data is only available at automation whereas it would great to have for regular newsletter segment options.
  • There is no option when your Amazon SES stops working also the footer branding is not very attractive.
  • There are no remarketing features available and no exclusion list available.
  • The segmentation feature is quite weak as well, more template options would be great
  • This platform might be difficult for those that have no experience with HTML.
  • A mobile application would be a great idea.

Final Verdict

MoonMail’s platform allows you to use its cloud-based email marketing software simply and effectively. Through the platform creating and running your email marketing strategies is a breeze and this platform helps you achieve optimum results. Brands such as Warner Bros, Nespresso and Amazon all agree that is the perfect tool for email marketing. There is no fee for email that is not sent MoonMail has a comfortable plan so that you only need to pay for emails that are to be sent and that’s all and to make sure that your email is sent to your recipients directly, your email is sent the same way a normal email would be and stays clear of the junk or spam inbox. I think the auto-response is a nice touch to is simple to set up and get used to. Once it’s set up and launched you can use it from the main dashboard. The longer you work with it, you may want to update or adjust the settings around each campaign and there are no extra fees. I find that sometimes certain email marketing platforms try to stuff as many extra features into their app and sites as possible. Which makes the platform more complicated and unnerving than necessary. The expression more is than definitely the right thing to keep in mind if you are a developer. I like MoonMail’s simplistic approach there is exactly what you need and a little bit extra for good measure. There is no need to be bombarded. All in all I think that MoonMail is a very good platform it allows you the optimize your success rate and makes the entire process as straightforward as can be I highly recommend this platform.


MoonMail Review
MoonMail Review
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