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Mailjet Review

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8/10 (Expert Score)
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In their own words, the operators behind Mailjet claim to offer the email marketing tool for fast-moving teams. Given the offerings and perks that this tool comes with, this claim is not very far from the truth. From its multi-user collaboration feature to customer-friendly pricing plan to everything in between, Mailjet is, clearly, a reliable service provider when it comes to email marketing. While the tool still has a long way to go especially when it comes to customer service support, deliverability, and more advanced features, there is no doubt that Mailjet has what it takes to meet your expectations as a marketer.
  • Affordable email marketing tool
  • Supports 80 integrations
  • Does not offer such features as sales funnel software and a landing page builder
  • Only basic features
Marketing is perhaps the most important aspect of any business because it determines the size of the customer base your business is going to have. While there are many ways to market your business, email marketing stands out because it makes it possible to reach out to millions of potential customers at the push of a button. However, for you to effectively use email marketing and get the most out of it, you will need to choose a reliable email marketing tool, which goes way beyond simple analytics and other hallmarks of an average tool. With hundreds of email marketing service providers on the web, chances are that anyone would get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a tool that meets their marketing needs. To save you the trouble, this review takes a look Mailjet, which is arguably one of the most popular and reliable email marketing tools ever to grace the realm of email marketing.

What Exactly Is Mailjet?

Mailjet is a unique email marketing solution, which allows users to send transactional and marketing emails to a large number of people in real time. The tool was created in 2010 by two marketing enthusiasts who had a common goal to come up with a cloud-based email solution that would be easy to use. Only two years after its formation, Mailjet had already employed at least 30 people and was sending out millions of emails to several firms worldwide.

With this tool, you can also accurately track the emails you have sent. Given that Mailjet will choose the most appropriate IP address for your campaign, you can be sure of a high delivery rate. With two basic internet marketing practices combined in a single Mailjet app, the tool is an ideal email marketing tool for marketers looking to depend on newsletter campaigns for the success of their business. The tool is very supportive and has in-built recipients’ controlling system, mailing list management system, and dozens of other features to make your work as a marketer even easier.

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Advantages of Using Mailjet

Not every email you send with an email marketing tool will get to the recipient’s inbox. As a matter of fact, Return Path claims that about 20% of emails that marketers send out land in the recipient’s spam folder. With Mailjet, you have a way to beat this challenge. As mentioned earlier in this review, this tool provides you with a dedicated IP for optimized email sending. Thus, rather than just sending out emails blindly, the tool will first review your parameters and choose the best possible IP address before sending emails. With this feature, your emails have very high chances of landing in your recipient’s inbox.

Since Mailjet does not delay password reset instructions and delivers transactional emails in real time, it makes it possible for the user to provide the best possible customer service. If there are any email addresses that regularly create bounces, Mailjet will block them automatically. And it also comes with a variety of plug-in for a wide range of business solutions, which include SPIP, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Dotclear. Being a scalable tool, Mailjet grows with your business, allowing you to only pay for the number of emails you send monthly.

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Who Is Mailjet for?

Mailjet is suitable for:

  • Users who are looking for an affordable email marketing tool. If you are not after advanced features as your priority, then Mailjet offers very affordable pricing plans to choose from.
  • Users to whom integrations are essential. The tool supports 80 integrations, which include Facebook and e-commerce platforms.
  • Those who lack technical skills and want to collaborate their team members on emails. Mailjet makes it possible for you to collaborate with other skilled team members in real time even as they help you in creating personalized emails from scratch.
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Who Should not Use Mailjet?

As with any good thing, Mailjet does not meet the needs of everyone. The following are some of the scenarios when this tool is not recommended:

  • If you are looking for solid deliverability rates, you would better look elsewhere as the provider is still lacking in this regard. However, nothing stops us from thinking that things will better in the near future, given that deliverability rates can change.
  • If you are in need of all-in-one tool for inbound campaigns. While Mailjet allows you to create several different email types, the tool does not offer such features as sales funnel software and a landing page builder.
  • If you are after more advanced automation and segmentation conditions. Mailjet offers more of basic conditions, rather than advanced ones.
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With Mailjet, you don’t need to invest lots of money to enjoy the service. The provider offers three paid plans and one free plan to choose from, depending on your budget. The paid plans include the Basic, Premium, and Enterprise plans. As you will see, these plans have been designed in a customer-friendly way – i.e. Mailjet grows with your business. Let’s now break down these plans.

Free plan: One thing that makes Mailjet a go-to for many marketers is the fact they can enjoy the service free of charge thanks to its free plan, and there is no limit as to how long you can continue using this plan once you opt in. With this plan, you can send up to 200 emails per day and up to 6,000 emails each month. While the plan does not favor marketers who are after higher figures, it is still worthy, given that Mailjet will not ask you for a cent. What is even more fascinating is the fact that you can enjoy quite a number of other benefits with this package, including access to the provider’s core toolkit – this is where you will find a detailed statistical analysis, the Mailjet editor, and APIs. So, even if you wanted to have one of the paid plans, it is still important to try out the free plan. This will help you to understand how the provider works so that by the time you will be purchasing any of its paid plans, you will well be aware of what to expect.

Basic plan: This plan includes a few more features on top of what the free plan offers. With this plan, you will not experience a daily email sending limit. It also comes with added support and no ads. If all you need is to create and send email campaigns, the Basic plan is an ideal option.

Premium plan: This plan enables you to access all the features of the Basic plan, plus other advanced features, such as multi-user collaboration, segmentation, and A/B testing, which helps to speed up the growth of your business. If you have a well-established small business with a solid army of customers and want to improve your marketing, then Mailjet’s Premium plan suits you.

Enterprise plan: This is the highest paid plan, which unlocks every feature of Mailjet, and it is ideal for large businesses that send high volumes of emails. While this is the best plan, it is advisable to use the other plans and move to this plan when you feel it is necessary.

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Pricing Plans

1  Unlimited 6000 Free
1 – Unlimited 30,000 $8,69
1 – Unlimited 60,000 $17,06
1 – Unlimited 150,000 $62,06
1 – Unlimited 450,000 $150.26
1 – Unlimited 900,00 $300.56
1 – Unlimited 900,000+ Customized Offer
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You can start your email campaign immediately you sign up with Mailjet. You could also entrust the provider’s SMTP server and RESTful API integrations with your newsletter campaign if you want. The tool provides easy-to-follow instructions you can use to build your email marketing campaign, right from scratch.

You will have three ways to build your email marketing campaign with Mailjet. You can use its drag-and-drop template, edit one of the ready-made layouts, or build the campaign using the tool’s HTML editor. You could as well upload your own templates and use them as you may wish. This, however, may not be as intuitive as you would expect.

Once you have designed your campaign, you could send out emails directly from the user interface of Mailjet, or you can send them via the API integration of your app. Want to know your accurate real-time stats, such as clicked, opened, bounce, spam, blocked, unsubscribes, delivered, or queued, once you have sent out your campaign? You can see them right from your dashboard.

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Mailjet Features

When compared to other email marketing solutions, Mailjet is still a work in progress when it comes to providing unique features. However, this does not mean that the tool is not effective when it comes to what it can do. Mailjet boasts almost every basic feature an email marketer would look for. With this service, you will enjoy the following features and functionalities:

Email Creation Made Easy

As with any email marketing solution, the primary focus of Mailjet is to help users easily manage their email campaigns. However, what sets Mailjet apart from the crowd in this respect is that the tool is easy to use. In fact, you don’t need any technical knowledge to create emails with Mailjet. As mentioned in the previous section, you could draft and tweak your emails as quickly as possible using its drag-and-drop editor. As said earlier in this review, the tool features basic templates, which you can use especially if you are a beginner.

Mailjet also comes with the so-called “Passport,” a publisher which makes it easy for users to edit their transactional and marketing emails. Given that emails created with Mailjet are completely responsive, they can open on virtually every media platform, including smartphones and tablets. If you want to draft your own template in HTML, Mailjet allows you do that as well.

A/B Testing

Mailjet makes A/B testing a breeze. To complete this process, you will need to first set up your test basics, including the contact list you want to send to, language, and name. The next step would be to set up the variable you want to A/B test, which could be an image content length or the subject line length. With Mailjet, you can create as many as 10 versions of a single campaign. Once you have created your campaign subject lines, you can choose the percentage of the subscribers that you want to send the campaign to and choose how you want the winning email to be set (manually or automatically).

Email Segmentation

Mailjet allows you to organize your subscribers into segments based on such aspects as behavior, gender, age, city, interest, country, etc. Once you have segmented your subscribers, you can easily optimize your shipments by ensuring that only the right recipients receive your emails at an appropriate time. For instance, you can decide to send your campaign to people in a certain city only. To create a segment, simply hover your mouse to the contacts section and click on “Segmentation.”

Registration Forms Creation

Every mailing list has construction at its base. It takes a lot of dedication and time to build a loyal and qualified mailing list. Mailjet focuses on helping you create custom forms that will compel anyone to click on them and fill in their information. The tool offers easy-to-use templates to help you create your registration forms in a hassle-free way. One good thing about these templates is that they are versatile enough to suit virtually every website or blog, no matter the theme in question.

Once your subscribers complete and submit the registration form, an email will be sent to them with instructions to confirm their email address. This confirmation is meant to ensure that you end up with a quality mail list of people who are interested in your service or product.

When it comes to emails, Mailjet allows you to create an opt-in HTML registration widget directly. You will need to decide whether you want the widget to appear as pop-up on your blog or website, or if you want it integrated into one of your site’s pages. While a pop-up can be annoying sometimes, it can convert lots of visitors, helping you to grow your customer base without having to strain.

Email Automation

Mailjet, like many other email marketing solutions, makes it possible for users to automate their email communications. With this solution, you could, among other things, do the following:

  • Engage your service subscribers at the most appropriate time
  • Integrate any new subscribers into your mailing list automatically
  • Reward the actions of your subscribers

If you are just getting started with Mailjet, there is nothing to worry about as the provider has already taken care of beginners like you. The email automation is easy to set up with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Own Domain

With Mailjet, you will be able to promote your branding by using your own domain name. And there is a dedicated IP address for users who are sending out more than 150,000 a month. You could submit a request to the provider’s customer support to get this address.


Mailjet boasts comprehensive options for email personalization, allowing you to include in your emails such elements as companies, cities, and names that best fit your recipients. If you are running a travel agency, for instance, you could send out personalized emails, including travel guides and any discounts offered. Personalization is important because it leaves your recipients feeling that they have been handpicked for special attention. This will encourage them to respond to your emails, leading to an increased conversion rate. You may, however, need to have the personal details of your subscribers before you can send out personalized emails.

Subscription Widget

A subscription widget is a feature that makes it possible for people who opt into your service to be added to your subscription list automatically. Mailjet also offers another feature known as a double opt-in, which helps you to know if your potential customers are interested in the products or services you provide. With this feature, you will be able to collect a lot more information than just an email address from your subscribers (you could collect their address, name, etc) without compromising the General Data Protection Regulation.

Wondering how to create a subscription widget? Don’t panic because Mailjet has made the process easy and fast for you. There are two ways to do it: you can either embed it or set the widget as a pop-up.

Bounce Management

Mailjet handles both hard and soft bounces for you. While the tool will automatically block all hard bounces, it will always resend any soft bounces. If not delivered within three days, the resend emails will be marked as a bounce.


Mailjet provides services in a variety of languages, which make it easier for you to use the site. The languages include Spanish, French, Italian, German, and English. We hope the provider will add more languages to make user experience even better.

Reports & Analysis

With the ability to give you details such as unsubscribe, clickers, openers, and bounces, Mailjet generates fairly good reports.


Want to integrate Mailjet with other service providers? Mailjet offers many integrations, ranging from ecommerce to CMS to CRM and everything in between. As of 2019, the tool has 80 integrations, with Shopify, WordPress, Facebook, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Prestashop constituting some of the most notable ones.


In Mailjet, blacklisting is known as Exclusion list, and it allows users to export and import contacts.

Collaborative Workplace

This feature is particularly useful to those people who are running a company as it enables you to delegate and assign roles to employees. Depending on their role, each employee can have different access. For instance, you could decide to distribute roles such that you have marketers on one hand and managers on the other hand. Using Mailjet’s collaborative workforce feature, you can then allow each of them to deal with their marketing or transactional campaigns.

If you are running a firm that has several subsidiaries located in different countries, for instance, the truth is that each subsidiary’s team will have its own needs. Mailjet enables you to manage all those subsidiaries by allowing you to create a sub-account for each subsidiary.

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Support is an essential aspect of any service provider, and it is one of the parameters of determining how efficient a provider is. Now, this is one area where Mailjet still has some work to do, given that there is no phone or live chat support. But even before you think of reaching out to the team, it is important to first take advantage of Mailjet’s extensive resource library, which include the following:

  • General Data Protection Regulation resources
  • A frequently asked questions section
  • A blog resource with email marketing insights, including tips, coding advice, etc
  • A developers’ section with several resources, including video tutorials and guides
  • A library resource with success stories, research reports, and guides on how to set up various different features and functionalities of Mailjet

While Mailjet’s customer support service is still a work in progress, the provider does offer a 24/7 email support to every paid plan. The agents here are friendly and professional, and they strive to respond to any emails within the shortest time possible. If you are a Premium user sending out 150,000-plus emails a month, Mailjet offers you a special treatment (there is a toll-free number you call dial to speak to the customer care agents).

Another available option is the live chat, which you can use to access the support agents in a matter of minutes. However, this option works the same way as the phone option i.e., you have to be a Premium plan user with 150,000 emails and above per month.

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A Take Home

In their own words, the operators behind Mailjet claim to offer the email marketing tool for fast-moving teams. Given the offerings and perks that this tool comes with, this claim is not very far from the truth. From its multi-user collaboration feature to customer-friendly pricing plan to everything in between, Mailjet is, clearly, a reliable service provider when it comes to email marketing. While the tool still has a long way to go especially when it comes to customer service support, deliverability, and more advanced features, there is no doubt that Mailjet has what it takes to meet your expectations as a marketer.

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