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Mailigen Review

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8.8/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #17 in category Email marketing service
Ease of Use
Customer Support
  • Flexible Payment Scheme
  • Open for Integrations
  • Webhooks
  • SMS Marketing
  • Limited Plug-Ins
  • Spam or Promotion Box
  • Email Address Differentiation
  • Relatively higher Bounce Rate

Mailigen positions itself as an email marketing company that can provide the “easiest way” to create, send, and automate email newsletters. Its major platforms include email marketing at its core with other services including email automation, SMS marketing, online surveying, list management, as well as Integrations and API.

The company also made sure that clients can have a responsive and easy-to-manage interface. What sets its apart from other brands is that many clients can do so much in its single platform. For example, users can be able to perform email marketing campaigns via the usual email address and do SMS marketing as well.

They also try to make the process smooth, aiming to give clients the knowledge and skill to humanize each email marketing campaign they roll out. While specializing in digital campaigns, they also closely work with their clients to make sure that each email sent is geared towards making or strengthening human connections, and then ultimately lead to conversion. Read on to see what Mailigen has to offer:

Mailigen Pricing

If you go to Mailigen’s website, you can easily spot the Pricing section and it surprises clients that they can create a lot of custom packages just by simply inputting their subscriber requirement at the slider on the website. The clever option to get a price based on your needs helps clients gauge how much they will need to spend in the long run.  Aside from the slider pricing, they also have a “pay-as-you-go” scheme with email credits.  Moreover, they also have  SMS pricing depending on which country you are from.


Pricing (monthly) Important Features
10 USD For 500 subscribers
25 USD For 2,500 subscribers


555 USD Max Slider up to 150,000 subscribers
2600 USD Max high-volume pricing Slider up to 1,000,000 subscribers
Amount (one-time payment) Important Features
40 USD 2,500 email credits (1.60 cents per email)
60 USD 5,000 email credits (1.20 cents per email)
100 USD 10,000 email credits (1.00 cent per email)
275 USD 50,000 email credits (0.55 cent per email)
312 USD 60,000 email credits (0.52 cent per email)
350 USD 70,000 email credits (0.50 cent per email)
400 USD 100,000 email credits (0.40 cent per email)

Mailigen also has a 30-day free trial where all users need to do is sign up with their account or use their Pipedrive user account.  When you sign up, there is also no credit card required.

Mailigen features

Mailigen Features

Mailigen is a useful way to maximize your time when planning for your next email or digital marketing campaign. Here are some features that clients find effective when they run their campaigns:

Email Automation

One of Mailigen’s unique selling points to make sure your campaign is humanized. Its email automation feature helps clients treat their audience like actual unique humans sent with email sequences and properly-timed campaigns based on user behavior and triggered responses. Users can count on it to be behavior-based all the time, appealing to the person (actual human) behind each email address and Mailigen believes that to engage that person, the campaign should speak to them and interact with them as a human. This is done through segmentation, survey tools, and personalizing the content sent out. At the same time, Mailigen also has an eCommerce API for great automation workflows. This also allows for users to have an abandoned cart email series that can lead customers back to your site or store to complete their purchase!

Intelligent Email Builder

Another key to a relatable email campaign is its easy readability. Mailigen made an effort to build an easy-to-use email builder that features its block-building technology (even stating that your email-making journey can now be as fun as stacking Lego!). There are nine content blocks namely Title, Image, Text, Button, Video, RSS Content, Social Profiles and Sharing, Dynamic Content, and Horizontal Divider. At the same time, clients can also take advantage of the pre-designed gallery of templates and the preview of the emails after you’ve dragged and dropped your content.

Multi-user Account

A multi-user account feature allows several users to log-in and uses the same account. These features make doing the job and requirements possible by various users but still maintain levels of permission from the main owner or admin. This is especially helpful to a business owner who wishes to use one account for a whole team. Of course, it is permission-based and the owner is free to assign and limit their users with respective tasks and roles. Roles may include account manager, list manager, collaborator, among others. Each team member can have arrangements and assignments to see and do only what they have to.


Online Surveys

With this, clients can see better response rates through effective online surveying. This feature is utilized to gather valuable user insight which clients can use to improve their strategy with the email campaign. It is also a good way to get immediate feedback from customers to improve service or products in no time.

eCommerce Solutions

Mailigen aims not to only provide maximum reach with each campaign, but also to help clients sell well. Its new eCommerce email marketing and automation features deliver these goals through their API where clients can connect therewith to engage better with your customers and convert more.

Additional Perks

  1. SMS Marketing – This allows clients to reach their clients via mobile even if they are not connected to the internet. Mailigen offers clients a chance to reach their target audience in 190 countries. Clients can use a unique sender name or phone number with Mailigen’s 800+ global SMS operators all over the world.
  2. Real-Time Reports – No need to wait after the campaign runs its course. You can get realtime reports with data on its tracking and analytics feature. Other data that can be derived include Google Analytics, SPAM tests, and measurement accuracy (EEC-audited and S.A.M.E Project seal approved).
  3. A/B Split Testing – Through this, clients can improve results by sending only the most effective emails. Split the samples by sending emails with varying subject lines, sender names, content, and even optimize the sending schedule. Mailigen made it easy, even providing another slider to determine the contact size list.
  4. Social Media integration – Mailigen already has an exclusive yet effective list of integrations to be discussed soon, but its social media integration is also excellent at a whole new level. This feature connects the campaign to your social media pages to alert followers to subscribe to the campaign. It automatically posts the campaigns on the connected social media platform.
  5. Premium Services – This provides options to help clients optimize their time by assigning the chunk of important tasks to Mailigen teams. This includes outsourced email campaign management, email marketing audit, subscriber management, email design and coding, and even a dedicated IP for high-volume of emails.
  6. Signup Forms – This is helpful for marketers looking to grow their client list. Available forms include hosted and embedded ones, pop up forms, lightbox pop-ups, and exit intent forms. These are all designed with customizable unsubscribe flow, too.
  7. Triggered Emails – For a more personalized relationship with customers, send highly customized transactional emails based on the most recent interaction. This can be registration confirmations, a welcome message, purchase receipts, personalized notifications, and even cart abandonment emails, among others.

Ease of Use

True to its mission of delivering humanized ways of doing email marketing, Mailigen also made sure to make its interface easy to navigate. The website is also minimally designed featuring the most important tabs and pages ready to click. The homepage also shows a “show me a demo” button which users can click to immediately see what the platform looks like and what it’s all about. The button has video material that visitors can watch.

Even the signup button and free trial buttons are both easy without the complicated layers and processes. At the core of any successful email, the campaign is the content that can easily deliver the company or brand’s message and Mailigen’s editor features make it possible to create such with just a few clicks.


Mailigen is big on automation as it is perhaps the most ideal feature to connect well with the audience. The automation feature in Mailigen can easily be used to target audiences with email sequences or perfectly-timed campaigns based on user behavior. Automation with Mailigen can help clients engage well with the customers in their customer journey. Automation triggers are activated and clients can arrange for the system to send welcome messages, follow up on clicks and open, greet customers on birthdays, and more! Mailigen also knows the challenge of automating your campaign that’s why it offers pre-made automation blueprints and email messages that’s ready to use!

Integrations & Add-Ons

Mailigen also serves as a platform for numerous plugins and integrations. This can include current tools that the client is already using or others that they may discover on the site. Mailigen offers eCommerce functions with its freshest API and native integrations for WooCommerce and even Shopify. These integrations are important for marketers to better interact with customers, building brand loyalty, and ultimately convert to sales.

Here are some of the ones you can integrate with: Pipedrive and Joomla (contact synchronization), Admailr (for monetizing newsletter with ads), WordPress (publishing sign up forms), Zapier (for connecting Mailigen with other websites and services), LiveChat (faster customer communication), Optimonk (recover abandoning visitors), among others!

Mailigen also has API for developers. This lets developer clients add and manage contact lists and users, send customized and personalized campaigns, and receive comprehensive data that can help improve strategies in the future. The website has a portal specially made for developers to access API Docs. This leads to a page with useful information. Mailigen’s API has an option to synchronize any CRM with the platform and even connect it with any web app or CMS system. There is also a portal where users can submit their integration which the company can receive by inputting the details on the form. Mailigen can consider adding integrations based on the output here. This way, clients can use Mailigen’s open API for a new integration, plug-in, or application.


Another brand that offers a lot of email marketing features is Freshwork. If you are looking for companies that have expertise in email campaigns, you can check out Sendx or Mailchimp. These two companies are examples of service providers that also specialize in sending volumes of emails.  Salesforce Marketing is also used when you wish to convert emails into sales.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Mailigen?

It is a new-generation integrated marketing company that specializes in humanizing marketing efforts for better customer engagement. They offer social, email, and even mobile marketing services that make it an all-around marketing tool used by marketers worldwide. Its clients include Bosch, Lexus, Honda, Oriflame, BMW, Tele2, and more. It is geared towards helping brands grow their customer base with personalized campaigns.

  1. How does the 30-day trial work?

You simply need to create an account to avail of the free trial. The next 30 days will allow users to get instant and all access to Mailigen marketing features and 100 emails. What’s great is that you are not required to input your credit card details when signing up for the free trial. Features included are Unlimited email sending, unlimited account users, 1GB image and file storage, free template galleries, behavior-based automation series, and more!

  1. Does the program have autoresponders?

Autoresponders are available in Mailigen, too. Clients can create their series of emails and campaigns through the editor and even schedule what type of emails to send out to whom depending on user behavior. The template bank not only creates emails but also allows clients to monitor the workflow and performance.

  1. How do you create an SMS campaign?

Simply click “My SMS Campaigns” from the menu which will lead to the SMS page where you can then click the “SMS campaign button”.  Input the relevant information in the campaign details, message text, and lastly, the delivery settings.

  1. How do I upgrade my account?

Mailigen allows users to only pay for what they can in their pricing schemes. Should you be ready to upgrade, you can simply go to the Subscription plan section in the Profile drop-down menu.  From there you can access the “change subscription” button which also shows the sliders you can use to settle on your subscriber size. After determining your new plan, you will be directed to place your order and pay with card or Paypal.

Customer Service

Mailigen takes human-to-human relationships seriously, and aside from making this the focal point of their products, they also made sure to engage their clients too and assist them whenever they need help. Below are some customer service points clients can visit:

  • Content Hub – The content hub is the master page of all information about Mailigen. It can easily be spotted on the top tabs in the home page header. Clicking this tab will leader users to the page which is then divided into more specific hubs like Guides, Knowledge Base, Blogs, Learning Center, and more.
  • Whitepapers & How-To Guides – These are step-by-step guides one can follow when creating their campaign. Users can get them by logging in which also makes them get access to the other content on the page. Examples of these guides include Email Automation Blueprints, Ultimate Guide on How to Avail Blocked Images in Email, Holiday Email Marketing Checklist, and more!
  • Support Knowledge Base – Like the other tabs in the Content Hub, this page also has a search bar where people can search for their concerns. The knowledge base also features articles on more technical subjects like how to get started, list segmentation, and the like. Each topic is grouped accordingly into tiles so users can easily find what they are looking for.
  • Blog – Meanwhile, the latest trends, tips, and insider info on email marketing are posted in the blog section. These contain easy-to-read articles for clients who wish to stay up-to-date with the email marketing industry.


These are the additional assistance and ways Mailigen supports their clients. The resources are open to all clients who wish to improve their knowledge of this new marketing field and are constantly updated to keep up with new trends and information.

Mailigen Pros and Cons

Many features come with subscribing to Mailigen and for some, those are enough reasons to buy. But if you’re one of the customers who wish to weigh their options, you can also check out the pros and cons of the brand before making a decision.


  • Flexible Payment Scheme – The slider on the pricing page is helpful so users can put their potential expenses into perspective. This also makes sure that they can only pay for what they need and what they can afford.
  • 1 GB Storage – This is a good feature for marketers who have a lot of high-resolution files and images to keep online. It makes it easier for them to save files versus carrying a flash drive for these files.
  • Open for Integrations – The integrations in Mailigen is still exclusive and may be small in number compared to others, but the integrations it has already covered the integral sites and app that any client can grow their business with. They also hold an option to suggest your integrations in so you may see the ones you wish to integrate with in the future.
  • Webhooks – This allows the server to receive notifications about the activities of an existing list. Like the rest of the features in Mailigen, you can personalize how to use webhooks too. It can be configured to only perform or show the type of events you wish to be notified about. Events include subsribes, unsubscribes, profile updates, email changes, hard bounces, email opens, and email clicks.
  • SMS Marketing And A Lot Of Other Features – This is a great add-on for clients who are looking to do their marketing using a single platform. While other companies only support email campaigns, Mailigen offers to send text messages and SMS campaigns to up to 190 countries!.


  • Add other features – The team can add advanced segmentation features to make it easier to target a specific audience and also landing page builder to make their drag-and-drop interface come full circle.
  • Limited Plug-Ins- Unlike other email marketing software and products, Mailigen has fewer applications they can integrate with. And should customers want to have a specific plug-in, there is the added layer of writing to the support team to create a custom code.
  • Spam or Promotion Box – Mail is also sometimes reported to land on customer’s spam or promotion box which makes it less likely for them to open the email.
  • Bounce Rate – Should the emails be opened, there also appears to have a large bounce rate.
  • Email Address Differentiation –It can also improve on how well it distinguishes between active and expired email addresses so it avoids sending to expired addresses.

There goes a detailed run-down of what clients like and dislike about Mailigen. On top of these pros and cons, be sure to consider the features also listed above to help you make a sound decision. Should you wish to try these, you may also avail of the free trial to see for yourself if Mailigen fits your marketing plan best.

Final Verdict

Mailigen strives to deliver personalized email campaigns with their clients. This offers a fresh take on email marketing which is somehow always geared to conversion. With Mailigen, clients can nurture the customer journey and even develop better relationships with their customers.

It is recommended for teams and owners who wish to run their campaigns in a more holistic, far-reaching way. It offers not just email marketing, but also SMS marketing. On top of that, they can also directly help with management as they can provide outsourced help on running the platform and the campaign.  It may appear to be pricier than competitors but the features and the ease of use are worth the trade-off.

Mailigen Review
Mailigen Review
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