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9.5/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #1 in category Email marketing service
MailerLite is a favorite for many email marketers. With its pricing model based on the number of contacts, the service is an excellent choice for both small and mid-sized businesses. It has an intuitive campaign editor, which suits every blogger, artists, or freelancer, irrespective of their level of computer knowledge.

While there are many email marketing tools out there, MailerLite is worth giving a shot. And when you can do it without spending a dollar, there is really nothing to regret about. Yes, the free plan does not come with lots of features, but it is still a decent deal, given that it allows for up to 12,000 emails per month and 1,000 free subscribers. The provider’s 24/7 live support is just one feature that sets them apart, as it means that answers to your questions are only a few minutes away. However, truth be told; if you are running a large business, which requires lots of analytics and data, it is advisable to look elsewhere.
Easy to use
  • Free for up to 1000 subscribers
  • Great email marketing software for beginners
  • No social tracking

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways of promoting your business. To ensure that you do it effectively, you will need an awesome email tool, and MailerLite is one of them. While it may not meet all your needs, it is a decent option, especially when compared to what many other similar tools have to offer. Launched in 2014, MailerLite is still the new kid on the block but has already morphed into one of the top newsletter services of 2019. This success is partly due to its modern and fast editor, not to mention its free plan (Forever Free). Let’s find out what else this tool can offer in detail.

Interface and Ease of Use

Email marketing typically involves spending the better part of your time on the interface. Unlike other tools, MailerLite boasts an easy-to-use and simple interface. The designers of this tool did everything possible to ensure you can do anything with ease, irrespective of whether you are an experienced user or a beginner. Given that everything is so easy to craft and edit, you will definitely find it fun to manage your subscribers and marketing campaigns. With just a few clicks, you could access lots of data in no time. Featuring a minimalist design, not even a newbie would find it difficult to create their own newsletter with MailerLite.

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MailerLite has a minimalist and clean dashboard. Once you visit the main dashboard, you will be able to see quite a large amount of data, including the total number of sent emails, the plan you are using, the number of new subscribers, and the total number of your subscribers. Want to know how much you have grown over the last three month? There is a simple graph, which shows you that.

There is the “Campaign” tab located right on top bar from where you can see your active campaigns and even create one. If you want to know the total number of your subscribers, you can simply click on the “Subscribers” tab. The “Forms” is where you can create a landing page, a pop-up, or a form from. Use the “Automation” tab to create your new automation workflow.

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Almost half of MailerLite’s team works from remote locations around the globe, which is one of the reasons why the tool supports multiple languages – 35 or thereabouts. Another reason for many languages is obvious: to ensure ease of use. The main dashboard and website is available in Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Spanish, Lithuanian, and English.

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Email Designs and Templates

How well designed are MailerLite templates, and what options are available? What of their editor?


With MailerLite, you have three options to create emails. These include the following:

Rich text editor: This option fits old-school marketers who just want to send out simple email texts. The option limits you quite a lot in terms of what you can do, but it still allows you to spice up your texts with a bit of styling and images.

Custom HTML editor: This option allows users to import or write their own HTML. It is possible to edit your ready-made templates from previous campaigns. Given that not everyone understands CSS and HTML, this option suits the experts.

Drag-and-drop editor: It allows users to create beautiful email campaigns from scratch, by dragging content blocks to form a desired layout, inserting texts and images, and inserting a color theme. With this builder, you have several different content blocks to choose from, including Product, Code, Gallery, Video, Signature, Countdown, RSS Items, Text Button, Divider, Social Links, Title, Image, Image + Text, and Image/Text. Overall, the blocks are easy to use, customizable, and complete. You could edit dozens of elements, including footers, headers, button styles, colors, and fonts.

Great Template Design Choices

Those users who want to start from scratch can use MailerLite’s drag-and-drop editor, which provides an array of ready-made email templates to choose from. The templates look nice, and are responsive and customizable. However, one downside with these templates is that they are only about 20, as if to suggest that the team behind MailerLite prioritizes quality over quantity. Have a template you used in your previous email campaign? The tool allows you to reuse it for future campaigns. This means you will not need to redesign from scratch every time you are starting a new campaign.

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What Types of Emails Can You Send with MailerLite?

Clicking on “Create Campaign” will display four choices of emails you can send with MailerLite: RSS Campaign, Regular Campaign, Auto Resend, and A/B Split Campaign.

A/B Testing

This is one feature that email marketers like so much. With A/B tests, marketers can set up two campaign variations and send it out to a small segment or all subscribers. MailerLite allows you to A/B test only a single element of your marketing campaign at a time. While this may be a downside, especially in relation to other tools, it is a nice feature to have all the same.

Auto Resend

Are you sending out emails or links but the recipients are not opening or clicking on them? Then you need to send follow-up emails. MailerLite’s auto resend feature allows you to resend your emails to those subscribers who did not open or click the initial campaign you sent out. When doing this, you will have the following customization options before resending your emails:

  • Editing the email subject and content
  • Editing the email subject
  • Editing the email subject and adding a personal message



This feature allows users to send out automated emails with content from RSS feeds of their choice. With RSS-to-newsletter, you only need to select a subject, template, and the recipients you want to email – then MailerLite will automatically send your emails. This is obviously a nice way to effortless encourage subscribers to keep coming back to your blog. Just enter your RSS feed source URL and allow MailerLite to pick and send content from your feed, as a recurring text.

Scheduled Newsletters and Broadcast Campaigns

At least every email marketing tool has this basic feature, which allows you to create an email and send it out to your contacts. To make this process even easier, MailerLite has broken it down into four steps:

  • Create your email subject and set the email language and sender information
  • Create the email content using any of the tool’s four editors
  • Choose your email recipients (you can send to all your subscribers or just a segment)
  • Review everything you have done and proceed to scheduling (you could schedule the time for sending your email or simply send it right away)


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The pricing system at MailerLite is like no other as the amount of money you pay for the service does not depend on the number of emails you will be sending every month. Rather, it depends on the number of contacts. The implication of this is that, as a user, you will be able to access every MailerLite feature, irrespective of whether you are sending out zero or 1000 emails every month. The provider allows you to enjoy free services as long as you have 1,000 or fewer subscribers. You will start to pay once you reach 1,000+ subscriber mark. While regular plans stop at 50,000 subscribers, high-volume plans range from 50,001 to 2,000,000 subscribers. The latter are subject to limits, in terms of how many emails that can be sent.

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Pricing Plans

1 1,000 12,000 Free
1 – 1,000 Unlimited $10
1,001 – 2,500 Unlimited $15
2,501 – 5,000 Unlimited $30
5,001 – 10,000 Unlimited $50
10,001 15,000 Unlimited $75
15,001 – 20,000 Unlimited $100
20,001 – 25,000 Unlimited $120
25,001 – 30,000 Unlimited $140
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MailerLite enjoys well at least 45 integrations with other service providers on the web. Some of these providers include Privy, Sumo, WooCommerce, Facebook, OptinMonster, Squarespace, GetSiteControl, WordPress, Shopify, and Zapier.

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MailerLite offers dozens of interesting features, some of which you will rarely find elsewhere.


MailerLite allows you to send emails to your subscribers using their information, such as state, phone, country, ZIP code, city, company, email address, and name. You will, however, need your subscribers to provide this information. You could also include other pieces of information, such as last order, total spent, and orders count, if you are using any of your subscribers’ integrations (e.g. WooCommerce). With integration, you will be able to gain access to and display more personalized data.

Email Automation

With MailerLite, you can easily set up a workflow. Once you have chosen a trigger, you will have four automation choices: setting up a delay, sending an email, setting up an action, or setting up a condition.

Send an email: You will need to design your email even as you do the workflow. You could also take a recently designed email.

Set up a delay: This comes in handy especially when sending a ready-made monthly newsletter, for instance. Setting up a delay involves choosing certain defined months, weeks, days, hours, or even minutes, which will define the time interval at which your emails will be sent out. Another option is to set a specific time of the year, month, week, or day you want your emails to be sent.

Set up a condition: This can be done based on three elements, which include campaign activity, custom fields, and workflow activity. A custom fields based condition allows users to split their workflow into two (for instance, between subscribers who provided their country name and those who did not). A condition based on workflow or campaign activity typically depends on previously sent emails.

Execute an action: MailerLite provides five actions to help with your subscriber management. These actions include marking as unsubscribed, removing from a group, moving to a group, copying to a group, and updating a custom field.

List Management

MailerLite makes your subscriber management a breeze. With this tool, you can add your subscribers into groups and segments and even filter them on such aspects as signup date, time inactive, etc.

A/B Testing

As already mentioned, MailerLite allows you to run A/B tests. The tests are, however, rather limited when compared to what other providers offer.

Bounce Management

Your sender reputation may be damaged when the emails you are sending bounce. A bounce can either be hard or soft. While hard bounces may result from such things as the recipient’s server email blockage or non-existent email addresses, soft bounces may be caused by a too large message, server timeout, or full mailbox. In case of a hard bounce, MailerLite comes to your rescue by automatically moving these into a category known as “Bounced Subscribers.” This will prevent the recipients from receiving campaigns in the future. Please note that any account whose bounce rate goes above 5% may be subject to suspension by MailerLite. Thus, it pays to manage your list.


Your dashboard displays click and open rates, and MailerLite allows you to even keep track of your links. This is made possible by Google Analytics.

Deliver by Time Zone

Users of MailerLite can send out campaigns at appropriate times, depending on the time zones of their subscribers.

Design Testing

From its drag-and-drop builder, MailerLite makes it possible to preview your emails even as you draft them. This is important as it enables you to know how exactly the emails will appear to your subscribers.

Spam Testing

Although the provider has no spam-testing feature, it has another wonderful feature, which helps to deal with spam complaints from subscribers. This feature works by removing all spam complainers from the list of your active subscribers. This would mean that such subscribers will not receive any future emails from you.

Using Your Own Domain

Want to send emails using your own email address and allow your subscribers to respond if they wish to? You can do that with MailerLite.

Domain Authentication

Authentication helps your subscribers know that you have given MailerLite permission to send them emails on your behalf. This is a tale-tell sign that your emails have not been forged, making it possible to effectively prevent spam filters. MailerLite sets up almost every popular authentication technique, including SPF records, SenderID, DKIM, and DomainKeys, for you. With this feature, you will not need to do anything as the tool automatically signs your emails before sending them.

Lead Scoring and Blacklisting

As of 2019, MailerLite has no lead scoring feature. There is no blacklisting feature either.

Send Time Optimization

Unlike many other email marketing tools out there, MailerLite will not allow users to automatically optimize their campaign send time. Everyone is still keeping their fingers crossed to see if the provider will be adding this feature in the near feature.

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While it may be a tedious process reaching out to some email marketing service providers, this is not the case with MailerLite. Yes, there is no phone support, but the available options render a phone call somehow unnecessary.

Knowledge Base

Right from your dashboard, you can gain access to MalierLite’s easy-to-understand and comprehensive knowledge base. Assuming that you don’t know how to set up your subscribers’ groups, for instance, you could simply learn how to do this by clicking on the “Help” button located at the bottom right corner of the dashboard. Here, you will access the frequently asked questions about this particular procedure. The content is clear and neatly arranged, and it will save you a great deal of time. There are also video resources, which you can use to know how to go about various processes.

Live Chat

With MailerLite’s live chat feature, contacting the support is even easier and faster. Click on “Live Chat” located at the bottom of the dashboard, launch a ticket, and you will get a response in less than 20 minutes.


With a highly reactive team of customer support agents, MailerLite will respond to your email in no time. Better still is that the agents are on red alert 24/7, just to attend to you.

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Data and Image Storage

As a MailerLite user, you can store unlimited data and images, and there is even an built-in image editor and a file manager, which you can use to create, edit, and manage as many images as you want. With the entire process being a breeze, the provider scores some good points in this regard.

Pop-up Forms

MailerLite allows users to create pop-ups, even though the options here are somewhat limited. You will have four templates to use when creating a popup form. While everything is free of charge, this is not a great number. You can decide to choose to create either a basic popup or a fullscreen popup. You will also be able to customize your template, by changing the colors and adding such things as fields, images, and texts. Just keep in mind that you could easily grind to a roadblock if you are after more advanced features.

MailerLite lets you determine how you want your pop-ups to behave. You could customize the frequency of their show-up and set their visibility (e.g. hide on mobiles, show on specific pages, always show, etc.).

Registration Forms

MailerLite’s registration forms are of three types, which including embeddable, landing pages, and popups forms. Let’s consider the embeddable form, for instance. To create this form, you need to negotiate four easy steps. It all starts with assigning a name to the form you want to create and then choosing between a subscribe button and embeddable form. The next step would be to choose a group to which you want to add your subscribers before you can proceed to design the form. Given that you have very few design options available, you will not be able to add lots of things to your form. For instance, you will not be able to add animations or images, and there are no templates provides. All you could do is to edit a few settings (minor ones). With these limitations, you will definitely be better off using popup services such as OptinMonster or Sumo, which integrate with MailerLite.

Opting in and out

Opting in is a simple, easy-to-follow process, which begins by a subscriber submitting an email. Once they have submitted the email, they will receive a confirmation link. The subscriber will be required to click on the link to confirm their subscription. MailerLite allows you to customize the confirmation message and even edit the confirmation email to match your own brand, if want that is. With a double opt-in feature, MailerLite allows your subscribers to confirm their email address before they can be added to your mail list. This puts you in a better position to avoid huge bounce rates. Of course, there is also a single opt-in option, but it is actually not recommended, especially when using the service for long-term.

Once your subscriber has confirmed their email, you have two options to choose from. You can either choose to redirect them to the landing page of your blog, or you could redirect them to the MailerLite’s standard “Thank You” page.

When it comes to opting out, the process is still straightforward. Remember, every campaign you will be sending out embeds the so-called “Unsubscribe””link, which allows your subscribers to opt out any time they want. This can be done by simply clicking on the link. With MailerLite, you can edit the message to persuade your customers not to unsubscribe. It is also possible to request for a feedback so that your subscribers can provide the reason why they are opting out.

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