Klaviyo Review

Klaviyo Review

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7.9/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #40 in category Email marketing service
Ease of Use
Customer Support
  • Fantastic Templates
  • WooCommerce and WordPress integration
  • Very good customer service
  • Onboarding process needs more work
  • Sometimes errors on page uploading
  • Email flow building is very time consuming

Klaviyo is an email marketing platform that was founded in 2012 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States of America. Klaviyo has 30,000+ business’ that have put its platform to the test and vouch for its capability. Klaviyo is for businesses of all sizes and from all fields from eCommerce or to entrepreneurs. Klaviyo enables the user to surpass all imagination and deliver top-quality experiences through email and other channels. Klaviyo lets businesses take control of their marketing, even though consumers and businesses share a large amount of information, this data is seldom used when delivering emails and experiences.


Previous technologies were not able to deal with the amount or real-time nature of the information, customer-centric businesses know what experiences they want to make and sell, now advertising and growth through other channels apart from what businesses can control themselves is the only way they can grow so they are dependent. Klaviyo can store all of a business’ customer data on the one platform so that start-up businesses get a boost and companies that are already successful reach their optimal potential. With all the customers’ data stored safely, the user can focus on designing the perfect experience through email and other channels and then reap the rewards in revenue not only opens or clicks.

Klaviyo Pricing

Klaviyo has no annual contracts, No hidden fees, the price is based on email contacts and SMS contacts. They do have a free plan but it only allows you 250 contact and 500 email sends per month, and the emails are imposed with Klaviyo branding. Depending on how many email contacts you need the price will go up fast the pricing begins at 500 contacts for $20 per month which will give you unlimited emails and email and chat support, after that for every 500 email contacts the price well increase by $10 so 1000 contacts for $30, etc. For SMS there is also a free plan for up to 50 SMS messages sent, this includes automatic refills and a cap on your monthly spend. After your 50 free messages, each message is 7c. You can also, of course, purchase both for example 2000 email contacts and 1000 SMS messages is will be $60 per month for 2000 emails and $66.50 for the thousand messages in total $126.50 there is no package deal available so you need to pay full price no matter how many you purchase.

Klaviyo Features

Klaviyo like other platforms uses a variety of features that the users can choose from when they are working on the platform that will help the user works more effectively.

Email Designer

The email designer that Klaviyo uses is very useful, the setup wizard allows you the set the brand colors and fonts that will automatically be applied to all workflows and any new templates the user creates. Klaviyo also has a variety of pre-built layouts that the user can easily configure to their liking. For the more advanced users, Klaviyo also has an HTML builder/uploader for designs that need more development power. The email designer and editor system that Klaviyo uses is exceptionally powerful.



The workflow feature is of high-end quality for sure and they have made it so that it is very simple to use this powerful software which would be impressive for any platform but most fail to succeed. The user can simply switch on the optimized abandon cart and watch as their sales soar. Users can use the post-purchase series that include friend referrals, win-backs and product review requests to make the most out of their existing customers. Enable users to take advantage of all and any opportunities to create great and lasting first impressions with a welcoming series for the new subscribers and allow them to segment them depending on email engagement, online searches, previous purchases and general online presence. Klaviyo helps the users to do so through its effective tracking integration for triggered emails. Klaviyo workflows and triggered emails are genuinely top of the line.

Contact Management And List Segmentation

Klaviyo enables the user to label lists accordingly, segment based on online purchases and import from other email providers. It also has a very simple and straight forward platform for column matching. The platform also features the standard pop-up, site embed and hosted sign up forms for new subscribers.

Content Support

Klaviyo’s content support is quite exceptional, Klaviyo does eCommerce/ customer integration so remarkably well that it enables the user to add dynamic content directly into your workflow. The user can simply add the block they wish to use for details, cart contents, recommendations for products based on previous purchases and customized web feed. There is no comparison.

Social Media Marketing

Klaviyo has direct integration with Facebook Ads, so any user using the platform can distribute ads to opted-in emails on Facebook. As it is a new feature some development is required it is somewhat awkward and complicated.


Klaviyo’s template editor is masterfully designed as its super simple to use even as a complete beginner. From the get-go the user is provided with a variety of email and newsletter templates and is readily available to be configured straight away or if the user would prefer they can design and personalize a custom template with the 50+ pre-designed email template examples available. Klaviyo offers such a vast range with a large variety of templates so that all users can find any style template they need ranging from promotional to educational emails, holiday-themed emails, birthdays emails, etc. they truly cover everything. On a lot of common email marketing platforms, the templates provided can appear outdated and be poorly designed but Klaviyo’s templates are professional and modern and barely need any modifications. If you do need to make modifications that won’t be an issue as all of the templates provided are customizable and the drag and drop feature make the entire process very simple.


On Klaviyo’s email marketing platform you will have access to the segmented email reporting that is a common feature for most email marketing platforms however there is one great reporting feature that isn’t sub-standard. Klaviyo provides the history of transactions due to the vast integrating capabilities with any E-commerce platform. Klaviyo’s campaign analysis enables the user to review and evaluate their performance and then make alterations or adjustments where need be. Klaviyo provides the user with reports and makes them immediately available on the main dashboard. Not to mention that the user can configure the reports and choose what information they want to see which again will benefit a lot when analyzing progress and if several people are using the platform for example from the same company and are using the same reports they can customize the graphs and create a different view for those that have different objectives and are looking for different information.

Ease of Use

Klaviyo reviews

Klaviyo’s email marketing platform is incredibly user-friendly, It only takes a glance at the dashboard and the user can distinguish all of the main sections that you will constantly be working with as a user and while the user is monitoring those sections the user can simultaneously perfect each detail of the email campaigns. This platform is very straight forward and easy to use with absolutely no learning curve required even people that are completely useless with technology will find it a breeze and have would be able to have the platform up and running within mere seconds after setting it up. The only tool that requires some know-how is email and flow automation, as well as the need to understand the reports that are provided although that’s more dependent on their marketing expertise and experience rather than the automation process being too complicated.

Email Automation

As mentioned in the paragraph above Klaviyo’s platform makes email automation incredibly straightforward and easy to set up, however, the user requires the knowhow so that they can utilize the tool to its full capabilities, for example, being able to read the reports and then alter the email automation to improve certain rates, etc. Klaviyo enables the user to set up the automated email campaign’s structure (that on the Klaviyo platform is called building a flow) with the drag and drop feature, after that the user can design and create emails and then branch them out together. Klaviyo also has several pre-designed templates and flows available in what Klaviyo calls the ‘Flows Library” for those who do not wish to start from scratch, even a novice would be able to take advantage of these templates and implement them and see reap the results. These pre-designed templates use email automated sequences that have been tested and proven to help users get up and running quickly. As soon as the user’s email campaigns are functional, the user can begin to send personalized emails to those who fit the pre-established conditions, For example, a series of welcome emails, a series of thank you emails, a series of abandoned cart emails or even a notice for the new items in stock. Email automation can make or break any business, by setting different conditions and actions, the user can then design and build flows and set new rules for any situation with subscribers.


Klaviyo, like other email marketing platforms, has an open API and comes with a large number of available plugins/applications to integrate with extremely well. Klaviyo has prebuilt integrations for ReCharge, Shopify Plus, Magento, Facebook, WooCommerce, amongst others, there are 70 pre-built integrations readily available to make your life and business a lot easier! These integrations can all be used in different ways for example LoyaltyLion, “Loyalty lion is a data-driven loyalty and engagement platform” this integration will allow the user to send emails that your subscribers will enjoy and will anticipate. This integration also can enable you to design several segmented audiences with more personal and specific marketing content. Users can use both Loyalty Lion and Klaviyo together to create and deliver some truly engaging emails like loyalty summary emails, referral prompts and or reward available emails. After such communications, the results can be analyzed and used to improve and optimize future marketing campaigns. Another point to make is that Klaviyo also has integration support for any various payment software, CRM, helpdesk, and many others. Last but not least the API Klaviyo uses is documented very well and it’s not an impossible task for a seasoned developer to integrate a homegrown system.


Omnisend is another alternative email marketing platform available that enables users to design email campaigns quickly, make complex automation flows, and accurately target their subscribers with sharp segmentation. Omnisend’s prices are based on the number of contacts. With Omnisend users can add SMS to their campaigns or Facebook and Google remarketing ads. Omnisend offers gamification aspects that will engage the customers for longer. Users can choose from gift cards and scratch cards for discount campaigns or users can even build your email list with a wheel of fortune that will only spin once an email has been entered.

MailChimp is a well know email marketing platform, it’s very user-friendly and has a visual editor and clear tutorials for those that might need help to understand the features. There is very little consistency with MailChimp pricing, you pay per month based on whichever plan you have selected however you need to take into consideration how many subscribers you have because that drastically changes the price depending on the amount. MailChimp’s emails are very simple to design and configure. They also use Instagram Ads against the usual Facebook and Google Ads we see with automation tools, MailChimp’s automation is ok however the workflow could be clearer in regards to editing and visualization. MailChimp can be somewhat awkward to navigate even with the tutorials, for example, the automation workflows are in the campaigns section it doesn’t have a tab on the dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Klaviyo pricing

Why does my campaign have a preview error?

This error occurs if there is no subject line input on your content page.

What’s the best time to send campaigns?

There is no one specific time however you can use Smart Send Time to find out the optimum time for your company.

How do I duplicate campaigns?

You can clone your campaigns in the Campaigns tab. You can press on the options in the right-hand corner for the campaigns and press “Clone”.

What’s the difference between a campaign and a flow?

Campaigns are manually built each time and are sent only one time to any particular list whereas flows are automated, they are based on triggers and filters, customers that enter the flow must meet certain pre-established requirements.

How to save a campaign to templates?

On the campaign page, select the options on the far right-hand side of the campaign, then select “Add to email templates”.

Customer Service

Klaviyo offers several different forms of customer service firstly they offer phone support, there is a phone number provided, however it is intended for sales rather than support. They offer live online chat which is available during standard business hours however it depends on how many contacts whether or not this service is available to you. They offer email support which also depends on how many contacts you have, with responses within 24 hours. There is also a FAQ section available in the help certain that cover all aspects of the platform. There is an official Klaviyo forum with a large helpful community. Lastly, there is also a blog that is updated 3 weekly that features email marketing.

Klaviyo reviews

Klaviyo Pros

  • There features on the platform all work as they should, it doesn’t take long to familiarize yourself either.
  • Fantastic templates for those that are just beginning and for those that are more experienced
  • Klaviyo is very simple and straightforward to set up, especially compared to other platforms and easy to see results against the campaigns within 24hr and their onboarding was outstanding.
  • Users can link the platform with WooCommerce and WordPress seamlessly
  • Users can automate almost everything, such as order and delivery confirmation emails, newsletter subscriptions, abandoned cart emails
  • All of Klaviyos email can be altered and adjusted simply using the built-in email form designer
  • Klaviyo is super user-friendly, lets users regularly test, make your own CTAs, upload pictures, drag and drop graphic elements, etc.
  • Very good platform for those with a lack of coding knowledge
  • Very good customer service
  • Klaviyo has a good set of differentiated features for more extensive analytics
  • Provides data on email campaigns performances that prove useful when deciding which emails are and aren’t working and in the A/B testing

Klaviyo Cons

  • Klaviyo’s onboarding process could be a lot simpler, they have tutorials but they aren’t very clear, webinars would be better.
  • Using Klaviyo through WordPress slows the website down considerably
  • Klaviyo shows errors on your page because it uses outdated code
  • The form builder cannot always produce the type of form you are looking for so you are forced to build the form manually by direct coding which is the entire purpose of a form builder
  • Klaviyo never updates and has no announcements for an update either
  • You need to remove the plugin from your website, download the latest version, then upload, install, activate the new plugin
  • Klaviyo does not provide an option to change language or string translation of forms, form input boxes or form buttons. These translations also do not register on WordPress plugins such as Polylang or Lingotek, it’s the same with confirmation pages after the user submits the forms
  • Email flow building is very time consuming and not very user-friendly or straightforward
  • Klaviyo lacks certain features for example, their pop-up creation is quite basic so a 3rd party tool would be great to manage pop-ups/forms.
  • Altering and manipulating templates and filtering email results or recipients should be improved
  • Klaviyo doesn’t have an overall CTR (only has per campaign), also no metrics for open rate statistics across the board.
  • KLaviyo also should provide more training to intuit the analytics and other features that there is no phone training for.

Final Verdict

Overall, Klaviyo is a very effective and efficient email marketing platform, with a good range of features that are both useful and quite powerful. Klaviyos flow library is a wonderful resource to have at anyone’s fingertips, providing access to a variety of pre-designed templates that can all be customized and personalized to optimize marketing efforts should the user wish to do so and delivering top-notch customer service simultaneously. Klaviyo is perfectly suited for users with ECommerce platforms the users can use its great features like triggered emailing, workflow and transactional reporting. Klaviyo has a lot of useful features that can and will aid businesses in making a strong and reliable first impression on the customers and simultaneously applying targeted marketing with pinpoint accuracy and email follow-ups, in-depth analytics and advertising campaigns. Another reason why Klaviyo is great for eCommerce like Shopify is that it integrates with its platform seamlessly like BigCommerce for example. Businesses that already have a vision, mission, customer base, a well-designed site, are paying for traffic probably on Facebook or Google and will apply the best designs to their flows and email campaigns, this is the platform for those businesses, businesses like this will increase their revenue. It is a simple platform so beginner also can use it however it might be too expensive for them. Those that have the know-how will have better results as you need to understand where email fit in their business. Klaviyo is not a great CRM for other fields like coaching. Klaviyo is an advanced marketing automation tool and they have a lot of useful features.

Klaviyo Review
Klaviyo Review
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