IContact Review

IContact Review

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8.3/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #35 in category Email marketing service
Ease of Use
Customer Support
  • Free Trial
  • Detailed Tutorials
  • User Friendly
  • Only Cloud-based service
  • Difficult to send multiple excel sheets to upload at once
  • The editor is a bit slow

iContact a remarkable and growing email marketing platform. It not only facilitates the user with email marketing capacity but also ensures its ease to use and user-friendliness. It is the most suitable and perfect approach used by entrepreneurs, small businesses, marketers, high volume senders, and agencies. iContact can support businesses or firms having a subscription rate from twenty-five thousand subscribers to up to fifty-five thousand subscribers. Nonprofit organizations, small scale businesses, financial services, EDUs and event managers are regular users and admirers of this marketing platform.

iContact is a very user friendly, reliable and established product for anyone to use. Companies send out thousands of emails every week using this software. There are many inbuilt features and functionalities which help the users to make the process of creating and sending out emails not only reliable but also very easy for any layman to understand and perform. Any email of any sort and related to any generic can be generated, processed, modified and dispatched in a matter of minutes.

iContact features


The software has been made and modified in such a manner that it relieves the use from all the hustle of creating, generating and overviewing the emails before sending them. It provides a dashboard facility too. A facility enjoyed and appreciated by a lot of users. It helps the companies keep track of knowing what emails have been sent and, what emails are yet to be sent. If any duplicate contact is created. The software has inbuilt algorithms that detect the same contacts. Merge the information available in the two or more than two different locations and then merge those locations, under one name. This saves time. As all the effort of going through the thousands of contacts are avoided and there is a surety that no receiver is getting the same email twice.

The cherry on top is the well-established and maintained customer care service. Representatives are not only friendly and cooperative, but they also guide the user throughout the process. If at any time at any point the company or the person using it encounters any issue. The customer care is going to be at their service. They will help you resolve the issue or if not so will help you through the support from the headquarters. After the issue has been addressed, they will send you further details of how to complete the further process. Customers have always rated the iContact customer service as the best. Companies do also admire the privacy and the security level maintained and governed by the organization. No personal details of any person or the company have ever been misused. Nor any data has ever been misplaced. Hence iContact can be renounced as a reliable, affordable, user-friendly and efficient email marketing platform.

icontact Pricing

iContact provides flexible rates depending on the number of subscribers. Two types of packages are available here one base package and the other one is pro with additional features. The base package starts from 15 $ per month to 439 $per month and pro package starts from 30 $ per month to 878 $ per month. In addition to this, you can get a 15% discount by choosing a yearly subscription.

The Base package includes the following features.

  • Award-winning customer service
  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • Welcome series automation
  • Stock image library

Pro package includes all features of the base with additional features that are listed below.

  • Everything from Base
  • Birthday/Anniversary series automation
  • Event Promotion series automation
  • Re-engagement/Winback series automation
  • Landing page creation & hosting
  • Non-opener segmentation
Sr. Subscriber rate $ per month for the base package rate $ per month for the pro package
L1 0-500 15 30
2 500-2500 36 72
3 2500-5000 59 118
4 5000-10000 89 178
5 10000-15000 129 258
6 15000-25000 169 338
7 25000-35000 259 518
8 35000-50000 329 658
9 50000-75000 349 698
10 75000-100000 439 878

If the number of subscribers increases than 100000 you can contact at (919) 957-6150 for rates.

iContact Features

iContact features

Integrations with third-party applications and websites

Third parties such as websites, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are linked to the email advertising platform. This helps in cumulative the spectators of the posts.

Schedule Delivery

Deliveries can be scheduled for some specific time. The company can create an email regarding a specific project which is yet to be launched. When the due date comes and the project is about to launch. The company can then launch the mail coinciding with the product launch date.

Online Surveys

This has the main motive to improve, advance and enhance the services. The surveys are critically studied and analyzed by the teams.

Social Media Scheduling

Posts are added and shared over the integrated social media accounts and systems. This helps in further increasing the audience’s body and ensures speedy growth.

List Management

Contacts are managed and saved in the database. This software synchronizes and automatically increases the output. Lists include the contacts and the added audience to promote and product.

Performance Reporting

Performances are checked, managed and handled all through the software. These performances are then used to prepare reports and analysis which help in the development and growth of the company.

Pre-built Design Template Library

A pre-built library of templets is available. This is to ensure speedy and accurate email manufacturing. These are great, user-friendly and responsive layouts that make the task easy.

Subscriber Engagement Score

This test and checks how many subscribers have been engaged in the recent sessions. This counts the recent engagements and calculates a score of

A/B Testing

The method to have feedback about the customer’s experience and to improve facilities. The Team analyses the pros and cons and reviews given by customers.

Additional Perks

Besides above-mentioned features, iContact provides additional features like Email campaign management, Email newsletters, Drag and drop editor, Automation, Audience segmentation, Easy Email Creation, List Management Mechanism, Triggered Emails, Subscriber Segmentation, Pricing and packages, Multiuser accessibility, Subscriber management, API integration, Salesforce integration, Instant Spam Check, Responsive email layouts, HTML editor option, Segment by custom fields, Custom sign up form creation.

Ease of Use

Since icontact is one of the oldest in the business so it has great experience regarding user demand and knowhow to cater to them. iContact makes sure the satisfaction of customers by meeting all their requirements. The first and foremost thing is the ease of use. For this purpose, they provide a user-friendly interface so that customers can use it without any assistance from IT. Easy drag and drop is enabled for a fast and immediate email response. icontact provides you with automation tools. The purpose of this tool is to automate your email messaging by personalizing them. This not only reduces effort but also the time as it is a matter of few clicks to compose a complete and professional email. One more fascinating thing that relieves you from stress is the tool that helps you delete duplicate contacts. So you don’t have to go through a list of thousands of contacts.


An effective and result oriented campaign is promised by icontact. It has certain tools that allow you to manage all your campaigns under one account. Furthermore, to ease its customer icontact provides highly responsive customer support twenty-four/seven available to address any kind of issue.

Integrations and add-ons

iContact integrates and is compatible with a lot of common third-party applications and services and websites including Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, and Facebook.

iContact offers many native integrations and add ones with Salesforces. Users from different companies can send email messages to Salesforce contacts. After sending these messages, iContact brings all the relevant marketing and advertising statistics into the Salesforce platform. This is to determine whether leads and marketing tactics are moving in the right direction or not. iContact for Salesforce is not subscriber based.

icontact follows a much general, easily comprehendible scalable approach. Users can immediately and spontaneously send messages, to everyone in their databases and contact logs. Entire teams can leverage and control the statistics. From company email campaigns and also from the same Salesforce reporting screens and establishments.

iContact has an open API. That integrates with numerous business applications. Including analytics, social and commerce functionalities. This integration facility can be used to collect new emails and contact information. Automatically synchronizing the contact details to iContact. This all leads to the improvement and growth of the email contact list.

Businessmen always want to save their time either it’s production, planning, or running a campaign for his business. icontact takes care of this by providing them with automation tools. Personalized messaging helps you to increase your subscribers count. Its fantastic welcome series helps you to build customer trust right from the start. It automatically develops your targeted audience by understanding your actions and interest in taking your subscribers to new heights. It lets you know actions taken by subscribers as if they have open the delivered email or is it still to be opened. It automatically develops the sense to know your subscribers through its background and whereabouts and helps you to make the right content for them. There is a tool named Creating a Message Automation. It enables you to make new automation that has a list of subscriptions including initial Event and single Action of delivering messages abruptly using Action Timing. The spam check tool is also there and prompts error if a message fails its criteria. The Automation process also acts upon the successful completion of the API call. New automation is created and delivers a message when contact is subscribed.

Customer Services

icontact provides its customers with the most reliable and efficient service in their busy schedule. You don’t have to wait for hours to get a response as it provides twenty-four/seven service. Representatives are available around the clock to cater to their queries and helping them to understand the updated features. Unlimited technical support is available for their customers. the immediate response of issues occurred, fixes the errors at the spot, make an easy way for their customers to carry on their business. Telephone, email and chat support is available. You can seek online help from their online help portal.


Mailchimp helps in the designing and sharing of various campaigns. This can be done across multiple email providers and advertisement channels. It tracks the results and the current state of the emails and advertisements. Hence has an established and growing name in the market. Moonmail is another alternative. As the contacts are maintained and synchronized with every update keeping the email generation and sending effective and efficient.   Campaign Monitor is an easy to use, well managed and a professional-grade email marketing and automation platform. It helps today’s fast-growing businesses to promote and sponsor their goods and merchandise.

AWeber Email marketing and advertising services. These help mainly small businesses. automate email follow-ups, newsletter delivery. This is for increased customer retention and also to ensure higher sales.

Frequently Asked Questions About

iContact review

Why icontact?

icontact is most experienced in the email marketing business and utilities it to benefit customers by providing with email automation, drag n drop, best customer service all with affordable rates making it the first choice.

What Are Additional Features of icontact Pro?

icontact Pro is designed to further facilitate its customers by providing additional features. These features cover CRM functionalities, high-end marketing tools, engagement tracking, advanced segmentation, landing page creation, and social media posting and tracking.

Can I Use icontact If I Don’t Have Technical Knowledge?

The answer is yes. icontact provides a simple user interface. All you have to do is log into your account click email then Create a Message, select template and customize it then you are ready to send by clicking proceed sent.

Q4: Is video embedding possible in icontact?

No, it’s not. Since most of the inboxes are not compatible with embedded video so icontact cannot serve this purpose of embedding video.

Q5: Who can be benefited from iContact?

People with any experience level. You are not required to have an IT background as a necessity. For every industry that requires email marketing. Any kind of business ranging from small business to giant enterprises.

Q6: Does iContact support attachments?

No, you can’t send attachments. You can attach a file to the template but still, it is not possible to send because it may end up as spam in filtered inboxes.

Q7: Does icontact provide free offers?

No, icontact is a paid marketing tool but it provides you a free trial for one month. This basic free trial version covers 100 subscribers and 400 messages.

Q8: What support do I get from iContact?

iContact provides various platforms to support its customers. Some of those platforms are video tutorials, knowledgebase, forums, phone support, and FAQs.

IContact Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons help to develop critical thinking about a particular technology. One looking for an email marketing tool to run successfully his campaign will be given a thorough outlook in this section. That will make you go for icontact because the pros of icontact easily dominate its cons.

iContact features


  • User friendly: The First thing you look for using software is its interface. iContact gives you simple UI/UX and enables you to send hundreds of thousands of emails within no time. You can keep track of your sent emails and can now about which emails are yet to be sent. In addition to this, you can delete duplicate contacts.
  • Cost Flexibility: icontact provides flexible rates depending on the number of subscribers. It provides two types of packages. If you want one with sufficient features to run a successful campaign you can choose the base package. But if you want additional features you can use pro package. Additionally, you can get a 15% discount if you go for yearly payment rather than a monthly basis.
  • Target Audience: Icontact helps you to manage your customer by its automation tool. It enables you to develop your own rules to manage your targeted customers.
  • Reliability: If you are looking for a trustworthy platform that caters to all the subscribers, then you must go for icontact. You don’t have to worry about if your email will end up as spam.
  • Customer Care: The best feature that makes icontact stand apart is its customer service. Icontact is great at responding to any query asked by its customers.


  • Since it is one of the oldest in business so it may appear a bit its layout.
  • May slows down in response to API.
  • There is no program or app available for phone or window installation only Cloud-based service is available.
  • iContact doesn’t let you select multiple excel sheets to upload at once
  • The editor is a bit clunky

Final verdict

iContact is a powerful email marketing platform. Used mainly by businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions. Easy to understand technology. Enables users with even the most minimal knowledge of technical skills, to create persuasive and compelling emails with the use of templates or HTML. List management tools are available which keep growing email lists in check. While iContact’s Spam check tool can review each message. To guarantee it reaches its desired destination. Companies can advance a better understanding, of how their email lists are performing and growing by reviewing their monthly or weekly Reports, which iContact software generates automatically. This is done by compiling and analyzing the data it collects from ongoing marketing.

iContact offers a straight forward, a well-defined method for users. To design stylish emails that grasp the attention of the audience. Without having to know any HTML. The email templates are professional-looking, well-phrased and entirely modifiable according to the demands of the company. Designs are all styled in such a fashion, that focuses on the company’s branding. It does not matter how well a message is designed, without a sufficient list of subscribers to deliver it to. iContact offers well-designed list management features. With a variety of tools to help users in the management of their growing subscribers. Using iContact businesses can schedule and regularize computerized emails to be delivered over a certain time, rather than sending all at once. Autoresponders, triggered emails, all help to deepen and extend customer relationships. This is by providing subscribers more relevant and appreciated content.

Yonder basic email marketing and advertisement. iContact also supports numerous advanced solutions for growing and developing businesses. iContact Pro is changing the technique small, middle-sized, also large businesses think about marketing computerization. iContact Pro users can timetable triggered messages. That is exclusively tailored to each connection. The application offers a drag and drop interface. Businesses having excessive volume sending needs, can take advantage of iContact’s facilities. Easily and effectively more than five million subscribers.

IContact Review
IContact Review
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