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Hypermail Review

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8.8/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #17 in category Email marketing service
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  • Good for Beginners
  • Anti-Spam
  • Tiered Prices
  • Privacy Guarantee
  • Limited Automation
  • No Free Trial
  • Only has HTML editor
  • Need More Advanced Features

HyperMail made it its mission to redefine marketing through its homegrown mass email marketing also aptly called HyperMail. It has released its new Hyper Mail 2.0 System which they offer to clients as a way to take their email marketing efforts to a whole new level. HyperMail has mastered the ins and outs of email marketing and works with facts and research to back their innovations.

They work tirelessly to make clients understand how and why emailing in bulk is a smart investment. From a study they followed, they found out that on average, email marketing can return $43.62 to the dollar versus direct paper mail with a minimal return of $15.22 to the dollar. At the same time, HyperMail made sure that its services can be enjoyed by both clients and the target email recipients at the comfort of their smartphones.


This email marketing company also makes sure to help clients send their campaigns out fast. it can handle thousands to millions of emails in a couple of hours to a few days without the added hassle of making clients wait for it to finish. Real-time analytics are also available for those who wish to monitor their campaign. Know more about HyperMail below.

HyperMail Pricing

HyperMail’s website has a page dedicated to its price lists. What sets this page apart from the price lists of competitors is that they may choose price points for specific packages such as Email Software Plans, Fully Managed, and List Verification Services. They have various price schemes for different tiers of client budgets. All their plans include the following features Open & Click Tracking, Template Management, E-mail List Management, Bounce-back Handling, Opt-Out Handling, Blacklist Checker, Campaign Scheduler, Spam Score Analyzer, Built-in HTML editor, Dedicated IP Address.

The Fully Managed section is for clients who wish to outsource an expert to handle their email marketing features for them. In this tab, the price will be sent to the email of the user after providing pertinent information such as contact details, if the client needs an email list and email design assistance, email list size, and more.

For a comparative viewing, the rate card is as follows:

Pricing (Monthly) Important Features


Setup Fee $100, Unlimited Lists, 1 IP and domain included, 100,000 emails per month


Setup Fee $100, Unlimited Lists, 1 IP and domain included, Recommended: 5 additional IPs 1 domain for every 2 to 3 IPS, 200,000 emails per month.



Setup Fee $100, Unlimited Lists, 1 IP and domain included, Recommended: 5 to 16 additional IPs, 1 domain for every 2 to 3 IPS, 400,000 emails per month



Setup Fee $100, Unlimited Lists,1 IP and domain included, Recommended: 16 additional IPs, 1 domain for every 2 to 3 IPS, 1 Million emails per month


Setup Fee $100, Unlimited Lists, 1 IP and domain included, Recommended: 32 additional IPs, 1 domain for every 2 to 3 IPS, 2Million emails per month
$1000 Setup Fee $100, Unlimited Lists, 1 IP and domain included, Recommended: 32 additional IPs, 1 domain for every 2 to 3 IPS, and 4 Million emails per month
$1600 Setup Fee $100, Unlimited Lists, 1 IP and domain included, Recommended: 64 additional IPs, 1 domain for every 2 to 3 IPS, 8 Million emails per month


HyperMail has no listed free trial option. However, the made sure that clients can get attuned to their paid services by making pricing options as wide and deep as possible, to cater to serious business owners and clients who will stay with their service for a long time.

HyperMail Features

HyperMail also offers lots of features to clients.

The HyperMail Cloud

This is a special feature where HyperMail’s key offerings such as Analytics, Template Design, Schedule Blasts, Automatic List Cleaning. Help & Support are under one “cloud”. This makes it easy for users to find the key feature they need most.


This allows clients to track their results in real-time. The analytics is also presented scientifically so that clients can easily spot If their email blast and campaigns are performing as they should. HyperMail’s analytics feature helps clients view their open, clicks, and bounce rates as well as opt-outs and other data on user behavior and response.

Introduction to Email Marketing

HyperMail made sure that people who are looking to replace their traditional means of marketing with a digital one, starting with email marketing. From the home page to the bulk of resources found on its website, HyperMail is also dedicated to making more businesses turn to email marketing to jump-start their modernized way of marketing.

Permission-based and has Spam-Scorer Analyzer

This feature helps clients properly conduct their campaigns so that their emails will not be dumped into the recipient’s spam folders. HyperMail also makes sure that they monitor their user’s sending campaign executions so instances of spam can be avoided. Their system can detect and ban bulk e-mails sent to a recipient who has not allowed to be included on a list to receive emails as well as a recipient who has granted consent but has withdrawn it for a while now. This Anti Spam service by HyperMail is a good way to remind new and old users to be mindful of their campaigns and to only send out quality emails in bulk.

Campaign Scheduler

This feature allows clients to dedicate more time to create meaningful campaigns and takes the hassle of scheduling off their hands. The campaign scheduler is HyperMail’s way of helping the clients manage their time and know which scheduled for release is the most optimal.

Additional Features

Hypermail reviews

Bounce-back Handling

This bounce-back handling feature helps clients monitor if the emails they sent were received well by the target recipient. Bounced emails are those that got rejected by the recipient’s mail server and then returned to the client. These emails have not been delivered and the client usually receives a notification if the server rejected the emails.  HyperMail handles situations like this and works with the client to improve the bounce-back rates.

Email List Management

HyperMail also offers to do email list management for its clients. This feature allows HyperMail to manage and control contact lists so that the campaign has a tailored list of targets and recipients. This targeted segment will then receive personalized content, versus sending a generic campaign to each of your thousand- or million- item inventory.

Opt-Out Handling

Opting out of an email marketing list means a recipient no longer wants to receive emails from the client or the sender. This is called unsubscribing. HyperMail also offers this service to help manage their client’s expectations as well as to offer solutions on how to improve the opt-our rates.

HTML Editor

HyperMail also allows clients a form of customization through its HTML editor. This is especially helpful for people who have a basic or advanced understanding of HTML codes but can be tricky to beginners who are not. Should clients need assistance on how to begin the HTML customization process, they can feel free to ask HyperMail for some code introduction. At the same time, they also have the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML/CSS Email Editor where clients can insert image links, style their text, and others.

Ease of Use

HyperMail designed its website to be user- and beginner-friendly. From the cartoon characters at the home page to the abundance of beginner materials, HyperMail is indeed easy to subscribe to. The user interface is also easy to follow, alternating between white and green layouts for hassle-free navigation.

If you are looking for an upfront, less complicated email marketing partner that will be easy to work with, HyperMail is a good choice.


Automation is a bit limited with HyperMail but it has ways for clients to personalize their email campaigns.  Instead, they offer a “list verification” service that offers to “clean” out the client’s list once it’s onboarded on HyperMail. It removes email duplicates, spam traps, historical complainers, hard bounces, and other email addresses with elements you want off your list.  With this, the automated list hygiene is available for use and help the client’s IP to remain “clean”.

Integration and Add-Ons

There is little to no integrations offered by HyperMail. It does not show integration options on their website. All features are listed on the website and added benefits are also likewise not stated in the list.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is my list safe from HyperMail after uploading?

Yes. HyperMail makes sure that your contact list is only used for email marketing purposes. It promises to never sell or rent its client’s email lists. With Hypermail, contact email lists are protected and can only be accessed via the client’s unique log-in details and password.

  1. How do you upload contact lists in HyperMail?

The platform has an uncomplicated way to upload such lists. Simply use the HyperMail wizard for uploading the list into their system. The contact list in the “.csv” format is the most welcome. This file extension can be created by using MS Excel. Don’t have a list yet? No problem! Based on the type of market the client wants to target, HyperMail has partnered with email database companies that offer quality email lists. They also dig deep with their extensive database with over 120 Million contacts segmented into consumers, businesses, SIC codes, professions, geography, and other demographics.

  1. How does HyperMail ensure that the emails are delivered?

HyperMail is designed to help clients with the basics of email marketing as well as to provide them with the right tools to maintain or improve deliverability through third-party servers or the client’s server. HyperMail helps clients jumpstart their email marketing efforts by giving them the know-how to manage email servers, send domain names, IP addresses, and others. Clients can also control the number of emails sent per schedule per server. HyperMail helps limit this by capping the hourly limit to 1,000. HyperMail actively monitor reports and performance rates such as bounce back numbers, IP reputation, and overall deliverability. The east-to-navigate control panel also allows clients to remove servers, domain names, and IP addresses with a simple click, making it easy for clients to move forward.

  1. Will clients be able to see who opens and reads their emails?

HyperMail goes big on reports and love to be transparent about the campaign’s performance. The report details who open the emails and even when they open them. This can give the client an initial idea if their campaign is successful and interesting enough to open. At the same time, the report also shares details on who clicked links within your email. HyperMail can track all clicks in the email and as well as show which email addresses clicked on your email, among other behavioral reports.

  1. How can I see HyperMail reports?

Reports are available in real-time. Right after you roll out your campaign, HyperMail can send data. These reports are also printable in case clients wish to share it with their team. Reports could be in .csv format and can be opened by software like Microsoft Excel.


Should you wish to compare HyperMail with other companies, there are several other brands trusted by marketers. Common alternatives for HyperMail include ActiveCampaign, 250ok, Drip Ecommerce CRM, Twilio SendGrid Marketing Campaigns, Bronto, and more. For small businesses AWeber, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, and Emma are usually on top of the list. Be sure to also consider your main purpose of subscribing as each email marketing brand and its products offer various unique selling points and advantages.

Customer Service

HyperMail has many sections dedicated to just resources and for walking through new users to the email marketing world. Their very website is designed to make it easy for users to find the relevant details that they are looking for. Hotlines are also indicated all over the site for people who wish to directly call HyperMail for their services. HyperMail remains true to its mission to help newcomers to the digital marketing game be equipped with the knowledge and tools to succeed.

  • 24/7 Chat Box– There is a chat box available for users around the clock. Find the chat box at the bottom corner of each page in HyperMail. Users just need to input their name and even put their email address and then they can proceed with asking their question.
  • Landline – HyperMail is also reachable through their hotline where users can call them toll-free at 497.7898. This is ideal for people who wish to have a representative on the line should they have followed up questions. This is good for inquiries or calls for help that need immediate action or assistance.
  • FAQ Page – A section dedicated to FAQs are also up in the main sections of the site. This enables users to find questions that are most relevant to them and HyperMail kept the answers succinct for easier viewing of the users. But note that the questions in this section seem to be targeted for people who are new to the industry, and people who have been using email marketing tools may find the content elementary.
  • Blog – There is also a blog page where users can view “trending” topics and articles on the email marketing industry. Article titles include Grow your Business through Email Prospecting as well as the company’s key learnings from conventions and email marketing conferences.
  • Mass Email Tips – Under the resources section, HyperMail also dedicated a page for mass email tips, perfect for customers who are looking for a quick way to know more about mass emailing and how to do it right.

 HyperMail Pros and Cons


Pros and cons are important when dealing with the decision to subscribe to a product. Since HyperMail does not have a free trial, paying for it may need more consideration and review on the part of the potential client. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of using HyperMail before deciding to purchase your subscription.


Here are the top advantages that customers love about HyperMail:

  • Good for Beginners – A quick look at HyperMail’s website shows that they are user-friendly and beginner-friendly, too. The introductions on the pages and the sections are written in a way that assumes the readers are new to email marketing or is transitioning from traditional paper marketing to a more digital marketing plan.
  • Anti-Spam – Because of HyperMail’s permission-based system, they can help clients steer clear from spamming their target recipients. This way, they can ensure that the emails sent by the client find its way to the inbox rather than the spam folder. HyperMail reserves the right to monitor email campaigns so their services are not misused. Recipients can file complaints to HyperMail and the company will conduct their investigation which can then evaluate if a HyperMail user is terminated or disallowed from using the services further.
  • Tiered Prices – Unlike other email marketing brands with a fixed price per package, HyperMail made its pricing more stratified. This gives clients the chance to only avail of the package that fits their budget and serves their needs. The prices also depend on the email quantity among other features to position the product as one that can cater to small, medium, to large companies altogether.
  • Privacy guarantee – under the Legal tab of the site, users and visitors can check HyperMail’s privacy policy. One particular tab read Do Not Sell My Personal Information. On this page, users can see if their email is in the HyperMail database. Users can access their data records should it be included in their system. They just need to fill out a form to view their data and request for their information to be deleted.
  • Customer Service – You can expect HyperMail’s service to be prompt and helpful. They remain true to their brand of being the go-to email marketing service for businesses of all sizes.


Check out some of the notable disadvantages of HyperMail below:

  • No Free Trial – HyperMail is one of the few email marketing services that do not offer a free trial. This can be disadvantageous to people who would want to try the services for free before subscribing to a paid plan. Free trials are also a way for customers to compare features with competitors and without much chance to do so for free, new clients may look for alternatives.
  • Need More Advanced features –Since this project is more geared towards those new to email marketing, the features may be elementary for marketers looking for more advanced features in the system.
  • Only has HTML editor – Unlike others with a block-building drag-and-drop feature, HyperMail has an HTML feature that may be challenging for people who do not know how to code.
  • Limited Integration – For clients looking for massive apps, widgets, and sites HyperMail can be integrated with, there is no clear indication in the HyperMail website about integration options if there is a way for clients to request HyperMail to do custom-made integration codes for them.
  • Automation – Automation is one of the key features that get people to subscribe to email marketing services. It is still limited to HyperMail.

There goes the list of pros and cons for HyperMail. It is highly suggested to weigh the features first, both through this review and the website itself since there is no free trial to avail. This way, you can check if it is a good addition to your marketing plan and tools.

Final Verdict

HyperMail is recommended for clients who are starting with their email marketing efforts. These newcomers to the digital marketing world can find the user-friendly interface and essential features to be helpful as they break into this fast-paced world. If you are new and are looking for a quick way to roll out your first email campaign, this is a good product for you.

However, if you are looking for a highly technical or advanced email marketing product, you may find HyperMail to be bland or basic.  Especially for customers who have already used other alternatives who may look for advanced features like integrations, drag and drop layout tools, or automation, HyperMail may not be the most optimal choice.

Hypermail Review
Hypermail Review
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