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GroupMail Review

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7.1/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #45 in category Email marketing service
Easy to Use
Customer Support
  • User Friendly
  • Available for use on up to 3 devices per user
  • Syncing with previous and ongoing client databases
  • Compatible with OneDrive
  • Payment is required per user
  • Not compatible with Mac devices and the iCloud
  • A limited number of templates available
  • Data analysis with an additional fee

GroupMail is a marketing and newsletter distribution software with an easy to use interface and has won multiple awards. Originally shareware, GroupMail was established in 1996 and its headquarters are located in Ireland. Groupmail enjoys a global reputation and services companies internationally in more than 160 countries. This email marketing service has an impressive resume and has won the Cool Tools Award, Paul’s Picks and a place in the WUGNET hall of fame  – to name a few of its accomplishments. GroupMail is a high-end tool that will eliminate all the hassles and tedium of mass email distribution.

GroupMail Pricing 


This service is available as a free application that is convenient for small businesses and a win for those who are just starting out. However, this edition has limited features and capabilities and as time progresses and your needs grow you will most likely have to upgrade to one of the paid versions. GroupMail offers a convenient once-off payment, unlike other applications that require monthly subscription fees or pay per mail.  To add to the convenience, upgrading between tiers remains cost-effective as you need not pay the entire fee for the software, only the difference between the new tier and the one you already occupy. In case you are unsure of your purchase, there is an automatic Money Back Guarantee for the 30 days following your purchase.

GroupMail also goes out of its way to add ease of payment. There are a variety of methods that are accepted as payment including credit cards, wire transfers, and purchase orders. Further, GroupMail allows you to pay in your currency, allowing you to know exactly how much you are paying for the product. There are discounts available for non-profit and educational organizations

It must be noted that by paying for the application, you are not purchasing it, but merely paying for a software license. While GroupMail will allow you to install this application on three devices, they may not be in simultaneous use. This means that you must pay per user to install the application.

Edition: Price: Templates: Recipients Delivery Connections
Lite: FREE 39 100 1
Personal: $149.95 108 UNLIMITED 3
Business: $349.95 142 UNLIMITED 256
Marketing: $699.95 142 UNLIMITED 256


All are available for download in English, French, Polish, German and Spanish.

For an additional fee, you can also gain access to GroupMail Insights. This is an exceptionally useful tool that will allow you to analyze your progress, goals and manage your subscription and is available in four tiers. This provides useful information on the efficacy of your marketing and the interest you attract. Utilizing this information can assist you in taking your business to entirely new planes. Unlike the software license, this fee is payable per month or year. The pricing is high and so try out the 30-day free trial before paying a subscription to make sure that the tier suits your needs.

Tier: Price /Month: Price/Year: Active Campaigns: Archived Campaigns:
Business: $25.00 $250.00 25 50
Marketing: $50.00 $500.00 50 100
Agency: $150.00 $1500.00 75 150
Unlimited: $500.00 $5000.00 UNLIMITED UNLIMITED

Included in the purchase f the Marketing edition, you will receive one full year of the Real-Time Analytics function of Insight completely free. For further details, see Insights in add-ons.

Features Offered by GroupMail

GroupMail offers a wide range of features, all designed to make your experience easier and pleasant. GroupMail is designed with features specifically targeting repetitive tasks and troubleshooting. With its purpose firmly in mind, this application is equipped to deal with all the regular administration tasks that come along with managing a subscription-based distribution system. Features available depend on the edition of GroupMail that you use, and add-ons are not available in the free version of the software.

Group administration:


In addition to having access to an unlimited number of contacts (for all editions excluding GroupMail Lite), but you are also able to import to your GroupMail account from any compatible database. This ensures that you will not lose your contacts when moving over from an alternative application and eliminates the labor-intensive task of re-recording the information of possibly thousands of customers. There are easy to use tools that will make editing contact information quick and simple.


As with contacts, you are entitled to an unlimited number of groups. GroupMail provided tools that eliminated the need for complex procedures to modify groups. GroupMail also allows you to target specific groups within your lists based on factors such as location using a user-friendly query constructor. This requires no additional knowledge of programming of SQL and can be done in a matter of minutes.


To make your e-mails appear professional, GroupMail supplies the user with a selection of pre-formatted and coded templates for a variety of purposes. The number of available templates is dependent on the edition of the application you use and ranges from 39 to 142. These are easy to personalize for your brand and are compatible with any device.

There is also an option to create your templates, but this will require, at minimum, a basic knowledge of HTML coding. You may create your HTML file on an alternative application and then import it through to GroupMail. If you desire, you may make your template available to other GroupMail users or use one of the templates that they have made available. In this manner, you expose yourself to a wider variety of options and increase the possibility of finding a template that will suit your needs.

As a bonus paid editions will allow you to link your social media details in your e-mail, as well as add tweet buttons which will allow your recipients to further distribute your e-mails and newsletters. It also allows a hassle-free option to imbed websites into your missives.

GroupMail also allows you to save previous emails as templates for the future. You can create multi-part newsletters (MIME) that consists of both HTML and plain text. This will allow you to reach your clients that choose to receive the only plain text in their email provider.


While delivery can reportedly be quite slow in the Lite and Personal Editions, the Marketing and Business editions utilize up to 256 delivery connection points to send out vast amounts of e-mails simultaneously. GroupMail also employs Port 25 (message relaying technology) to bypass SMPT’s and relay your message directly to your recipients.

Ensuring your e-mail reaches their intended locations  – and doesn’t end prematurely end its journey in someone’s spam folder  – is of utmost importance. GroupMail provides a Spam Score Check to guarantee delivery of your missives. This Feature is only available as part of the Marketing Edition.

Cloud Syncing:

GroupMail is compatible with OneDrive – an online storage facility available on windows devices. This allows the user to access all features at any location on any device (on which GroupMail is installed). This also allows for different users to collaborate on projects ad manage different groups, lessening the workload of the individual.

Integrations and Add-ons

GroupMail features

Integrations and add-ons are only available to the Personal, Marketing and Business tiers. Capabilities and options of add-ons tend to correlate with the application tier.


GroupMail allows you to integrate social media and websites into your emails. It is also fully integrated with OneDrive and the Microsoft Outlook toolbar. You can also integrate twitter links to allow your subscriber to spread the word.

Back-up and Restore

To ensure that you lose none of our data – whether it be contacts, groups or accounts – GroupMail offers back-up and restoration tools. Keeping your information up to date can be challenging and so, in the Business and Marketing editions, there is also an option to schedule your backup. You can choose which data you would like to back-up and where you would like to save that back-up. GroupMail knows that scheduling back-ups should not be time-consuming and repetitive and offers the option to set up back-ups to take place from intervals as short as 15 minutes to once a year. Once set up, these back-ups will occur in the background and send you notifications upon the completion or failure of the task.

Restoring previous back-ups is a relatively straightforward task. All you need to do is select the version you would like to restore and wait. In the case that you have only lost a portion of your data, you can choose to restore only that information without waiting for the entire system to restore.


This is an incredibly useful tool that is guaranteed to save you time and energy. GroupMail Tweaker allows you to make changes to entire groups of data in a single step. The purpose of Tweaker is to eliminate all those pesky problems stemming from email addresses or unsupported formats that may undermine the functioning of the application or your marketing efforts.

  • Name Splitting: This tool allows you to separate the first and last names of recipients into two different database fields.
  • Capitalize: This function will capitalize on all the content of the specified field.
  • Rule-based Update: By entering specific parameters, this will identify all the data that fits the profile and apply the changes you require.
  • Formatting: Time and date formats vary across the globe. Using this you can reformat the data of your recipients to adhere to your regional format, removing obvious tripping hazards from data storage and analysis.
  • Date Field Selection: This will allow you to control the field to which the date an individual became a recipient will be saved when they subscribe.

Email Inspector

There is no need to store extraneous data and invalid email addresses. GroupMail provides two email address validity checks, automatically removing any addresses that do not meet the criteria:

  • DNS Inspection: This is a much faster inspection; however, it does not assure that all email addresses are real and in use. DNS inspection merely analyses email addresses to verify their domain names.
  • SMTP Inspection: This is a much lengthier procedure, but ultimately more rewarding. SMTP Inspection does more than just investigate the domain name. This procedure checks the syntax of the address, the domain AND whether the email address is legitimate and in use.

GroupMail Insights

This is an analytics tool that can be acquired at an additional fee to the one paid for your edition of the application. You can track campaigns and set goals without painstakingly scrolling through entire lists of contacts.

Real-Time Analytics

This function allows you to gain an in-depth analysis of the reception of your emails. Theses analyses keep you up to date with the percentage of recipients clicking on your missives, opening them and following the links you have included. This knowledge can help you adjust your strategies to attain greater opening rates and enable you to see real progress!

Revenue Tracking

Insights allows you to keep a close eye on your sales progress and investment returns stemming from your campaigns. For those using the Agency tier or above, you can receive even more intricate information. Agency allows you to analyze the campaign data of individual subscribers and colleagues. You can even allow then to track their progress and success rates.

Custom Domains

The Agency and Unlimited tiers also allow you to build custom domains. This means that any tracked links are exclusive to your website and do not compromise your privacy by exposing any URLs of your own.

Subscription Management

Automate your entire subscription process from forms to opt-out links. Your subscription manager will automatically remove those who unsubscribe and add new recipient information to your database.


GroupMail reviews


This package is only available in the Business and Marketing editions. Autoresponder is the best way to deal with all the regular maintenance that comes along with running a subscription-based distribution. It allows you to set automatic responses to new subscribers, manage drip campaigns, set reminders and even send our personalized birthday wishes. This will also remove any subscribers who opt-out from your database along with the addresses of any bounced emails.


The scheduling feature of GroupMail allows you to schedule back-ups regularly. You are also able to schedule the sending of mass emails to be executed remotely without your intervention.

Ease of access

User reviews report the GroupMail software as easy to use and requiring minimal to no training. If however, you do have questions about using the application, support resources are limited and insufficient according to most customers. To create completely original pieces, some knowledge of HTML is required which may raise the level of difficulty in some places.

Overall, the automation setting and easy to navigate interface, make this a stress free and efficient application to use. Features such as the query constructer eliminate the need for excessive peripheral knowledge on the running of databases and query languages. The Tweaker add on also allows for easy navigation around correcting errors and formatting in a manner that is time-efficient and straight forward.

Customer Service

GroupMail provides free extensive articles on commonly encountered problems on their site. They are also equipped with videos and additionally offer free webinars. For any additional support, you can contact their technical via email. In fact, upon purchasing the Marketing edition, you will receive priority technical support for the duration of your first year using the application.

Despite what seems to be a solid foundation for support, customers account for much dissatisfaction with the service. In some cases, they feel that there were insufficient resources to learn to use the basic tools of the interface and often need to resort to YouTube tutorials and the wider web for assistance. Paradoxically, there are customer accounts of flogging complaints that resulted in software updates in a matter of days. There are also report of quick support responses and detailed instructions for tool and software use. It is fair to say that opinion on GroupMail customer support is mixed with an even spread of both the positive and negative.

Frequently Asked Questions about GroupMail

Is GroupMail compatible with cloud storage?

Yes and no. GroupMail completely integrates OneDrive cloud storage which is available on all Windows devices and with any Microsoft account. However, GroupMail is not compatible with iCloud.

Which operating systems can use GroupMail?

The GroupMail software is designed to work with the Microsoft Windows OS. This includes Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and all edition of Windows Vista. GroupMail is also available on ME,  XP, 2000 and NT4.

It is not compatible with Mac devices. However, GroupMail does offer a Mac alternative under the name of Hoolie that performs the same functions.

How secure is GroupMail?

GroupMail treats the security of both users and recipients with the utmost gravitas. Data is stored locally on your device to lower the risk of hackers accessing your information. Any data analysis is undertaken by GroupMail Insights only under direct instruction from the user. After the data serves its purpose it is deleted without any trace. Backups are stored on the device of the customer’s choosing and will not be available online to unauthorize personal.

Which databases can GroupMail link to?

The answer to this: Basically, all of them. This is compatible with Oracle, SQL, MySQL, MS Outlook, Eudora and dozens more. Linking your contacts should not be a worry and you should not lose any when transferring from another application. Tweaker also allows you to easily edit, maintain and format your data without an endless array of tedious tasks.

NOTE: Database connections are only available to the Marketing and Business editions.

Aside from pricing, what is the difference between the Business and Marketing Editions?

Unlike the Business edition, Marketing does not require an additional Insights subscription, but rather comes included for up to a year, Marketing also provides GDPR support, opt-in form builders and the arguably essential spam score checker.

GroupMail Pros and Cons


  • It requires little training and is simple to use.
  • No monthly subscription fees, just a once-off payment to download the application.
  • Available for use on up to 3 devices per user. This is convenient for home and office use.
  • Syncing with previous and ongoing client databases.
  • Compatible with OneDrive.
  • Recipient privacy is maintained. Each client will receive direct emails from you. There are no BBC fields to detract from the personal touch of your emails.


  • Payment is required per user. GroupMail does not operate on and log-in basis as other applications might. Despite being able to install the application on more than one computer, these devices can not be in concurrent use.
  • GroupMail is not compatible with Mac devices and the iCloud.
  • There are a limited number of templates available.
  • The more desirable features and add-ons are only available in the paid editions.
  • Data analysis is only available if you pay an additional fee.
  • Unless you run an extremely small business, GroupMail Lite will not fulfill your needs.


There is new software springing up almost constantly and GroupMail does not suit your needs or leaves you dissatisfied with its service there are plenty of alternatives to try. These include Mailchimp, OpenEmm, Drip, SendPulse, and Constant Contact. If you are looking for a version of GroupMail to use on a Mac device, GroupMail offers an alternative of its own by the name of Aweber. Hoolie is compatible with all the Mac OS and is designed with the same focuses in mind.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a one-stop solution for all to meet all your distribution needs, GroupMail is an excellent solution. It an efficient and reliable tool with plenty of acclamations. The pricing is far from exorbitant. Insights provide you with genuinely valuable information that will allow you to progress and develop your campaigns and monitor real-time progress. The learning curve to use this application is not steep and you can train entire teams to use in as short as a single day.

However, if you are a small business with little to spend, you may wish to seek an alternative as GroupMail Lite is extremely limited with none of the convenient add-ons that make it more pleasurable to work with. For medium and large businesses this is much more viable that guarantees customer satisfaction.

GroupMail Review
GroupMail Review
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