GoDaddy Email Marketing Review

GoDaddy Email Marketing Review

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8.5/10 (Expert Score)
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Ease of Use
Customer Support
  • Excellent Customer Service.
  • Offers unlimited image hosting.
  • Available in all countries
  • Offers many tutorials
  • Sometimes the documentation is complicated
  • Poor hosting administration panel
  • It doesn't have a trial offer

GoDaddy Email Marketing is best known for being a domain name registrar, but its services are very varied and include other online services such as web hosting, web security, email marketing, website creation tools, and professional email hosting. GoDaddy indicates that it is the best alternative for mail marketing campaigns, which we will analyze as objectively as possible in this article.

This statement is a bit risky since GoDaddy (a company founded in 1997 in Baltimore, Maryland, by Bob Parsons) although not as a mail marketing company but as a company of Internet domain registration and web hosting, and being a company with multiple areas of dissimilarity gives us food for thought.

At the beginning of this analysis, we found that GoDaddy has an attractive and quite friendly cPanel (Control Panel) that allows the user to make very eye-catching emails in full color without having much technical or design knowledge and in short, it is WYSIWYG (WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET), but it is not for people who do not know the world of Internet and some computer concepts so many actions of the cPanel would be a bit complex to use. This cPanel allows the user to import their clients as subscribers and the visitors of the user’s website can subscribe to receive the emails you create in the future. It also has a large list of templates by type of activity.

GoDaddy Email Marketing

It uses many computer concepts such as drag and drops, importing information and others. From a user familiar with these concepts you will notice that this cPanel contains all the functions offered by different Add-Ons used by some providers of this type of service.

The work environment for the creation of emails and campaigns is very well organized and if the user begins to understand how he segments his clients by some specific criteria, linking his emails to the calendar and social networks, he will end up accepting that he has a very good tool for his projects.

GoDaddy Email Marketing Pricing Packages

This company only has 3 email marketing plans, in the following table are placed both their features and prices and then other benefits included in them:

Beginner Up & Running Pro
  • $ 9.99 Month
  • $ 14.99 Month
  • $ 29.99 Month
  • Up to 500 subscribers1
  • Up to 2,500 subscribers1
  • Up to 5,000 subscribers1
  • Up to 5,000 emails/month
  • Up to 25,000 emails/month
  • Up to 50,000 emails/month
  • Single registration form
  • Unlimited registration form
  • Unlimited registration form
  • Basic image storage
  • Unlimited image storage
  • Unlimited image storage
  • Professional templates
  • Professional templates
  • Professional templates
  • Mobile accessible designs
  • Mobile accessible designs
  • Mobile accessible designs
  • Handling of unsubscribe
  • Handling of unsubscribe
  • Handling of unsubscribe
  • Works with Facebook, Etsy and more
  • Works with Facebook, Etsy and more
  • Works with Facebook, Etsy and more
  • Automated email campaigns
  • Automated email campaigns
  • Convert blog posts to emails
  • Convert blog posts to emails
  • Subscription cancellation options
  • Subscription cancellation options
  • Date-triggered emails
  • Record signup IPs
  • Share statistics with others

1 – Add more anytime

All plans include:

  • Customized reports to display emails are opened, clicked and/or shared.
  • Buttons that allow you to improve interaction.
  • Email editor with a drag-and-drop composer for faster email creation.
  • Authentication tools to protect your subscribers from unsolicited mail.
  • High-quality image gallery that makes emails look professional. First-class data security and spam filter.

When the customer’s contact list exceeds the limit of their plan, the customer can easily resolve this. GoDaddy allows you to increase the number of contacts from within your account at any time. It’s affordable and they don’t have to upgrade their plan.

GoDaddy Email Marketing

Ease of use and Automation

GoDaddy customers can easily get started with email marketing. Even if they never had a contact list, GoDaddy will help you create one. It’s simple to add registration forms on your websites, your Facebook page or at live events to collect email addresses. It’s quick to import your contacts from your Gmail or Outlook email account directly into your GoDaddy email marketing software.

GoDaddy’s email portal allows the user many advantages in the creation of emails since it promotes in its cPanel an almost guided format of how to create the emails, allowing the use of colors, graphics, and photos to create a very professional campaign.

It allows you to use the concept of drag and drop and in the same cPanel you can make all the automation that your plan allows.

It has at its disposal a very wide library of very well-designed images so that they are not too heavy without losing quality.

Also, you can use most social networks for your promotion or whatever you have done as mail, whether it is information, invitation, events, etc.

  • The portal is very intuitive and allows the user to incorporate personal widgets for news, weather, sports, etc.
  • The user can review the final content directly on his computer or mobile phone, with a preview (WYSIWYG).
  • The email address of your company that gives more confidence to your customers.
  • Easy to use functions such as calendar, contacts, and tasks.
  • You can use your favorite email application and it syncs with the devices you use.

Integrations and Complements

The GoDaddy cPanel allows automatic integration with all the devices the user has (PC, Mobile, Tablet, etc.), as well as with the user’s favorite email account. This will allow you to manage your account from any device.

Due to the current design of the cPanel so far you will not need any Add-on for your email, as most of the needs are already implemented directly.

GoDaddy indicates that based on customer feedback in the future, improvements will be made to the cPanel by implementing the most voted ideas.

GoDaddy customers can add the registration widget to their website or to their online store page to get new email addresses from their visitors. So everyone who registers will automatically receive their next emails, campaigns or invitations.


As alternatives to GoDaddy, there are many on the Internet (for email marketing). The following is a list of the best-positioned companies that provide this service:

Company Plans Prices per month Free
SendInBlue Four ($) 25 – 39 – 66 – 173 Yes.
Mailerlite By subscribers 1K-30K -> ($) 10 – 140 1K (12K Email month)
Mailchimp Three ($) 9.99 – 14.99 – 299 Yes (2K Contacts)
GetResponse Four (€) 13 – 45 – 89 – 1199 Yes2
G Suite Three ($) 5.40 – 10.20 – 25 Yes (14 days)

2 – Three plans with one month free

Note: The type of currency used by each company is placed in parentheses.

Email marketing today has a wide variety of companies offering it, but you have to be a little selective when deciding which one to hire. In the above list, only some of the most requested ones are mentioned.

GoDaddy Email Marketing FAQ

GoDaddy Email Marketing features

In this section, we will place only some of the questions and answers are given by GoDaddy users and some that were thought convenient to place.

It’s GoDaddy good for beginners?

As long as the user has at least some knowledge of how to use a website and some computer concepts, as it might be a little difficult to use the tool without this skill to create the emails and configure their settings, although the tool is very intuitive and simple.

Offer GoDaddy a free trial?

GoDaddy does not show a free trial plan because they do not have one for email marketing, some other companies mention that if you are a customer of their main business you can get a free trial, there are pages where you can get a free month trial and other discounts like this which although it is a Spanish page takes you to the GoDaddy page (although it is not specified if it is for domains or emails) where the offer appears.

Who to make the transition from the old Windows platform to Plesk hosting?

The transition should be from a Classic/Legacy Windows hosting to a Windows Plesk hosting.

All domains (including sub-domains) show a 503 error on Plesk sites?

If you receive error 503, check the SQL server connection string or your application may have locked up (check the event viewer to see if you find event records in your application/system log). Error 503 may occur if your websites are frequently down.

Cannot extract zipped files in Plesk hosting?

You can extract any zip file with these steps:

  1. Log in to your Plesk shared accommodation account.
  2. In the hosting account, you want to use, click Manage.
  3. Click Plesk Admin.
  4. Click the File tab.
  5. Select the file you want to unpack, click More, and then click Extract Files.
  6. Click OK.

Customer service

GoDaddy Email Marketing offers 24/7/365 support, that is, 24 hours a day, every day of the year and makes a US phone number available to all its customers. GoDaddy Email Marketing’s email templates help you create campaigns efficiently. It has many custom email templates ready to create emails or newsletters for almost any field. It has a large collection of images to use. Automatically advertise your email offers on major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc. You can create emails in both HTML and text. Every customer can know how their campaigns are working as GoDaddy’s email marketing service includes good statistics for tracking. The statistics will show how many people open the emails sent, how many participate in your campaigns and those who share your email message.

And they can determine very quickly which email gets the best response. Based on this, customers can understand what attracts their readers most and make adjustments to their e-mails to get better results. Customers can contact experts through a phone call and help themselves by reviewing the FAQs, the support center and the customer community for the best answers.

Customer Feedback

The opinion of the customers of this company is divided, a few are shown to give you an idea of the service provided by GoDaddy.

  • It works for me. I can send out marketing emails to promote my products or tell people what events I have a month to month, what new products are coming out and anything else of informational interest.
  • Although prices have risen along with inflation, GoDaddy Email Marketing’s prices are still very competitive. You also have control over whether to pay manually or do an automatic renewal. I tried another provider that charged our card days before the renewal date. I have not had problems like this with GoDaddy
  • We can respond to guests and associates easily and without delay. Attachments are easily uploaded, which we use frequently.
  • The thing I like least about GO Daddy’s email is that when there is a problem, it becomes a bigger problem than it should be. The service is great, but the technicians will make it hard to get things working again.
  • I like to use tables and different fonts. It was a little cumbersome in formatting text and adding the tables. Once I got it done, I was happy with the result.

As a statistical summary, the following graph shows values with a maximum of 5 points, in the areas opined by GoDaddy’s customers.

GoDaddy Email Marketing Pros and cons


  • Services and Customer Service.
  • Offers unlimited image hosting.
  • A tool to design a very friendly email marketing or the creation of a promotional campaign.
  • Low prices.
  • Available in all countries.
  • Offers many tutorials in the form of web pages and videos to educate its customers


  • Poor support.
  • Somewhat slow and saturated servers.
  • Sometimes the paperwork is complicated.
  • Poor hosting administration panel.
  • It doesn’t have a trial offer.
  • Due to GoDaddy’s acquisition of companies that were in the same business (mostly in Europe), this led to changes in the conditions and contracts of the clients of those companies, which left GoDaddy with a very bad opinion and score in that part of the world.

The above note is for information only since the link given expresses not very pleasant content due to the changes GoDaddy made after those acquisitions and the resistance to change of the human being.

GoDaddy’s Email Marketing Features

GoDaddy Email Marketing reviews

In addition to some of the main features mentioned above, the other highlights of GoDaddy’s email marketing are:

  • Email campaigns – By understanding how to use the cPanel, calendar, and tasks you will be able to create your campaigns and automate them in dates, priorities, etc.
  • Conversion of blog entries to email If you have a blog you can also have the designs made in your cPanel (emails, invitations, etc.) communicate with those sites and make mention of them in that blog.
  • Custom HTML emails – Everything you have done within the GoDaddy cPanel is processed as HTML because every design is practically a web page, of course without action buttons unless you incorporate them into your design.
  • Automated Welcome Message – Usually you have a welcome message on your different websites or blog, which you can improve or edit through the cPanel.
  • Contact management – You can import your contacts, which internally will be your subscribers, and created using widgets on your websites or blog you can incorporate all visitors who wish to receive information about your products, events, etc.
  • Image library – GoDaddy has a very extensive library of images in different areas that you will have at your disposal to use in your creations.
  • Landing Pages/Web Forms – Maybe you want to design these kinds of pages for use in websites or landing pages which using the cPanel will be quite comfortable and simple to do.
  • Mobile-optimized emails – Since screen sizes between a computer and mobile equipment differ in size, you can optimize your mail design for these devices once it is complete.
  • WYSIWYG Email Editor – The concept ‘what you see is what you get’ is the way you work with what you designed in the cPanel, so with just a preview you will see on-screen what your customers will see.
  • Subscriber Management – You will be able to manage your subscribers the way you want, creating subscriber segments, by importance, etc.
  • Reports/Analysis – In your GoDaddy account you have access to all the reports and analysis created and available to better understand how your campaigns have been, which subscribers (clients) read your runs, click on your action buttons, etc. that are having more success.

GoDaddy Email Marketing

The information presented so far has been verified and updated to April 2020. By selecting a template (the one that best fits the desired design), it can be modified and adapted to your taste by inserting text, photos, etc. to have an excellent final result for your campaign, invitation or any other type. To have a good email marketing tool, the best recommendation is to use an internet provider with good recommendations, since you will pay for the service and the updates that the provider makes to the tool designed for this purpose.

Final Verdict

This article was created by conducting extensive research on this area of the GoDaddy Company in the most objective manner possible and without any preference or rejection of this company. As expected, all this information is collected from different Internet sites and is filtered to rule out some unverifiable concepts, as well as unpleasant or biased opinions, all the information obtained is captured as it was obtained, but analyzed from a neutral point of view.

We try to provide as clear and fair a description as possible, without judging or giving unfair or disrespectful opinions, only the information found published on one site. Every company has its pros and cons (we don’t all think or need the same thing) and, in general, people are guided by advertising and/or recommendations from friends or acquaintances to hire a service, without doing any kind of research.

GoDaddy Email Marketing is a very large company with many variants of business on the Internet and although they all seem similar (services) it is not so. This makes it quite difficult to control and have a clear view of each of those services.

This is due to a very well-studied and analyzed concept by different companies dedicated to the subject whose conclusion is “you can’t be good at everything if you’re not good at the human factor first” and this is a rule that all big successful companies take into account in their business.

From the information obtained and analyzed GoDaddy Email Marketing provides services that may not be the best for various reasons, but there is something that cannot be denied, is not the largest company in its business area because the agencies responsible for rating it “believed” what they say, the measurements achieved are not tricked, the drive that has shown for years and has managed to maintain in that position is something to take into account for any type of business decision. And although GoDaddy Email Marketing has many recognitions and certifications in what it does, it does not place much emphasis on the human factor, which leads to unfavorable user opinions about this company.

Also, one has to take into account the normal problems of every company (maintaining its market, investments, etc.) hardware and software drawbacks, as well as the constant attacks from IT professionals dedicated to the so-called dark side of the IT area. You can analyze many of the companies that are involved in this type of business and investigate each one of them as you see fit and you will find many of the problems mentioned in this article as well as many advantages in each one of them.

But in general terms, GoDaddy Email Marketing, to date, is a company with very well-established accreditations. And ultimately, it deserves to be considered as a possible alternative for your personalized email marketing business. We hope that the information contained in this document, the analysis and the data provided will be useful to you, as we do so in the belief that you when deciding to purchase a service such as the one described, will use it as a guide.

GoDaddy Email Marketing Review
GoDaddy Email Marketing Review
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