Gist Email Marketing Review

Gist Email Marketing Review

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Gist is an online platform with a collection of different tools. It can be used to communicate, sell and market services and products to customers. It also gives you the platform to grow your business and get involved in your customer’s life cycle. With Gist, you can create personalized emails, follow up on clients, and get close to the customers without making any physical contact. The main features in this platform are live chat, email marketing, marketing automation, and customer intelligence.

Gist review

Gist email marketing tool has different features that allow you to create emails and send personalized emails, engage with your clients, drive traffic and convert new customers into leads. You can also run email campaigns. They prompt your target clients to take certain actions.  With Gist, you’ll have the advantage of creating audiences for your market. These audiences, for example, can be, new customers. With this list, you will target your new clients only, and send them a personalized email. Depending on the information that you want to pass to your clients, it becomes easy to target each audience differently.

Gist Pricing

Gist has different prices depending on the suite that one is interested in. Email marketing is part of the general marketing suite. Gist has a trial period for all suites, which is valid for 21 days only. After the trial period, one can then decide on which plan best suits them.

Gist marketing suite

Plan one: Free Forever

Important features

$ 0 per month, Free sign up Up to 1000 contacts can be added
·        Mostly for beginners who want to familiarize themselves with Gist.

·        It can also be used by starter companies or businesses which are just starting.

·        Capture and convert leads. This is through the use of forms.

·        Lead and customer profiles

·        Contact website activity

·        Dynamic segmentation

·        Event-based segmentation


Plan two: Full Growth suite

Important features

Professional, from $24.99 per month Has a free trial period of 21 days
·        For those who send emails regularly

·        For persons looking for unique support.


·        You can engage with your leads.

·        Personalized emails

·        Auto track events

·        Email statistics and reports

·        Email delivery windows

·        Visual workflows

·        Simple automation rules

Gist Email Marketing Features

Using Gist, you can send three different types of emails namely, behavioural, drip and broadcast emails.

Broadcast Email

Broadcast emails are manually sent by the user. You write off the message and send it to a specific group of people. Broadcast emails are based on a set of rules. To compose these emails, you can choose to write them from scratch.

You can add images, logos, buttons and the intended messages.  Broadcast emails are very common when sending product information, blog updates, newsletters and relevant changes in a business. One can also choose different templates to write their emails. For those who want to save their time, they can choose a template to use. After one is done with composing their emails, they have the advantage to preview how their emails will look like. Email preview is very important because it helps one to make changes and craft a good email that clients are likely to interact with.

Gist reviews

 Drip campaign

With a drip campaign, you can send a series of emails to a specific group of people. The emails have to be of different topics. The emails are also to be sent on different days or even weeks. This is to avoid the emails being spammy.

You’re in total control of the drip campaign. This means that you can set the number of emails you wish to send. You can also control the rate at which the emails will be sent.

For example, you can decide to educate your customers on certain products. You can send valuable information about the product. This can be purchase, value and any additional information. You can split up the information into different sections and send it at different intervals.

 Behavior email

This is the most amazing feature.  It works in such a way that, if a subscriber performs a certain action or reaches a certain milestone, Gist sends an automatic email. This means that you do not have to keep checking customers’ actions to send an email for the next action.

You create the emails and set the rules. When a user completes an action, it triggers a set rule. Gist will analyze the action and send an automatic email of the next step in action. These emails are used in businesses that want to be involved in their customers’ market cycle. It can also be used to gather customer feedback in a business.

Additional Features

Gist has other properties within the features listed above. Crafting the right emails for specific clients becomes easy with the following:

  • Geo tracking- as the name suggests, you can keep track of the location of your contacts. You can see from which location your clients are in and use the data to grow your email list.
  • Custom domains- you can customize your email address to send emails from your work address. Here, you can add email addresses related to your business instead of having your personal email accounts. This helps build trust with your customers.
  • Mobile friendly- Gist email marketing tool allows you to craft emails that can be viewed from a mobile phone and the desktop. Emails sent from this platform are easy to access from any device. All attachment can be clearly viewed and accessed.
  • Spam safeguard- with Gist, you can send emails that can be viewed from the customer’s inbox. By using the Gist email marketing tool, your emails will be tracked in real-time to ensure a higher delivery rate into a client’s inbox.
  • Follow up emails- You can send follow-up emails to your clients based on the actions they have taken. Gist tools allow generating automatic emails that will show up to clients once they perform certain tasks such as clicking on a link or opening an email.
  • Exclude purchases- if your business deals with selling products, for example, you can create an email list of people who are interested in the product. From this list, you can send different emails to different clients.

For instance, you can send emails to clients who have shown interest in the products. This email will be different from the one who is already using the product. Gist allows you to craft and send customized emails to your different clients.

  • Send Options- Gist allows users to decide on how they would want to send their emails. You can decide to either send your email immediately or schedule the messages to send at a specific day and time. It allows the sender to choose whom to send the email to, customer location and segment.

You can create different audiences for your emails from the people’s page. For the different emails to be sent, you should set the audience to send to. If you’re sending your email to different customers, you need to create the audience first.

Ease of use

The Gist email marketing tool is very friendly even to the new users. It also allows you to create a trial account for the first 21 days. You can test your skills and get familiar with all its features. Gist also has a guiding video, which shows new clients how to make use of the various features of the marketing tool. The Gist tool is very easy to use. The interface is also very appealing. It’s very easy to move from one section to another. For new clients looking to start email marketing, Gist tool makes it easy to craft engaging emails, track customers and generate leads.

By engaging your customers, you can also create a list of new customers. You can educate them about your business and why they should do business with you. This is made possible by creating email campaigns that are tailored to specific interests.


Gist automation

Before your visitors are turned into customers, a long process is involved.  Being part of the customer’s journey can be long and expensive. Having a tool that helps you to be there for your customers from the initial stages can make everything feel simple. Gist automation has several ways to achieve this. It allows you to create workflows and set up rules using automation rules builders. You can also use the existing automation builders from Gist, to save time. Here is how the automation process takes place:

Visual workflow tool

With this tool, you can see all the various actions that your subscriber has taken. You can see how the subscriber travels within your funnel using visual workflows.  You can create your workflow from the workflow dashboard.

The importance of the workflow is to help you keep track of your buyer’s journey by adding different triggers and actions. Each trigger on workflow is supposed to register only once. In case there is repetition of a similar contact on a workflow, you can set the rules to manage repetition. You can set a decision block.

Automation rules builder

With this tool, you can set triggers and events, which prompts a rule. You can set the rules each at a time. You can create the rules from the rules dashboard and have as many rules as you want. Gist has very many triggers to choose from. Before creating a rule, you must create a trigger first. From a single trigger, you can have as many rules but they must also be different. Choose a suitable name for the trigger that you want to automate. After you successfully create a trigger, you have to set it on or live. Gist will automatically proceed with the rest of the actions.

Integration and Add-ons

Gist is an all-in-one platform that helps you to be part of your customer’s journey.   Gist can be used with most apps. It integrates with, WordPress, Woo-Commerce, Zapier, Google calendar, Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook, Zoom and WP Fusion.

Gist also integrates with other email software and plugins such as Mailoptin, Kajabi, Docsify, and email list validation. Gist can also be used with other CRM to help you connect and relate with your customers.


Gist email marketing provides a majority of email services. The email platform helps businesses grow their traffic, generate leads and create email campaigns. However, there are different email service providers out there in the market. Mailchimp is an email marketing platform that helps you communicate with your clients and customers.  It’s easy to use and has various features.

Mailchimp users can also opt for a free account or a premium account. This feature makes it unique as most platforms are paid for. There is also another alternative which is Mailoptin. Mailoptin is a WordPress plugin that is simple, affordable and easy to use.  Mailoptin has stylish and affordable themes, which suit the email marketing needs.

SendX is another email marketing software which is more result-oriented. It deliver reports and results on open rates and link clicks. This kind of information is important for the growth of any business. Businesses can use this information to make certain changes in their mail delivery process. Totalsend compares to Gist in that it’s more of a message delivery system. It’s preferable for companies looking for platforms with reliable message delivery.  Totalsend has three payment options. These are monthly, high volume and pay as you go.

Gist frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Gist support

What is Gist?

Gist is an all-in-one platform which you can use to get closer to your clients. Gist is the tool to use to convert cold and new visitors into buyers. Gist provides you with the platform where you can acquire, engage and support your clients online. All-in-one means that you can run your business and store all your information on the same platform.

Is it possible to track customer events and activities using Gist?

Yes. You can track all your customer activities. Gist tracks every action that your client does, whether on the website, email, link clicks, forms submissions, page views, etc. These actions are all tracked in real-time.

Gist event tracking is integrated with all other tools. When it comes to email marketing, it will track user properties and actions, then assign them to their specific email addresses. To make better use of the track property, you can create specific groups for your audiences. Based on the information stored in these groups, you can see how your audience interacts with your business.

Is Gist free to use?

Gist offers new users a 21 days trial period. After the expiry of these days, one can proceed to pay for a plan they are most comfortable with. Gist has a free plan, which can be used for personal websites or start-ups. This plan has limited features and it’s majorly used for basic communication. There is also a premium plan which is used for businesses.

How can Gist help in engaging with customers?

The purpose of email marketing is to engage and communicate with customers.  You can create personalized emails with Gist. This means that the email is specific to the customers’ needs. You will engage with new customers, nurture the existing customers and work on maintaining the customers.

Gist customer service

Gist community is very dedicated to helping their customers on making the best out of the software. There is Chabot, on the homepage, where users can ask for help. From the Chabot, one can also get to search for articles with answers to the various questions. Gist also provides an email, where clients can send messages with the specific questions.

Gist homepage has a section with frequently asked questions. There is also a section with detailed articles and questions. From here, users can click on certain topics and get assistance. These articles are specific to the various features of the software.

The Gist blog section is also part of customer service. This is because it contains articles and lengthy and well-written content about Gist. The content is categorized into five major sections. This makes it easy to jump right into their specific section without having to scroll through unwanted posts.

Gist Pros and Cons


  • User Friendly:  Gist is very easy to use, for both first time and existing clients. The interface is very easy to understand and workaround. Gist has also provided easy to follow guides, with explanations. They have also added videos and images for further explanations.
  • Informative blog page: The Gist blog page is very informative. The different sections provide long and informative content on the various features and how to make use of them.  Some of the other topics are not software related, but they provide quality information.
  • Integration: Gist can be used with a majority of different tools, plugins and apps. This makes it easy to use the software on different types of businesses.
  • Mobile Friendly: Gist can not only be used on desktops but also on mobile phones. Gist mobile phone app can be downloaded on Android and iPhones. This means that users of the app can still access the software from wherever they are. Gist is simply designed to have real-time conversations with your customers.
  • Email Customization: You can customize your emails for marketing.  With Gist, you can choose how you want to send your emails. It allows you to schedule emails and publish them on a specific day and time. You also get to craft emails that are personalized to various subscribers.
  • Live Chat: The live chat is very efficient. It comes in handy especially when it comes to customer support. The app is very reliable and allows customers to leave their messages even outside working hours. This makes it easy to do follow up.


  • Late replies: Gist sometimes takes longer to reply to messages. If you require a fast solution to a problem, you may end up waiting for long without getting a solution.
  • It may be hard for a newbie on the site to figure out where certain feature are for someone who has not had previous interaction with such a platform, it may be hard to find their way around.
  • The attached videos are very fast for anyone looking for assistance with the apps. The video should be a bit slower for one to understand. The fact that one has to play the videos several times is time-consuming.
  • The pricings listed can be very confusing: This is because the software has different prices listed. One may get lost on whether payments are done once or several.

Final verdict

Gist is a platform that can be used to run both small and large businesses. There are different pricing plans in the Gist platform. You can choose one that you’re most comfortable with.  Depending on the type of business you’re in, you can choose either all-in-one, marketing suite or support suite. The advantage of choosing one of the suites is that you can choose a free or premium plan. The free plan is suitable for starters who would want to familiarize themselves with the platform. It’s upon you to choose.

A buyer’s journey is the most crucial part of a business. Email marketing is the most common way to attract potential clients to a business. If you’re looking to start these services, Gist provides the platform with a trial period of 21 days. Gist email services can be easily customized to generate personalized emails. The preview feature allows you to craft emails that your customers will like. You have the advantage of seeing how the emails will appear on a customer’s side.

The fact that Gist can be used with most tools makes it a better choice. You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. Finally, Gist saves on time and money. Instead of purchasing different tools to integrate with your business, you can find most of them in Gist. Some of the tools within this platform are like Chabot, email marketing, live chat, market automation, event tracking, meetings among others.

Gist Email Marketing Review
Gist Email Marketing Review
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