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Getresponse Review

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8.9/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #12 in category Email marketing service
GetResponse is a popular email marketing app which allows users to create their own newsletters and mailing lists. Automated emails are a big part of what makes GetResponse so appealing. So too is the ability to capture data and view email campaign statistics. This company first emerged in 1998. The app has evolved over the years to the point where it is now an "all in one" marketing tool. Users can host webinars, automate sales, manage customer issues and create landing pages.
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The company is based within Poland and has clients in over 180 nations. This global reach is clear from the fact that according to their records, GetResponse caters to at least 1 billion customers.

With so many email marketing services to choose from, it can be difficult to navigate through all the available options. Luckily GetResponse should appeal to a wide range of businesses. They go beyond the standard when it comes to features. This is especially true for those who pay for a higher tier pricing plan.

On the other hand, the app is not right for everyone. In order to understand whether GetResponse is a viable option for you, it is worth analysing several important factors. Here is an overview of the most important aspects of GetResponse.

How Does It Work?

To set up a campaign on this app you can utilise the GetResponse editor section. There is even an option to use your own code. The Email Creator Tool allows clients to either utilise numerous templates or instead start from scratch. There are enough templates to be applicable to a wide range of themes.

Once the user has finished their creation they can preview it to make sure it looks good in different browsers and mobile devices. The app tells you if there are any terms used in the campaign that could be considered spam. This will help prevent emails from being sent directly to spam folders. GetResponse requires all users to comply with the 2003 CAN-SPAM Act. Some users may find that this ends up being too restrictive for them.

The Time Travel feature is particularly impressive. If you want subscribers to receive an email at a specific hour of the day it will do so based on their time zone. This will mean that all subscribers will get the email at that hour regardless of their location. The Perfect Timing uses an algorithm to estimate the most ideal time of the day to send emails as well. Alternatively, users could simply manually send them whenever they wish.

Other factors can affect when emails are sent. This could include the subscribers birthday, data collected on them and any goals the user intends to reach. Messages sent by the autoresponder are great for making the campaign as efficient as possible. Once the campaign goes into effect it can be tracked and adapted thanks to tracking tools.

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Pricing Plans

One of the main reasons why such a variety of companies choose GetResponse is due to the broad range of pricing plans available. Those on a small budget will want to go for the basic package. This will cost $15 per month and allows users to send an unlimited amount of emails to a maximum of 1000 subscribers. The Plus and Professional packages run at $49 and $99 per month respectively. These two come with added features.

However, users will still be restricted by the limited subscriber amount. Larger businesses are better off going for the Enterprise package. This will cost them $1,199 which might seem like too much to pay. However, it means users get 100,000 potential subscribers. Those who are interested in the Enterprise plan will need to directly contact GetResponse. These prices can vary and will depend on the individual needs of the user. GetResponse also offers significant discounts to those who pay one or two years up front. In the past these discounts have been as high as 30%.

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Where GetResponse really shines is with the useful amount of features available. They give businesses everything they need to have a successful newsletter and email marketing campaign. The main focus of these features is on automation.


Autoresponders are email newsletters delivered to subscribers at specific times. The intervals between each newsletter can be chosen by you. For instance, is someone signs up to it they could be instantly sent a welcome message. Autoresponders are regularly used by companies to send discounts and let subscribers know about the social media of the business.

Message can be either action or time-based. Action-based ones may be triggered by what the user does or their information. For example, an email could be sent to them if they subscribe to a particular list or when it is their birthday. Autoresponders are a key selling point of GetResponse. Few marketing tools offer such reliable and complex autoresponder functionality. If you do not wish to use them then this company is not really worth paying for.

Email Editor

There are a couple of options in terms of creating emails. Users may wish to do so from scratch. Alternatively, they could take advantage of the hundreds of templates to make this task easier. Users familiar with coding could utilise the HTML editing options. You can also preview emails before they get sent out to subscribers. The spam checker is very useful as it means emails will hopefully not be lost in the spam folders of subscribers.

When the email has been completed it can then be instantly sent out to the desired contacts. Or the Time Travel feature can be used to send them at a selected time. The editor is arguably the most flexible tool of all on this service. However, it usually takes some practice to understand all the possibilities it provides. One flaw, however, is the fact that there are no options for changing the colour and font of the entire newsletter. If this is added in the near future it will help to save time during an edit.

Landing Page Creation

The landing page feature is a handy bonus available on certain packages. It is both flexible and intuitive, allowing users to edit parts of the page via a simple to use drag-and-drop system. The more complicated elements can unfortunately seem somewhat fiddly at times. Being able to create a landing page is in itself a fairly unique aspect of the service provided by GetResponse. Users will have difficulty finding a similar option on competing email services.

The editor makes up part of GetResponse’s Autofunnel system. It allows users to set up and track their advertising, eCommerce, webinar or social media campaigns with useful automated features. There are around 200 professionally designed templates to use. However to get the full benefit of Autofunnel features you will need to choose either the Plus plan or higher.

When editing landing pages it is possible to integrate with WordPress. For many users, this is likely to make the process much easier as they will be utilising a familiar system. Once the page is created it gives you the option to publish it through WordPress or the popular ecommerce program, Magento. This is particularly ideal for building webinars and promotion pages.

A/B Split Testing

A/B testing compares two different webpage versions to determine which one is the most efficient. It is also sometimes referred to as bucket or split testing. GetResponse gives users the ability to run A/B tests when trying out different newsletters and emails.

It can also be used to test a wide range of other elements. GetResponse shines compared to other services which are often lacking in A/B testing capabilities. The main downside is it can be hard to spot the option for it. This is hidden in a check option when you first set up an email.

RSS To Email

RSS is a form of web feed that gives access to site updates in a readable format. The main purpose of it is to increase reader engagement. RSS is fairly standard on the majority of email campaign services. It should therefore come as no surprise that is featured on GetResponse. RSS to Email is nothing special and does not distinguish GetResponse from competitors. It is, however, an essential feature to have.


GetResponse is regularly being updated and improved. This means the situation regarding templates is in a state of flux. There are currently two different types of templates available. One is from an older version of the app. They are adequate but not very aesthetically pleasing. On the other, the newer ones are great in terms of the quality of their design. If you want your emails to have a professional and modern appearance it is better to go with these ones.

However, there is more choice in the older list of templates. They are also much more versatile and functional for autoresponder cycles and automation workflows. The templates are categorised to make it is easier to choose the best one for a specific purpose. Users get a lot of freedom to tweak them. This includes the ability to change the font, layout and images. It is even possible to create your own HTML code and use that as the basis for an email template.

There are unfortunately flaws to the templates. The older ones are sometimes full of errors when displayed on Android and iOS mobile devices. They can be unresponsive or have incorrect thumbnail displays. These problems do not occur when using the newer templates.

The image editing features of the templates are not very advanced. This could be an issue for some users who have a very specific look in mind. It also takes some time to understand how to perform certain tasks. In some cases you may need to even refer to a tutorial. Despite this, the templates themselves are responsive and full of variety. Just some of the sectors available include:

  • Retail
  • Catering
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Health and Beauty
  • Entertainment
  • Legal Services


Spam Testing

As previously states, all users need to comply with the 2003 CAN-SPAM Act. When previewing your newsletter you will receive a “spam score” which let you know whether it is ready send, or if it needs to be tweaked. Often the main reason for a high spam score is due to accidentally including suspicious terms that get flagged by email programs.

The score is between 0 and 5. Ideally, you will want to have a 0 as this will mean email programs have zero chance of moving the message to a spam folder. Messages with too high a score will not be permitted by GetResponse.

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Customer Support

If this review was being written a couple of years ago the customer support would be highly praised. In the past it was very comprehensive and included phone support. Unfortunately this has been discontinued recently. They do however, still provide 24/7 live chat and email support. If phone support is important to you then it is best to look for an alternative service.

The email support is available for English, French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Polish speakers. Whilst the quality of chats with agents is generally good, there have been occasional reports of long waits. Overall it is of the same standard as most similar companies. It could be improved but the support is usually helpful enough to resolve problems.

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Ease Of Use

Inevitably the easier a service is to use the faster a newbie will be able to learn it. The good news is that the navigation from GetResponse is very easy and intuitive. This is due to the clean and simple design features such as the Quick Actions section. It gives out lists of your most commonly performed tasks.

This means you can get jobs done with just the click of a button. You are also able to add and remove widgets from the dashboard. Doing so will give you an added amount of control. The most obvious issue in terms of navigation is the email editor. It could do with some improvement. However, this is a small issue and does not reflect on the functionality of the app as whole.

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Who Will Get The Most Out Of GetResponse?

Now that the main functions and features of GetResponse have been analysed it is time to look at who will find this service the most useful. Whilst GetResponse certainly has a lot of appeal it will not be right for everyone. Budget bloggers in particular should hopefully get a lot out of GetResponse. Lower end subscribers will find that it is one of the most cost effective email marketing tools available. There are other services at a similar price but they simply do not offer as much in terms of automation.

People who are only just starting to blog for the first time will also be able to utilise GetResponse in numerous ways. Whilst it is not the simplest interface in the world it gets easier the more you use it. However, there are other companies that provide a more stripped down option. It is better to go for those if you are not interested in the advanced tools of GetResponse. Beginners are unlikely to make the most out of the numerous features from GetResponse. There is no point in paying for something so full of features when you are only going to use very few of them. There are cheaper, simpler choices out there.

It is also hard to recommend GetResponse to higher level marketers. It is a fine tool but once again, there are better options on the market. GetResponse is only recommended for top tier marketing companies if they want something that is simpler than the more complex tools that are similarly priced. Professionals who do not have to time learn how to use more complicated features could still benefit from GetResponse.

GetResponse is much more suitable for people on a budget who are lower or medium tier marketers. If their business expands they may want to consider changing to a different app.

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Who Should Avoid GetResponse?

If solid deliverability rates are an extremely crucial part of your business model then GetResponse is not the right tool for you. Deliverability is a bit hit and miss for this app. Of course, as GetResponse updates there could be some improvement in the near future.

All of the plans from GetResponse require a fee. This is even true of the most basic options. Therefore, people who want a free email marketing service will unfortunately have to look elsewhere. They best offer from GetResponse for them is a free trial which lasts 30 days. It seems unlikely that anyone wuld only need the service for such a short period of time.

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Throughout this review we have focused on the most important aspects of the app. Now we can combine each factor together to determine just how effect GetResponse. Here is an overview of it, taking into account the previously stated aspects:

The editor section allows users to create a wide range of different email types. Therefore it will appeal to many different people. This aspect of the app is what makes GetResponse stand out from the rest and what led to the company becoming so popular.

Personalization is easy to achieve and coders will get even more freedom to do so. The email types include RSS to newsletter, surveys, autoresponders and classic messages. There is a good amount of range. It should be applicable to the majority of professional markers.

It is truly impressive just how many templates are available to use and edit. There is plenty of choice and each template is put into a handy category. The collection crosses many different sectors. There is however a functionality issue related to older templates. On the other hand, the newer ones look fantastic.

Email automation is another factor that GetResponse clearly focuses on. Users can build their own complex automated sequences. This done through the workflow editor, which is both powerful and flexible. The problem is that in order to access this valuable tool, users will need to pay for the Professional plan or higher. Therefore automation will unfortunately not be applicable to budget bloggers.

With the list management capabilities provided by GetResponse you will be able to create custom filters which are based on contact data and engagement. Tags and rules can also be automated. The user can create their own rules for deleting or blacklisting their contacts. There are templates available for registration forms, as well as opt in & opt out processes. Alternatively users may create their own. Forms can either be embedded on your own site or hosted through GetResponse. Whilst these features are overall easy to use it is somewhat tricky to edit “thank you” pages and backends.

Deliverability needs to be improved if GetResponse is going to compete with other providers in the arket. People who want serious deliverability will need to look elsewhere. Luckily the analysis aspects of GetResponse makes up for the shortcomings. Geo-tracking is available for both desktop and mobile emails. Chart graphics clearly show client statistics to help users improve their campaigns. Google Analytics is also integrated to make the experience more efficient, especially for professionals in eCommerce.

The app is available in a fairly wide range of languages but this could be expanded even further to increase global appeal. Currently the app is most applicable to people within Europe and the United States. GetResponse has not tapped into the Asian markets yet. The customer support is fairly standard. They recently removed the phone chat option, which may be a deal breaker for some. Email and live chat are available and the agents are helpful. However, long waiting times have been reported by some users.

Overall, GetResponse is a competent, powerful and flexible email marketing campaign app. It is not for everyone but has enough broad appeal to entice a wide range of customers. It is user friendly and offers pretty good value for money.

Getresponse Review
Getresponse Review
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