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Freshworks Review

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9/10 (Expert Score)
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  • Ticket Merging issues
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Like many marketing service providers, Freshworks specializes in supporting and making worthwhile campaigns that can improve recall, brand image, or conversion for their clients. Freshworks positions itself as a company that can offer a “fresh” approach to marketing and engagement management. True to its name, even their website is designed with a clean interface, with pops of color to liven up the modern look. Freshworks consider traditional business software to be clunky and difficult to use, often having companies to hire a new person to just be focused on the software. That is why their products are designed to be ready and easy to use. Aside from easy to use the software, they also offer support to keep the software running properly.

It is trusted by 150,000 brands and companies so you can count on it to be experts in what they do. Freshworks also takes pride in its Global System Integrators, which helps clients be well versed and prepared for its inevitable digital transformation with timely solutions. At the same time, they also claim to be priced competitively. The company’s features and the accompanying price tag will be discussed shortly.

Freshworks Pricing

Pricing is one of the key deciding factors when buying a new product, let alone a whole new software. Freshworks, for all its freshest features and performance guarantee, also made sure that its prices can be afforded by many clients. Whether you’re a start-up or already a big brand, Freshworks’ pricing scheme will surely have something fit for you and your budget. Freshworks consider their service to be “affordable”, “elegant”, and “omnichannel”. Given these points, their prices are set accordingly. Their free trial covers a period of 21-days where users can experience all the best features of each package tier for one of its main products Freshdesk.

Pricing (Monthly) Important Features
FREE SPROUT (starter pack)

Unlimited agents, Email Ticketing, Ticket Dispatch, Team Collaboration, Knowledge Base, Ticket Trend Report, Social Ticketing, Omnichannel


(All Sprout features) + Automations, Collision Detection, Marketplace Apps, Helpdesk In-depth, SLA Management Business Hours


(All features of Blossom) + Time Tracking, CSAT Surveys, Session Replay, Performance Reports, Multilingual Knowledge Base


(All features of Garden) + Ticket Assignment Automation, Custom Roles, Portal Customization, Enterprise Reporting, Multiple SLAs & Timezones


(All features of Estate) + Skill-based Ticket Assignment, Sandbox, IP Whitelisting, HIPAA Compliance, Extendable API rate limit

These can also be availed yearly. They also have the Field Service Management option for 29 USD where the client can have the assistance of field technicians, manage schedules, and track service performance through reports.  It is also important to know that Freshworks has a variety of services in its platform and each can vary in price too.

Features of Freshworks


Freshworks’ transparent pricing scheme lists many features you can enjoy when you subscribe, and that’s just for one of its main products, Freshdesk. Check out the other products and their main features below:

  • Freshdesk

Freshdesk offers omnichannel, Artificial Intelligence-driven or self-service solutions for customer service. This customer support software is geared towards an efficient way of keeping track of conversations. It offers a team inbox, agent collision detection, custom ticketing status, as well as scenario responses that can perform multiple actions in a single click, and more.

This also involves integrated team support to resolve issues systematically through its team huddle and linked ticket features. At the same time, Freshdesk also provides support across multiple channels such as email, phone, chat, social media, sites, and even WhatsApp.  All of these and more are among Freshdesk’s many features that can increase the client’s overall team productivity. Some notable ways that Freshdesk also helps in this aspect is through providing Ticket dispatch and assignment, time-triggered automation for maintenance activities, and even event-triggered automation.

  • Freshchat

Count on Freshworks to complement its highly sought-after customer support software with equally excellent customer messaging software called Freshchat. The company describes this product as a tool that can “wow” customers on a snap. This product helps reach the target audience wherever they are and whatever platform they are on: web, mobile and social messengers. This product includes automated chatbots (with Artificial Intelligence) and even do proactive campaigns based on your audience’s behavior!

  • Freshsales

Another major product from Freshworks is its sales customer relationship management. With this, clients can rely on AI-based lead scoring, phone, email, activity capture and more. This is a tool to help convert more sales to the brand. This also allows clients to be smarter about their client conversations and also to their email marketing plans.

  • FreshService

Meanwhile, FreshService is best for IT services management as well as for managing internal requests.  Unlike other IT service software, Freshworks made its FreshService look and feel simpler. It received the accolade Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for its excellent service provided. Its IT support gives holistic service from easy set-up, multi-channel support, and the option to “gamify” or turn tasks and service desk activities into an engaging experience! It also allows clients to automate internal processes and be in control of their desired KPIs.

  • FreshCaller

For businesses with cloud-based phone requirements, FreshCaller is the one for you. It offers a modern phone system that can handle easy number management where clients can use their current numbers and even purchase numbers from a network of over 90 countries. It also offers an advanced inbound routing engine that can tackle every single call, no matter the schedule.

Additional Perks


Aside from topnotch products and service, Freshworks also offers clients a chance to onboard experts in their team.  This product makes Human Resources work more streamlined by effective applicant tracking and onboarding, as well as maintaining an employee database and even time-off management. This is a modern way to handle HR concerns and further promotes paperless management.


For those on the hunt for an effective, intelligent marketing automation service that can engage and nurture your customers, Freshmarketer is the ideal one for you. This particular product aims to convert visitors of your site into customers. by providing means to analyze customer behavior through heat maps, easy-to-use interface, feedback management, and more.


Freshworks also offers its contextual collaborative software. The key to this product is “context” in every collaboration. This makes it easy for all involved to get the context of any conversation or task without having to go back and forth in various threads. This integrates all actions and makes for easy decluttering in the digital workspace.


Freshworks consider FreshRelease as an “agile project management” software. Its main feature is to allow clients to create project backlogs and run sprints. Think of it as a modern checklist that can track projects and easily see the items that need to be completed. They also have kanban boards that users can customize to easily see work progress.


For a holistic online presence, you will also need a handy website monitoring tool such as the Freshping. Clients maximize Freshping by monitoring the website’s availability and activities, get downtime alerts, as well as status reports. This all-in-one uptime monitoring suite can monitor up to 50 URLs with a minute interval.


Another key feature is Freshstatus, where clients can have branded public or private status pages. This allows clients to handle incidents more systematically through a micro-blog-like format where incident templates are available. This also makes way for the internal team to handle the issues through private posts and notes feature.


Clients can also get the best out of all these products in one platform with Freshworks360.  Freshworks’ unified sales, support, and marketing products can be availed in one go. Like the rest of the products, it is also omnichannel, giving the client’s team the chance to work together under one ticket or CRM record that is guaranteed to work for any business need. Close collaboration is also made possible with this platform where agents get to maximize info from customer conversations, activities, and behavior.

Ease of Use

With all the features and products from Freshworks, it may be challenging to digest and operate them all at the same time. Given this, the company made sure that it can answer any or all of your digital marketing or operational need by providing a product specifically made to answer special concerns.

Once you set up your product, the interface is also made chic and minimalist so the whole system will not appear intimidating. For products packed with a lot of useful features, Freshworks is surprisingly easy to use. The buttons and sections are understandable and can be followed without much difficulty.


It is also important to note that Freshworks is a great platform for clients who value automation in their systems. Freshworks understand the need of its clients to always be at the forefront of the digital age. Its many products are available to be automated to help clients work smart and more efficiently. Clients can collaborate with their Freshwork agents to get their systems automated accordingly.

Integrations & Add-Ons

Integrations are also available in the Freshworks family of products. Depending on your need and product availed, these said products can be arranged to be integrated with the platform or sites that you need most. Their website also has a dedicated page called the Freshworks Marketplace where users can get a glimpse of the many ways they can integrate Freshworks products in other services or platforms. Categories for agent productivity, workflows, marketing, e-commerce, and more, are segmented.

For example, for Freshdesk alone, integrations with other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Plivo Integration, Twilio,  MessageMedia, Seamless Integration, Intercom integration, and more!


It is not easy to get an alternative for Freshworks as it offers a lot of products which may be different but still related to each other. Other users subscribe to Zoho, Zendesk (but with more streamlined or limited features).  In terms of actual service, Mailerlite can be an alternative to Freshsales. In terms of CRM, SugarCRM is also an alternative. Others such as HubSpot, Icertis, or Vivantio can also be considered as an option to Freshworks.

Frequently Asked Questions about Freshworks

What is Freshworks?

Freshworks is a company that aims to provide its clients with easy-to-use software, especially SMBs and mid-market businesses. This customer-for-life suite is trusted by thousands of brands of all sizes thanks to its complex and efficient systems and software made easy with a clean interface, flexibility, and scalability.

I own a small business. How can I avail of Freshworks’ free services?

If you are a small business owner (with 50 or fewer employees), you can try Freshworks’ services for free for 6 months! This is in support of small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. This offer extends free and unrestricted use of Freshworks’ customer engagement tools, Freshchat and Freshcaller, for the next six months. Check out this new update from Freshworks’ website. The regular free trial of the rest of the services is also available.

What is Freshworks Academy?

This is an online course that users can enroll in for free. The courses touch on topics such as product training, customer support, marketing, sales, and more! It also has a certification program where one can be a Freshworks product expert.

How do I sign up for the partner program?

Freshworks also has a partner program for legitimate businesses with a website. They simply need to fill out the Freshworks Partner Program Registration Form and the team will review their application. One can be a solution partner, ISV partner, or an affiliate partner– all of these are programs that can connect you (or your business) with new opportunities and grow your resources.

What is Customer-for-life Cloud?

Customer-for-life Cloud is at the heart of Freshworks mission to provide next-generation customer engagement. It allows clients to predict customer signal across their journey. Freshworks consider this a pioneering CRM, designed to integrate marketing, sales, support, and other features to further reach your target market and nurture their journey.

Customer Service

Customer Service avenues are also key to helping website visitors and new clients stay and subscribe. Freshworks differentiates itself from the rest of the online marketing software brands as it does not have recurring pop up that shows a 24/7 chatbox, instead, it has Freshworks Customer Service points worth noting of such as the ones below:

  • Dedicated Support Page – With a long list of products on its menu, Freshworks made sure that each product has its own space for clients which will need specific support. Each product has a “get support” button that leads to pages with FAQS, video tutorials, and general know-how.
  • Blogs – A lot of the people who go online turn to blogs for their information fix. And Freshworks also maintains a blog of its own where users can get a lot of useful and timely articles on subjects that are relevant to their software use and business growth.
  • Freshworks Academy – As mentioned earlier, Freshworks also has an online academy for those up for lessons and even Freshworks product certification!
  • Freshworks Video – Aside from the blog and academy, Freshworks also invest in video content creation made especially for people who appreciate visual information. This also includes a customer spotlight part where viewers get anecdotes from real people.
  • Unified Onboarding method – This is described as a new way to implement and encourage a close partnership between Freshworks and clients geared towards onboarding the client’s needs and objectives. This leads to a page where clients can get in touch with experts my just providing contact information for the team to reach out to you.

Pros and Cons

Read on to find some key pros and cons of the Freshworks systems of products. This can be helpful for anyone who wishes to pursue a modern take on marketing, operations, and customer relations.

Freshworks Pros

Some of the simple advantages you will get from Freshworks products are:

  • Wide Selection of Products – Other brands offer features, Freshworks made sure to make products out of these needed features. This ensures that clients get to choose and pay for the feature that wants to avail.
  • Cost – It is also cost-effective. As the client only avail what they need, they get to enjoy the full benefit of the product. The cost is close to what they would pay for with competitors, but this brand offers more so it does offer great value for money.
  • Trial for all – One other pro is that you can try the products for free to see if you would like to avail more than one product in the future. This is ideal for companies who wish to try new ways to improve their operations without spending it all in one go. The trial package allows the user to enjoy the features of all the products.
  • Automation – Freshworks mastered automation and integration with its product and it is important to note that because of its effective automation, operation cost and time are cut and maximized by clients.
  • Easy to Use – Given its multitude of features and product portals, Freshworks still managed to make it super easy to use. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and clean design, beginners are likely to get used to it in no time.

Freshworks Cons

Meanwhile, here are some disadvantages which may be experienced while using Freshworks:

  • Confusion on which products to get – Freshworks is primarily Freshdesk, but not it offers a lot more products other than Freshdesk and users can be confused if they should still get this when they can get one with fewer features in just one go.
  • UI Flow – Some users also experienced concerns with the UI flow. The screen for the flow can be improved especially for those who wish to monitor the profile and filters. An easier-to-follow UI flow can be helpful to all team members in the future.
  • Can improve intuition – Once receiver lists grow or when the need arises for more integrations, the systems under Freshworks can do better in making the whole system more intuitive and more configure-friendly. Better intuition can help clients decide smarter on their next moves and operation direction.
  • Ticket merging – there have been issues with ticket merging being confusing and difficult to track, too. Creating and assigning tickets is a strong feature for Freshworks products but there are times when it gets too overwhelming for users, too.
  • More social media – Twitter and Facebook are available for integration. But they must also fast track integrations for apps like Instagram and even LinkedIn The latter two are widely being used by young people these days and they can be the target market of any business looking for online presence.

These are the features, pros, and cons of Freshworks. True enough, its way of packaging and presenting its many products are done in a detailed and “fresh” manner. This makes way for new users to fully understand and weigh in their products and hopefully, the pros and cons above can help inform your decision to consider Freshworks.

Final Verdict

It is easy to see why Freshworks is favored by many. It covers almost every aspect of growing a business in the age where digital presence must grow along with operations and sales. This is also a thoughtful way of streamlining workflows for your employees as well as in nurturing relationships with customers.

Freshworks is ideal for clients who wish to improve their marketing, sales, operations, and even human resource without having to search for different software every time a specific need arises. Freshworks is a one-stop-shop where businesses can genuinely grow. Similarly, it is also a great place for people to shop for other services they have not tried before. Looking for a way to improve sales? Streamline human resource work? Create marketing campaigns online? Freshworks ticks off all the boxes for the only all-around tool you will need to keep your business growing. This full-service software changes the came for full-service is trusted by over a hundred thousand clients, you should too.

Freshworks Review
Freshworks Review
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