EmailOctopus Review

EmailOctopus Review

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8.5/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #25 in category Email marketing service
Ease of Use
Customer Support
  • Exceptional send rate
  • Free Trial
  • Easy to create Campaigns
  • Lacks a bit on email templates
  • Cell phone integration needs work
  • No live training

No matter the size and type of business, marketing is very important in growing the business. Marketing creates awareness of your product to your target market. Email marketing is marketing that requires the use of electronic mail in communicating with your customers. It’s a profitable means to reach out to your potential customer. EmailOctopus email marketing platform is a perfect example in that regard. It appears that EmailOctopus email marketing software is one of the leading email marketing host used across the globe.

This email market platform is an outstanding choice for any size of business. EmailOctopus email marketing platform is supported on windows, mac and any web-based devices. It’s cloud-hosted, supports the English language, affordable and easy to use. It’s suitable for anyone with an audience. “Octopus” as the name implies, is an impressive and creative email marketing platform that gives you everything you need to get the most of your email marketing. It supercharges your email marketing campaigns.

This 5-star rated email marketing platform is trusted and loved by more than 44,000 organizations across the globe. Over 9 billion (and still counting) emails have been sent through this platform. Companies like Tedium, Popbitch, Dovetale, and Dreamville Records are proud users of EmailOctopus. A customer case study was carried out and all the customers gave an exceptional remark about the email marketing platform, they are had positive things to say about the email marketing platform. They said EmailOctopus provided them everything they ever wanted in an email marketing platform. One word was used to qualify EmailOctopus…  PROFITABLE.

EmailOctopus allows users to save money on email marketing without sacrificing deliverability with the cost-effective emailing platform. Easily sending your emails through Amazon’s powerful and affordable email service. For effective email marketing, EmailOctopus is your best bet.


Pricing Option by EmailOctopus

 Email marketing is one of the cheapest means to reach out to your target market, EmailOctoptus email marketing platform proves that, with their affordable pricing rate, you can advertise and promote your business with no worries of having a hole in your pocket. The email marketing platform offers free email marketing until you decide to go Pro.

This email marketing platform comes with affordable pricing plans to suit your business. When placed alongside another marketing platform, the EmailOctopus platform is less expensive. Its starter package offers free service including a campaign-only marketing and basic email support.

A list of 200,000 in EmailOctopus would cost you $395.00 per month, making them the top low-cost alternative to their competitors. You can sign up for free and still have access to lots of features. It starter free plan comes with up to 10,000 emails per month and 2,500 subscribers. The started free plan also allows users to add their HTML (HyperText Markup Language) emails, statistics stored for 30 days. EmailOctopus Pro allows you to take full control of your email design, store statistics forever, provide priority support and the most interesting part is that you can cancel at any time.

Pricing Plans

Total subscribers        Emails/month       Monthly cost

2,500                                  10,000                     Free

5,000                                   50,000                   $20

10,000                                 100,000                  $30

15,000                                 150,000                  $45

20,000                                 200,000                  $55


Total subscribers        Emails/month       Monthly cost

25,000                                 250,000                $65

30,000                                 300,000                $75

35,000                                 350,000                $85

40,000                                 400,000                 $95

45,000                                 450,000                 $105

50,000                                 500,000                 $115

55,000                                550,000                $125

60,000                                600,000                $130

EmailOctopus Features

 EmailOctopus Pro provides attention-grabbing features that you need to build a top-notch email campaign. These email marketing tools include Integration, Easy Automation, Beautiful, Responsive Design, Real-Time Analytics, and Grow Your inventory With Custom Form. Each feature and its sub-features will be discussed below.


 EmailOctopus incorporate together with 400+ products and services through Zapier. Users can maximize their sales on any platform by connecting all their favorite applications to the email marketing platform. EmailOctopus email marketing platform gives users the luxury to connect the social media applications they use every day to transform their followers to clientele

Easy Automation

EmailOctopus automation gives users the platform to dispatch instant or action formatted campaigns to their target clientele. This automation feature can be used to create a network of customers for awareness of your product and services. EmailOctopus easy automation makes digital marketing so easy and effective. The platform regularly organizes and refresh customers record for potential marketing strategy.

Its simple yet mighty automation helps users create time-based onboarding and drip sequences. It gives your new subscribers a warm welcome and keeps them coming back by sharing engaging content or exclusive offers. This feature makes email marketing valuable.

Beautiful, Responsive Design

The appearance and design of your email marketing are very important for good business. EmailOctopus collection of templates permits users to craft a dynamic, burnished campaign in a little time and your email will consistently appear to be awesome across all devices. Users have the option to sync their templates, or effortlessly create from scrape utilizing the drag and drop editor and send your customers well-designed emails. The responsive email allows your customers to access their emails easily.

Timely Analytics

This email marketing service allows users to view the complete performance information on all their sent campaign. The email marketing platform shows the data on the clicks, opens and unsubscribes to their email marketing content. This allows businesses to either modify their advertising strategy, reboot their campaign according to the characteristics of their intended market or expand their target email list.

Users can also go directly to the Amazon SES to check the performance of their email marketing when they can. The built-in analytics of the EmailOctopus email marketing platform provides users with easy-to-follow analytics that email marketing productive.

Grow Your clientele

It enables users to build their audience or network easily by utilizing EmailOctopus hosted forms to accumulate email addresses with no complicated integration or by using EmailOctopus embeddable sign-up forms or WordPress plugin to collate subscribers’ information directly from your website. These forms can be equipped with your social media accounts and blogs to reach out to more customers.

Additional Benefit


Low cost

This email marketing platform costing is customized to your directory size; so users have the luxury to pay as they use, which is profitable. EmailOctopus makes email marketing affordable and effective.

Service Support

This platform not only offers its customers it’s email marketing tools. They are skilled, committed team, are always in hand to assist their customers. The platform service support is available round the clock.

Exceptional Deliverability

EmailOctopus marketing platform ensures that your campaign reaches your customers’ email box.

GDPR Compliance

This email marketing service ensures the safety of your information. The brand is EU-based, they accommodate all GDPR. EmailOctopus is aware of the value of information in this age, all data are safe with the marketing platform.

Bounce Handling

This platform helps to manage your source profile by eradicating email bounce, objections or unsubscribes with ease. The marketing platform can handle all bounce related issues.

Email API

It allows users to integrate the EmailOctopus email marketing platform into their database. EmailOctopus Email APL enables users to manage their subscriptions from their current network to their EmailOctopus’ Email platform.

Ease Of Use

 EmailOctopus email marketing tool is easy to use, it possesses a clean and simple to use interface, it’s newbies friendly. EmailOctopus makes email marketing affordable and profitable. It provides you with all the email marketing tools you need to build a superb email campaign. According to the consumer’s review, EmailOctopus is the most preferred. EmailOctopus provides users with a simple and sleek design. Users can choose from the platform’s templates or use the drag and drop editor to build beautiful emails that look fascinating across all devices.

Emailoctopus software dashboard is stunning and very easy to use. The list segment helps you to organize your list. The campaign tab helps you to generate HTML emails and broadcast them to your customers. You can innovate custom HTML email templates, or use some of the ready-made ones made available for you. As soon as you send out the fancy new emails, you can monitor and analyze them to review their achievement. You can also send mass emails. EmaiOctopus monitors every bounce, click and unsubscribe in the dashboard. Delivering a rich report on all your email campaigns, making it easy to keep track of what’s working and what’s isn’t.


 EmailOctopus automation service makes it easy for users to set up email sequences and engage their subscribers without manually sending campaigns. You just have to set it up, sit back and relax. Email marketing automation service is very useful to any business to promote their products and services, it helps to actualize the increase in customers’ business objectives.

Integration and Add-ons

 With EmailOctopus integration and add-ons, users can immaculately connect gravity forms and easily trigger email and automation, create new campaigns, and more. When a subscriber completes one of your gravity forms, their information will automatically be added to your EmailOctopus inventory. EmailOctopus platform allows user to attach their social media account to the marketing and use it to boost their company’s network.


 However, there are numerous Email marketing platforms, EmailOctopus email marketing platform is arguably one of the best. The EmailOctopus Ease and Flexibility of EmailOctopus web-based program are outstanding. They have an amazing support team, very responsive and kind. The Email marking tool’s pricing rate is very reasonable, profitable and being continuously developed. EmailOctopus marketing platform is fabulous. Easy to use with tremendous features that make email marketing reliable to connect to your target audience.

The following is the list of some email marketing software that can be used as an alternate option to EmailOctopus email marketing platform, they possess some of the features of EmailOctopus.

Frequently Asked Questions


 What is EmailOctopus?

This email marketing service is a profitable email marketing platform offering high deliverability, customized reports and the capacity to drip email sequences, connect your applications, import contacts and integrate with forms. The email marketing platform interface is easy to use and it allows users to generate HTML campaigns and send them to their audience with a few clicks. EmailOctopus email marketing platform is the best value for email marketing, it offers everything you need to build brilliant email campaigns.

What is the difference between EmailOctopus and EmailOctopus connect?

EmailOctopus have two email marketing platform. They are EmailOctopus and EmailOctopus Connect. EmailOctopus email marketing platform is the main platform, it is the platform promoted across the EmailOctopus website. It’s easy to use, and it’s designed for anyone with an audience. It does not matter if you are a newbie to email marketing, it takes little or no time to set up an account and start sending campaign directly through the email marketing platform.

EmailOctopus connect requires technical know-how to use and it’s the original email marketing platform that was introduced in 2015. The email marketing software integrates with Amazon’s simple email service, a cloud-based email software provided by Amazon web services.  To use the EmailOctopus connect, you need an Amazon web service account and be able to follow technical instructions. EmailOctopus connect is mainly for advance users or users for an SES-specific platform.  Both email marking platform is affordable but if you are unsure about Amazon web service, EmailOctopus is highly recommended.

Do you offer a free trial?

 It’s free to sign up for the starter plan and send campaigns to up to 2,500 subscribers. EmailOctopus email marketing free starter package comes with up to 10,000 emails per month. The starter plan allows users to add their HTML emails and it provides basics support. Once you’ve upgraded to a pro plan you’re able to downgrade anytime, all plans are offered on a rolling monthly basis.

How does EmailOctopus pricing work?

 EmailOctopus bills you by your list capacity, so you’ll only pay for what you use. When you sign up for  EmailOctopus Pro, you will select the number of subscribers you require and you will be charged for that amount only. EmailOctopus then calculate your tier using your highest subscriber count in each billing cycle; any changes in your tier change the billing cycle.

What does EmailOctopus cost, and why is it so cheap?

This email marketing service prices ranges from $20 up to $950, depending on how many contacts you require the platform to store. With prices around half the price is the competition, EmailOctopus often get asked how they remain so cheap. EmailOctopus concentrate on what they do best and that is only email marketing. They bring you the essentials of email marketing along with an expert support team all at an affordable price.

Customer Service

EmailOctopus is devoted to delivering exceptional service to their customers. EmailOctopus set-up various customer service platforms to assist each customers’ challenges. Check out the various customer service platform EmailOctopus layout to meet customer’s challenges.

  • Blog and Webinar

In other to help users improve their email marketing as well as the latest updates, EmailOctopus has set-up a blog that offers broad information, news, insight, and updates about the company and its services. EmailOctopus’s webinar gives customers the platform to acquire knowledge, unlock new skills and learn more about the email marking software.

  • Guide to Email Marketing

Customers can elevate their email campaigns with EmailOctopus handy guide to take them from novice to expert in no time. The EmaiOctopus guide tutors customers on how to get started. The guide comprises the dos and don’ts of email marketing, how to write a great subject, how to write an effective email and useful tips to take email marketing to the next level.

  • Help Desk

Do you have any questions about anything EmailOctopus related? Its help desk is available for you. The 24/7 live chat support can be used on the EmailOctopus’ website. It delivers all necessary information to its customers on their inquiries. EmailOctopus support team can also be accessed through email. Delivering support over email enables them to give you fast and high-quality responses.

EmailOctopus Pros and Cons

For more analysis of EmailOctopus’ email marketing service; Stated below are the pros and cons. You can use the information below as a reflection before using the EmailOctopus marketing platform.


 Below are the benefits of subscribing to EmailOctopus’ Email Marketing Service

  • The platform is affordable and very effective. It encourages profitable email marketing techniques and allows users to enjoy the value at the lowest cost. The best part is that it’s free for the first 2,500 contacts and very cheap thereafter. There is no other company in the market that matches up to this offer.
  • The EmailOctopus marketing platform is simple to set and startup. Within ten minutes of signing up, you can organize and start sending campaigns.
  •  It comes with a fully automated set-up.
  • There is also a 100% manual support system. When facing any issues while setting it up, just contact the support staff and they will take care of it or guide you through the process.
  • Create campaigns with ease it is easy to create email marketing campaigns with this email marketing service. The email marketing platform surface with an elegant set of responsive email marketing templates that simplify the creation of campaigns. The excellent thing is that email marketing campaigns created with these templates are alluring and accessible across all devices (desktop view, tablet view or mobile phone view). This means customers can create personalized newsletters or plain text campaigns that can be sent to their audiences using desktops, tablets, or mobile phones.


  • It doesn’t have an email segmentation feature. If you send a campaign and after two days if you want to create a segment of people who haven’t opened the emails, it’s not possible.
  • Integration with other software is a bit limited.
  • EmailOctopus has been built for non-tech users who want to send emails.
  • It is important to test your emails before sending a broadcast to thousands of subscribers.
  • There are few hiccups on the operation of the EmailOctopus marketing platform, such problems are remediable.

Overall, EmailOctopus has 90% positive reviews and existing customers will confidently recommend the email marketing platform for anyone to use.


Regardless, EmailOctopus is a fabulous Email Marketing platform suitable for anyone. The satisfactory concern about the platform is that they have a customer case study that takes note of their customer’s reviews. With the case study, all negative reviews will be attended to. EmailOctopus is a brand that takes customers reviews very seriously, they are born ready and passionate about providing great service to satisfy their customers and they are envisioned to take email marketing to the next level.

For many reasons, email marketing is by far the most effective channel to attract, engage, and connect with an audience to drive sales and revenue for any business. Marketing emails are informational or promotional sent to your clientele interested in your product and services. It’s the marketing tools used to connect to your target market and advertise your product or services Email Marketing account to any business, and it’s capable of launching you ahead of your competitors. It can open up new markets and bring in new customers.

The two biggest benefits of email marketing are cost and simplicity, that’s what EmailOctopus email marketing stands for. EmailOctopus makes email marketing very easy and with the email marketing platform you establish and monitor marketing campaigns. The email marketing platform is capable of skyrocketing your income by keeping you in touch with your customers.

If you have not started your email marketing development, you should start by using EmailOctopus email marketing software to your advantage. It is a tremendous choice for anyone looking to develop their email marketing operation a notch up. This email marketing service is one of the leading email marketing platforms for promoting any business. It’s the most affordable and reliable email marketing platform.

EmailOctopus Review
EmailOctopus Review
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