Elastic Email Review

Elastic Email Review

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8.4/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #29 in category Email marketing service
Ease of Use
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  • Excellent Pricing packages
  • Easy and Simple Interference
  • Well documented APIs
  • Add on Errors
  • Very Basic Email Automation
  • Only Documented Traning

Elastic Email is a Canadian company that was founded in 2010. Their aim like many email marketing platforms is to make the entire emailing process simpler and more effective. Elastic email does not rely on any third-party platforms to deliver emails as other email marketing platforms do. Their platform can operate in 8 different languages. They have come with their unique designs and developed their platform independently so that they could ensure a speedy, effective and not costly method of email marketing for their users. Elastic Email also began at the bottom of the email marketing barrel and so they understand the importance of finding the right platform and at the right price too. They have now flourished and are providing thousands of businesses with a more than an adequate tool for email marketing success without hurting anyone’s pocket. Every extra feature is there to aid you with seamless and effective business strategies and help you grow your business further.

Elastic Email

Elastic Email Pricing

Elastic Email has two core plans that charge by the number of contacts provided. The first is the unlimited package that begins at $10 per month for 10,000 contacts. You also have access to unlimited emails, access to the email delivery engine, the email designer, the campaign creator, the landing page editor, the autoresponder, web forms, power segmentation, analytics, support and many other features. The price can vary per month depending on how many contacts you need, the base begins at $10 per 10,000 and goes up to $1000 per 1,000,000 contacts.

The second core plan is called Unlimited Pro which begins at $30 per month for 10,000 contacts. You also have access to email automation, faster delivery speed, unlimited custom fields, extended logs, custom rDNS, webhooks, sub-accounts, user management, resellers features, and many other features. The price of this package also varies per month depending on how many contacts you need the base begins at $30 per 10,000 and goes up to $1250 per 1,000,000 contacts.


The main difference between these two packages is the access provided. The unlimited package has no access to the following features: the unlimited custom fields, email automation, extended email logs, can’t send SMS, has no customrDNS, no webhook notifications, no inbound email processing, has a slower delivery speed, CNAME easy hosting, can’t render in your domain, white label SMTP, white-label HTTP API, sub-accounts, user management, and granular access control. Just from looking at the pricing and features provided in the different packages, I can already see this would suit a company that would benefit from unlimited emails. I think the unlimited plan if very reasonably priced.

Elastic Email Features

Elastic Email features

This platform has an inordinate number of features, so depending on your requirements you may only need the bare minimum or this platform might provide you with everything you need. Some of the features were more difficult to find compared to others.

Contact Management

  • The smart upload will break down larger files into smaller pieces for efficient uploading
  • List management will help you manage your contacts
  • Powerful segmentation will help you deliver your desired messages to the perfect people
  • Unlimited custom fields will allow you to find out more about you subscribers
  • Geolocation tracking will help you to better target your campaigns
  • Automatic contact purging will keep your delivery rates up and bounce rates down
  • Tracking consent opt-in users can be added to the lists by choice

Campaign Management

  • Email automation will help you create emails for the right people
  • A-X split campaign testing will help you compare campaigns for clicks and opens
  • Campaign scheduling will allow you to offer time-specific deals and coupons in advance
  • Send-time optimization will help send emails at the most successful time
  • Event-driven campaigns help boost customer loyalty with the right offers to the right people
  • Attachment editor will help you link files to your emails

Email Designer

  • Gallery of pre-designed templates will help you save time designing from scratch
  • Drag and drop design will help you design with ease
  • Responsive layouts (mobile friendly) will help your emails adapt depending on the device
  • Hosted media manager will help you stay ahead of teams
  • Social media widgets will help you improve traffic
  • Dynamic content and scripting will help you greet high engagement
  • Auto text body creation will help you put your email together faster
  • Desktop/ mobile preview will allow you to view your email before sending
  • Raw HTML editor will help you keep your emails uniform with all different email clients

Form Designer

  • Gallery of pre-designed templates will help you save time designing from scratch
  • Double opt-in will help you add new contacts via a signup form and send a confirmation email
  • Custom form navigation will guide through the form designing process with ease
  • GDPR compliant will help you stay within regulation
  • Google ReCaptcha will help stop spambot from adding fake emails to your lists
  • Inline/ sticky layouts will help you design in a less intrusive way
  • The delayed pop-up will increase the odds that the user will look at the pop-up
  • Landing pages will help you once you have been clicked to convert it into an offer via persuasive aspects on the landing page


  • Summary visuals will help you read the reports with ease
  • A custom search will help you find specific contacts
  • Date filtering will help you find emails by date
  • Campaign/ channel summary will help you analyze your channels and campaign success rates
  • Email status filtering will help you analyze sent, opened, clicked, bounced, unsubscribes and complaints
  • 7-day email logs and extended email logs will help monitor your emails
  • Real-time delivery monitoring will help you see your delivery rate at present
  • Unsubscribe reason insights will give you insights on how to improve so that your unsubscribe rates are lower
  • Export to CSV will allow you to export data in a spreadsheet form

Ease of use

Elastic Email dashboard

One of the first things Elastic Email asked you is whether or not you would like to import data from any other platforms which I have not seen with another email marketing platform but it made life a million times easier especially after making a change between email marketing platforms. They also offer video tutorials for when you are lost that prove helpful but without them, the platform is somewhat difficult to navigate.

There is a lot to take in when operating Elastic Email’s platform, some features are incredible straightforward like when making new email campaigns, the templates are great and I love the drag and drop feature and the RAW HTML editor is also very easy to use however other features don’t work half as well. The platform was not made with functionality in mind. It is full of extra features that may be used by more advanced users but the standard features like the autoresponder could be improved. Setting up Domains, SPF and DKIM are all a bit of a nightmare it would help if there were clear setup steps available.


Elastic Email’s automation feature allows you to engage with your desired clients through personalized email flows that are directed by real-time activity and behaviors. With an effective email flow in place, you can build your relationships with your contacts and increase their loyalty. Elastic Email has a lot of different options that will help you maximize your email’s effect when delivered. Design straightforward yet strong automated funnels that will send your success rates through the sky. Elastic Email makes it easy to pinpoint and send specific campaigns to the right contacts and the perfect time.

Elastic Email’s platform has pre-designed templates readily available for those in need however for those that want to personalize their campaigns further they can take as many steps as they wish to achieve optimum results. You can mix up your campaigning style to try and improve the success rate and you can base these changes on the graphs and reports provided on the platform. Elastic Email’s analytics highlight where you could use improvements or perhaps you would like a new style for certain deals and offers to engage the subscribers. Improve your click rates with Elastic Email’ automation feature and send the relevant promotions to the right people.

Integration & add-ons

Elastic Email

Elastic Email has a wide variety of add-ons and 3rd party integrations to aid you in all sorts of different ways for example by strengthening your contact lists, allowing you to personalize your emails and optimize your success through Elastic Email’s email marketing platform. All of these integrations and add-on will provide you with even more options for you to choose from, the resources are available for you to take advantage of.

3rd- party integration such as Sender WordPress and Sender Joomla aid you in your Email campaigns maintenance and both can connect with Elastic Email’s API. Drupal helps you to expand your company and ensures simpler and more effective email delivery. Elastic Email’s Subscribe Form integration lets you design stunning widgets and makes it easier to control your widget on your website and or WordPress blog. Elastic Email use AcyMailing to optimize communication and monitor progress with your campaigns running through Joomla or WordPress. SlmMail integrates certain APIs directly to send emails but it cannot SMTP.  Cloudways is an add-on that enables you to dictate and oversee high-performance apps with ease from several main cloud-based providers. Elastic Email uses Mail Merge which is a Google add-on to aid those that do not have HTML knowhow to deliver personalized newsletters, offers, and promotions to several contacts simultaneously. Elastic Email use MailPoet integration to enable the user to deliver finely designed campaigns with ease. Elastic Email uses several other add-ons an integration such as EasySendy Pro, Inbound Notification, Sendy, Zapier and PieSync. Each one of these has its purposes that will benefit users as they grow their businesses. Elastic email also has integration libraries that feature the main coding languages such as C#, Java, Python, and PHP.


There are many alternative email marketing platforms to choose from. It is important to shop around and discover what the standard is and what is exceptional in regards to the platform itself, the pricing and the package plans value.

Sendinblue is an exceptionally well-known email marketing platform. It is one of the leading SMTP services available and Sendinblue also use SMS marketing for those interested. This email marketing platform also has an extendable SMTP relay and API to optimize your email success rates and use great marketing tools such as WordPress, Google Analytics, OptinMonster, and tonnes more. Sendinblue is competitively priced and inexpensive. Its interface is intuitive and easy to use. They offer many configurable email templates and have a good variety of email automation features. However, one fault to be acknowledged is that the support is quite slow.

Another alternative for Elastic Email is Mad Mimi which is a well-known platform for developers, the APIs used on the platform ensures that the users can deliver and monitor their emails with ease. This platform is not limited to any one business style whether you own an eCommerce shop, consulting business or any other companies, sending promotions, newsletters or any other marketing emails will be a breeze. This is a very strong platform that also supports testing modes. As mentioned before developers are big fans of this platform as it supports several coding languages such as PHP, Java, C#, Go, Ruby, Python and curl. However, the support could be improved upon and also the platform lacks some crucial features that are more beginner-friendly.

The third alternative email marketing platform is Pepipost which is a safe service that uses both an API and SMTP to distribute emails. This platform is very user friendly and with its easy settings and simple connections, users will be sending emails at the drop of a hat. Pepipost monitors the status of your emails and will notify you to keep you aware of your delivery rates, unsubscribes, open rates and all other activities. This platform has very straightforward HTTP APIs that are very easy to navigate and integrate and there is support 24/7 if you manage to stumble into any problems along with reports with real-time information. However, the support could use some improvement. 

Frequently Asked Question about Elastic Email

  1. Does Elastic Email Offer Free Trials?

Yes signing up for a free trial is very easy and you will not need any payment details, simply enter your email address and you can use most of the plan’s features and send 100 free emails a day.

  1. How many emails can I send?

You can also send an unlimited amount of emails to your chosen number of contacts, which you can pick from the drop-down list.

  1. Can you build landing pages with Elastic Email?

You can design a signup popup page with Elastic Email or you can use one of the many integrations to build landing pages.

  1. What is Elastic Email used for?

Elastic Email distributes a large number of emails which is a service used for email marketing in particular.

  1. Is Elastic Email multi-user friendly?

You can have several accounts and or subaccounts with their personalized settings or you can simply have several users the same account.

  1. Can Elastic Email integrate?

Yes, you can integrate with a variety of apps.

  1. What platforms can Elastic Email support?

Elastic Email supports websites, mobile applications, and all others linked through the internet.

  1. Does Elastic Email have an API?

Yes, Elastic Email has a well-documented API that can connect with the majority of products available.

  1. Does Elastic Email have any guides or tutorials?

Yes, Elastic Email has very detailed libraries were all answers are provided, blogs and video tutorials. Live support can also direct you.

Customer service

You can contact Elastic Email’s customer service team by sending an email to support@elasticemail.com  or you can simply sign in to your account and then use the link to connect to the support team. After emailing customer service they will be back in touch within the hour. The other way to reach customer service is to visit the website’s help page. If you would prefer to opt for the premium support you will have access to 24/7 live support via messaging that can provide answers to all of your questions regarding the platform. After opting for premium your status will be updated and you can take advantage of all the extra resources and team members provided including developers and delivery experts that can show you how to operate your account efficiently.

Elastic Email Pros

  • The standard monthly quotas are very large and it is competitively priced especially if you take advantage of the unlimited emails.
  • The analytics are very useful and highlight what improvements need to be made. The interface is relatively simple to navigate. After some practice, you can appreciate the cutting edge email marketing features that you have access to as part of the plans with no extra fees.
  • The majority of the email templates are very professional looking and they are configurable if you want to adjust anything.
  • The customer service is pretty responsive compared to some other platforms.
  • The setup process is very simple and straightforward which helps you to set the right momentum.
  • The APIs are very well documented which makes life a lot easier.
  • The delivery rates are also far from disappointing. Creating and running campaigns is also very simple with UI and the initial setup already provided.

Elastic Email Cons

  • When signing up in the first place the verification email goes to your junk bin which is not a very good sign for an email marketing platform.
  • When using an add-on for an add-on you receive several errors and it is hard to tell whether or not the emails are being distributed.
  • The reputation management would be a lot better if there were more features and if they could be improved faster.
  • Sometimes the email design feature seems to act up, the delivery rate needs to be improved as o lot of emails end up in the spam or junk bins and sometimes it takes far too long to find features like the list of users.
  • They will suspend your account if you have any bounced or incorrect emails and it is a very long and aching process to convince them to reactivate your account.
  • Once your account is reactivated your queued emails don’t get sent even though the campaign clearly states that they have been, this problem has not been resolved, the support simply declared that it was because of throttling with no further explanation.
  • The email automation is very basic and email analytics show inflated rates for opened emails and clicks.

Final Verdict

Elastic Email is a good platform especially if you are switching from another email marketing platform as it allows you to import all desired data with ease and security. This is one of the Elastic Email’s first options which is a massive selling point because a lot of other platforms don’t give you that option. Elastic Email makes it very simple to design very fine emails and allows you to monitor your campaigns through visual and interactive graphs that give you tremendous insight and illuminate where improvements are needed continuously.

There is a large amount of material readily available in the help center if you are ever in need such as articles, videos, and even tutorials that are extremely useful. Elastic email can send to the most engaged subscribers first should you select the option to do so which can dramatically improve your rates and even more so if you optimize the send time.

Elastic Email provides the steps on the screen which makes designing campaigns much more straightforward and if you would like you can save your progress and return at a later point to continue. Elastic Email is more suitable for those with more experience in email marketing and know-how to operate and take advantage of the vast number of features readily available on this platform, it might be confusing at first for those without much prior experience especially when certain concepts such as A/X testing arises which is what Elastic Email calls A/B testing. Elastic Email has a lot f API that gives you all information you need or want. Sub-accounts are easily made if you need to monitor or manage your colleague’s work. It’s quite a well-laid-out and organized email marketing platform with main navigation that is visible on all pages as an extra user-friendly feature.

Elastic Email Review
Elastic Email Review
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