EasyMail7 Review

EasyMail7 Review

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7.5/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #44 in category Email marketing service
Ease of Use
Customer Support
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Powerful Integration
  • Limited Spam check
  • Installation Challenges
  • Best for only small-to-medium companies

EasyMail7 is best known for its in-house email marketing software which they designed to be highly easy to use. Like most standard email marketing software, it is permission-based and is handy enough to use when crafting personalized emails. It also offers customizable campaigns that will be useful for clients at various levels of their customer journey.

What sets this apart is that is so easy to use and can be set up in person or work desktops or laptops. It is also said to be best used by small to medium-sized businesses and marketing professionals who are building upon their email marketing platforms.

EasyMail7 made its interface and systems easy to follow so clients can worry less about their software and focus more on content and other marketing strategies.  It also transforms SMTP relays and On-Premise solutions to deliver efficient and effective in-house email service coupled with the top-level data security. Check out the features of EasyMail below.


EasyMail7  Pricing

EasyMail7 also made sure that even its pricing schemes and tiers are easy to understand and subscribe to. The pricing can easily be viewed from a dedicated page on the website. You can enjoy 14 days of free trial which can send up to 250 emails per hour, 1 000 per day, and even 12 000 emails per month!


Pricing (one-time payment) Important Features

Access to one for server, 30 spam tests, unlimited number of subscribers and sending of emails, free updates, and tech support for 12 months.


Access to 30 for server, 1500 spam tests, unlimited number of subscribers and sending of emails, free updates, and tech support for 24 months.


Access to 3+2 users for server, 150 spam tests, unlimited number of subscribers and sending of emails, free updates, and tech support for 12 months.


Clients also appreciate the one-time payment scheme of the service. Contact the sales representative to avail of the free trial and decide from there on what package you should avail.  A good thing about this brand is that once you are done with your package, whether trial or not, is that they do not force to upsell, as each package has access to all the best EasyMail7 features.

EasyMail7 Features

You can check out the best features of EasyMail7 below. These are some of the many offers of the company to its thousands of clients.

Licensing G-Lock EasyMail7

The company Glocksoft also has a flexible licensing plan for its customers. This way, clients can scale the software properly into their marketing plans or needs. Clients can use the license for 12 months with free updates, with an option to renew or not. The renewal fee (50% of regular price) allows clients to have updates, if you opt not to renew, you may only use the last version you subscribed to.

The amount you have to pay for the license is dependent on the number of users in your plan. If you are only one person who will operate the software on various computers, pay for only one license. If you need a license for over 50 users, the company can also make arrangements for you. Admins can assign users to their workplace and grant access to other workplaces.  This is also covered by the money-back guarantee.

 Secure data storage

You can enjoy 100% data security with EasyMail7 as it stores all valuable data such as accounts, email drafts, contact lists, and more in its server. This also makes it possible for users to share and access data without the need to export then import with the workplace. As expected, it has an encrypted line between the EasyMail7 Server and Client platform to ensure data protection throughout.


Not just permission-based, but it is also open to having custom permissions that the admin can give (admin, user, guest). This allows actions such as sending campaigns via user permission without the user seeing the mailing list and subscriber email address, among other functions. This way, the database remains private while the other operations still run


EasyMail7 also allows for the DKIM signature to authenticate emails. This way, clients can be able to send legitimate emails effortlessly. Anyone who receives this email can count on the email to be real and not forged. This authentication feature also helps to receive ISPs and other servers control their inbound mail flows.

Inbox Delivery Testing

One thing that makes EasyMail7 also stand out is its integration with GlockApps. This made way for clients to be able to instantly do test sends of email campaigns as a way to ensure the quality of the emails before sending them all out. This process makes sure the campaign works within the spam requirements, have authenticated content, as well as check for broken links. Doing these steps help clients improve the quality of their content and raise open rates and conversion.

Additional Perks


Customized Look and sending Options

The email campaigns in EasyMail7 does not carry the highly commercial “powered by” stamp. This is true for both free and paid versions which help each email sent to look more organic to the client and their brand. At the same time, clients can also customize the name, email address, return address, and even the delivery mode of the email (down to SMTP server or ISP SMTP server). Even the schedule of sending material can also be arranged according to the client’s needs.

Access to Your Data from Anywhere

Another perk with using this software is that the workplace can be accessed anywhere. Email server accounts, drafts, sent items, mailing lists, and others are all included in the workplace and all the admin have to do is assign users in their respective workplaces. Each user is expected to have full control of the items in their workplace as long as their device is installed with the software and license.

Fast Import Time

Recipient lists in various formats (CSV text, MS Access, MS Excel, MySQL) can easily be contained in a new group. Importing one million emails into the platform takes only 43 seconds to finish! This is one of the unique features of the G-Lock EasyMail7.

Email Throttling

You may have experienced ISP limits for sending emails (often messages per hour or per day). EasyMail7 can “throttle” emails sent per hour (or per day) to make sure the emails are being sent to the mailing list smoothly even without direct client participation.

·        Scheduler

EasyMail7’s scheduler is also another great feature that helps clients schedule their campaigns on their preferred date and time. The settings are flexible and can allow the client to send out emails at regular intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, etc). Special emails such as welcome emails to new subscribers can also be scheduled accordingly.

·        Bulk Subscribe/Unsubscribe Feature

Another special feature is its subscribe and unsubscribe in bulk capability. This allows the two actions to be done in bulk in one or all groups. Clients who process and do-post campaign assessment find this feature helpful especially when processing bounced emails.


They also have a feature called Exclusion lists. These are bloc lists for your database or mailing list. This tells the server not to send emails to the emails on the lists. The Global Exclusion List also exists that delivers a workplace-wide for faster communication of the block list.

Drag-and-Drop Message Editor

For clients without a web designer or layout artist, this drag-and-drop element is useful. Users can easily compose nice emails using the software’s templates and easy-to-understand layout options including buttons, dividers, images, text, and more.

Ease of Use

EasyMail7 has software and server packed with lots of features. But it still managed to create an easy-to-follow interface perfect for the small-to-medium business owners that subscribe to it the most. From setting it up to running your very first campaign, EasyMail7 made their process and steps one of the least complicated ones in the industry.

If you’re migrating data or lists, it also has a fast and efficient turnover so you can do more with your time. The drag-and-drop option and templates provided are also helpful, especially for those who are just starting with their email marketing efforts.


Automatic responses can also be set-up using EasyMail7. This makes sure you have automatic emails sent to keep your audience engaged. Schedules can be arranged as well for these responses. They also have a streamlined process for an automated bounce, unsubscribe, and complaint processing features. Through its Bounce Handler, the system can unsubscribe email addresses from groups and even update databases,

Integrations & Add-Ons

EasyMail7 can easily be integrated with Amazon SES API. This makes EasyMail7 more special as not many software can automatically control the sending rate allowed that matches Amazon’s SES policy. Clients can also use their SES SMTP with this EasyMail7, which is a welcome feature for those who are unable to use their ISP SMTP server because of restrictions or other reasons.

Other integrations include G-Lock WPNewsman Plugin where users can convert visitors into subscribers on the linked WordPress page through a widget or code. Then users can create a direct link to subscribers in the WPNewsman for them to receive emails from EasyMail7. EasyMail is also integrated with the G-Lock Analytics Email Tracking Service that can track opens and clicks, prints, forwards, and even geographical location of people who open the email. For those on the look-out for other analytics integrations, know that EasyMail7 is also integrated with Google Analytics and Piwik Analytics, among others.

EasyMail7 is also integrated with Zapier, making it connected with hundreds of Webapps! Through this, EasyMail7 can now be connected with highly used apps such as Gmail, Google Docs, Salesforce, Shopify, Highrise, PayPal, and more. Form Apps can also be connected here such as 23ContactForm, Formdesk, FormForAll, Jumplead, SurveyGizmo, among others.


For those looking for alternatives, they can use AWeber or Mad Mimi for feature-packed services but these may be more expensive. You may also try Salesforce Marketing or Zoho Campaigns if you wish to focus on sales conversion. MailChimp is also used by companies who wish to send out a lot of emails.

Frequently Asked Questions about EasyMail7

  1. What is an EasyMail7 Server?

You might know of servers to either be Windows Servers, Amazon EC2, or the like which are used to have your customized version of said servers with installed EasyMail7 server. The good thing about this is that it can just run as a service server in the background without the need to be logged in. You can count on this server to perform all the relevant tasks such as sending our emails, monitoring incoming messages and even updating your contact list.

  1. Can I use the software for two devices?

Depending on your license, you can install it on various devices. For clients with only one license, the can have the EasyMail7 Server in only one device. Should you need the license to be transferred to another device, you can call the support team to do transfer the license for you. Meanwhile, clients can have the EasyMail 7 Client service on as many devices as needed. So if they need the EasyMail7 Client component on their laptop at home or their desktop in the office, they can easily install and use it in both.

  1. What is the workplace?

This is server accounts, templates, sent items, contact lists, and the Bounce Handler settings in your software. The admin has control of the workplace, said admin can also assign workplace to users as he sees fit. In the workplace, the admin also has control over setting limitations, send limits, and other tasks on the server.

  1. Do I need an opt-in list to use G-Lock EasyMail7?

It is not required but highly recommended. On opt-in list can help you determine how the audience behaves with the email (clicks, open, delete, etc). Campaigns with no opt-in list can run into spam issues and can even lead to receiving spam complaints.  Spam Traps can also be an issue especially for those who bought lists or got lists from a random site.

  1. Is the EasyMail7 software both a bulk mailer and a mail server?

EasyMail7 does not carry an SMTP server. Therefore, clients need to use a 3rd party server to send out emails. EasyMail7’s site has a page dedicated to helping clients on how to choose the right SMTP server.

EasyMail7 bulk email

Customer Service

Below are EasyMail7’s pages and customer service elements created to help clients navigate their product and their site:

  • Tutorials – The site has a page dedicated to giving tutorials to its users. This page has articles on how-tos and pdfs files ready for download. The tutorial section has sections for both Admis and User functions with topics such as managing servers, creating backups, importing recipients, and others.
  • Download Page – For those looking for guides to read even when you’re offline, EasyMail7’s downloads page has a bank of information in readily downloadable files for your perusal.
  • Blog – On top of these tutorials and blog pages, it also has a blog page. The blog has a collection of articles that tackle topics such as technical know-how and even tips on how to create meaningful and interesting campaigns.
  • Support Page – There is no pop-up chat box anywhere else in the side aside from the Support Page. This ensures that no pop-up will distract users from their site experience. The support page has a form users can fill out for their concerns.

These are the avenues where users can improve their experience with the product. These resources are available to all so you can also view the features and information they need to decide if they wish to pursue.

EasyMail7 Pros and Cons

On top of all the information above, it is also important to list down the pros and cons to help you decide on your next step. Read on to find the list of pros and see if it fits your marketing or business plan as well as check out the cons to see if any can be a potential issue.


Check out the best advantages of EasyMail7:

  • Money-back Guarantee – They have a 60-day money-back guarantee that allows customers to get their full money back if they are not satisfied with the service. They would then ask customers to tell them the feature they liked least so they can improve it in the future.
  • Value for money – It may be challenging to find another provider with the same amount of features for the same prices. At the same time, it is also on a one-time payment scheme unlike the typical monthly fees of others. They also do not charge per email
  • Data Safety – Users also love EasyMail7’s ability to keep data and databases in-house. At the same time, it also allows users to access various data sources where you can get your list from. The admin can even set limits to workplaces and users who can access certain data but still operate smoothly.
  • Permission-based – you can also count on EasyMail7 to have a customizable permission-based workflow to be able to control the quality and quantity of your campaign.
  • Customer Service – the customer service team acts promptly when receiving complaints or inquiry which is a big plus for companies who are just starting or wish to do big on their email marketing campaigns.


Meanwhile, here are some of the  disadvantages you may wish to consider:

  • Spam – As mentioned earlier, some users who do not have opt-in lists can fall into the spam trap. However, some users experience having their campaigns be delivered and tagged as spam mails, too.
  • Spam check – there are also limited quantities of how many spams can be detected.
  • Installation challenge – Some users are looking for simple online marketing with just their server. Since EasyMail7 may have to install software on the systems, some may find it too much of a hassle. Should you need to run the product with multiple users in a server, you may configuration and technical help may be needed.
  • Best for small-to-medium companies – if you are a big company, this product may feel limiting as it can handle volumes best for medium-sized companies at the moment. The operating systems needed to run this is also quite limited.
  • Need more basic features – It can be more useful with other basic features such as click-through tracking, event-triggered Email, and Image Library.

There you have it, a quick yet detailed rundown of EasyMail7. Together with the pros, you can consider the cons if you wish to go all out with this product. Be familiar with the features, advantages, and disadvantages so you can fully maximize it in case you wish to get the trial version.

These are all helpful so you can see how a product like this can easily fit into your master plan of growing your business presence.

Final Verdict

From the main points, features, and add-ons, keep in mind what your marketing plan looks like to further check if EasyMail7 is a great tool for your company. This is one of the most used marketing tools in the market best for growing companies and the price tag is not too heavy, too.

EasyMail7 is highly recommended. Its great value for money can not be highlighted enough. And even if the payment scheme is a one-time-big-time fee, you can count on the customer service team to always be ready to help. Renewal fees are also not that big and even if your license expires, you can continue using the latest one you have without worrying about it being canceled altogether. Use EasyMail7 if you are looking for a way to break through the email marketing platform. If you already have a marketing plan or content plan on hand, you drag and drop the material and format it accordingly. Simply set up the software and the newsletter layout itself and you will be ready to send out emails in no time.

EasyMail7 Review
EasyMail7 Review
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