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Campaigner Review

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8/10 (Expert Score)
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  • File Size Concerns
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These days, it is imperative for brands and companies to be able to master be able to secure their online presence. One way to do it is to promote through email. Fortunately, leading email marketing brand Campaigner is always available to deliver quality service to those at need. With over two decades in the email marketing industry, Campaigner is the go-to expert for maximizing the email marketing benefits. Many brands such as Adidas, Mattel, Hallmark, and Seiko have tapped Campaigner to handle their email marketing needs.

Because of its track record as one of the most trusted email marketing experts, it has become one of the leaders in the field in the USA. Their services extend to SMEs, enterprise, transactional senders, and small businesses, too. The company’s four organizations all deliver exceptional service to reach the target market of any email sent.

Campaigner does not only run the email campaigns for you, but it also walks you through the process so you know what is going on with your project. They offer easy-to-use features that will make the process enjoyable and informative for everyone involved. Read on to find the helpful features of the Campaigner.

Campaigner Pricing


Campaigner knows that any business who wish to venture into email marketing is one concerned with maximum reach and value for money. This is why Campaigner has set various pricing schemes fit for your budget. You can try their services for free for one month, but so far, many users have shared that they availed their Campaigner packages even before the free trial was over to not disrupt the workflow in the platform in place.

They have friendly rates too. From 40.95 USD customers can enjoy basic services including mailing lists of 5,000 contacts, experiments, autoresponders, and more! There are also packaged rates of up to 449.95 USD that includes the advanced benefit of up to 100,000 contacts and 60 other features.

For easier viewing, the rate card is as follows:

Pricing (Monthly) Important Features

$19.95 – $49.95 per month

Starter package:

1,000-5,000 contacts

Experiments, Autoresponders, 9 other features

Starting $119.95/ mo Essential package:

Up to 25,000 contacts

Experiments, and 13 other features


starting from $449.95/ mo Advanced package:

up to 100k contacts

purchase behavior, automation workflow, and 60 other features

Starting from $65.95/ mo eCommerce package:

unlimited contacts

also includes Shopify integration, Magento integration, etc

Payment is monthly or annual, so you can properly prepare for and account for it in your budget. They also have an option to customize the pricing so you can pay for the services you just want to avail of.

Features of Campaigner

Campaigner is a known provider of advanced email marketing automation services so you can count on it for any of your needs. See below features that the company provides to thousands of its clients.

  • Email Marketing Automation
  1. Optimized workflows

This allows clients and the team to secure and nurture leads, generate content to encourage repeat buyers. This feature emphasizes the need to turn (returning) customers to be the brand voice in their circles and communities through a trigger or interest-based automation. It also includes an industry-leading drag-and-drop workflow builder which is extremely user-friendly.

To do this, a buyer journey is designed based on client needs and from understanding the target market. Campaigner will actively work with you in creating multiple triggers involving automatically sending emails based on the need of the client. What also makes Campaigner unique is that it understands that not all of the audience will be in the same stage of your journey. Some may just be newly introduced to your brand, while the others are already casual buyers or loyal customers. This allows Campaigner to craft content that can nurture the interest of the target market to help them move along the journey towards becoming brand advocates.

  1. Autoresponders

Campaigner also did well with explaining this feature as “not-spam”. Autoresponders are emails sent instantaneously to answer to triggers and to respond to customers at the moment where they are displaying heightened interest.

These emails can be “thank you” messages or even emails to encourage customers to upsell. They can also contain messages for customer’s birthdays, a notice of impending due dates, or simply timely informative messages to introduce fresh news or product releases. The automated emails can also be prepared beforehand as the Campaigner can easily be scheduled into daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly timelines.

  • Personalization

Personalization is slowly becoming a business habit. Whether it is a message of gratitude for a purchase or a welcome message to members of a new club or group, personalized messages are now being sent en masse to strike a stronger connection to the audience.

  1. Segmentation

Campaigner values being able to cater to the customer’s individual preferences, purchase behavior, and even location. Segmentation services include email engagement monitoring where brands can send specialized sales-targeted emails to the most active customers or nurture projects to reach customers who have become inactive.

  1. Dynamic Content

In an online age, dynamic content is a must-do. This type of content creation should be geared towards strengthening connections with the audience. Campaigner prides its expert-level content creation that lives off the “right message, right person, right time” agenda.

  • Experiments

While other email marketing companies dwell on just sending emails to as many people as possible, Campaigner goes above and beyond the basics to effectively convert its audience. This feature allows brands to see how customers behave with the emails they receive

  1. Subject Line Testing

This is a fun way to test which subject line has the most reactions. You can collaborate with the team to add emojis and catchy copies to see which lines have the most open rates.

  1. From Name Testing

Another option is to test which name your clients respond to the most. Campaigner can also handle this by sending emails from various senders and different segments.

  • eCommerce Benefit

Campaigner recognizes the high likelihood of companies needing email marketing services to also be heavily invested in making more conversion in their online shops.

  1. Shopify native integration

This allows the company to connect the brand’s Shopify with their API and sync all your store data and contact lists.

  1. Magneto integration

Like Shopify, Campaigner can also effectively integrate all your Magneto needs. It will simply walk you through syncing your Magneto plug into your web store.

  • Email Design

This includes big attention to how an email looks like. This is important to get more people to read the email you sent. Aside from the designs and layout, they also ensure that the finalized layouts can be easily viewable to others (social media) platforms.

Ease of Use


Campaigner is surprisingly easy to use! Most of its returning clients commend the company’s easy interface and instructions to follow. It also purposely created its dashboards and guidelines to be as user-friendly as possible. They are also attentive to details and made sure to include step-by-step instructions on how to independently navigate their platform.

It is also easy to use as Campaigner largely lays down the pathway towards more successful design and email workflow. If you get lost along the way, their customer service is also helpful.


Campaigner knows automation best. They became industry leaders by continuously understanding their client’s voice, color, and eventually target market. Automation is available throughout the packages, becoming freer and freer as the price point elevates to more advanced packages. Campaigner knows you will benefit most with personalized and segmented content to attract a more loyal customer base.

Integration and Add-Ons

Another handy feature is its integration ability with third-party services and apps. This allows you to cover all bases possible to reach and understand your target customers via the apps they already use. Google Analytics allows you to track your email performance and whether or not it had an effect on your website activity. Meanwhile, Adobe Analytics can track email performance through open rates. Mentioned above are the benefit of seamless integration with Magento and Shopify where client can import their subscriber and web store data and further drive sales. Other third-party apps include Facebook Audience Builder (for new fans through Facebook), Surveytown (to get survey answers), and PieSync (sync Campaigner with your choice app).

Frequently Asked Questions about Campaigner

  1. What is Campaigner?

Campaigner is the USA’s leading email marketing company with over twenty years of experience in the field. It aims to help brands make the most out of their email automation service by personalizing data, 1:1 ratio interactions to nurture leads and customer loyalty. It also has expertise in making highly engaging and visual workflows with its drag and drop builder.

2.  Are there any Set-Up Costs?

If you’re just starting with this kind of email marketing service, Campaigner is not charging for set up fees for starting clients. There are also no set up fees for any of its starter, essential, nor advanced packages. As one of the few companies that offer customizable plans, Campaigner may charge for set up costs incurred from custom plans. This is to cover for the costs including custom integrations, extended training to clients and staff, as well as the actual account set-up.

If you’d like to think about which package to try next, there is always the FREE 30-Day trial you can avail to get the look and feel of the whole Campaigner interface and service. Then you can decide to subscribe and upgrade as you go along.

3. How Can You Customize a Plan?

Customized plans work best for companies and brands with a vision to convert their leads into sales or brand loyalty. Naturally, they would want to make the most out of any service and even pay for the items they would need most. Campaigner understands this and helps their client figure out how to get a plan tailored only for their requirements. Clients can simply request a free quote through their sales team at 1-866-358-6388.

4. Does the Free Trial Include Full-Feature Use?

Campaigner’s best features include automated email campaigns, thousands of contacts, and super easy drag and drop interface that makes it less challenging for users to navigate. All these features and more are available once you avail the 30-day trial. Most of those who avail the free trial also sign up for the paid plans that start for as low as 19.95 USD.

5. Can I cancel anytime?

In any chance that you’ll need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, you cancel your subscription.  Like the rest of the features in Campaigner, canceling is also easy to do. Users can cancel anytime through a phone call to the customer service hotline, email, or their 24/7 chat.

Customer Service

Campaigner has been in the industry for two decades and counting and you can bet they have mastered all the avenues possible to give their users maximum satisfaction. They have made it possible for their customers to reach them through various ways such as  24/7 chat boxes, phone calls, and of course, email correspondence.

  • 24/7 Chat Box on the website – Upon entry to the website (or when navigating various pages), Campaigner’s website allows for a small pop up screen to appear to ask the page visitors if they need help. The sales chatbox first asks the basics such as name, email, and website, and then proceeds to ask your questions. This live chat feature does not only answer with auto-generated content, but it is also handled by the experts from the team who answers the questions as quickly and as informative as possible.
  • Free Quotation – As state before, the Campaigner sales team is also available to produce custom or standard quotations for customers looking for the best fit for their company. New customers can enjoy a free demo along with the custom quote made especially for any potential client’s need. The form is simple and can be easily filled out from their website, too.
  • Blog – Campaigner also runs a blog for users who are just on the look-out for industry insights and information. Their email marketing blog is full of helpful content on the subject such as strategy, design, stats, news, and more. If you’re not fond of reading, they also have a section dedicated to infographics. From a customer appreciation, email template to how-to emails on customer retention, Campaigner’s blog is a good source to get informed.
  • The Knowledge Base – As the name suggests, the Knowledge Base is a one-stop place for any visitor to get information from. Frequently asked questions and the like can be seen here. Upon clicking, the user can see a bar where he can type questions and the site can streamline all related answers to the query. The Knowledge Base also categorizes FAQ topics accordingly and by clicking through each tile, one can view the related articles from there. Topics like conversion tracking have about 8 articles, while subjects such as new smart email builder have around 33.
  • Trust Center – As an added assistance to people who are new to the platform, Campaigner also maintains a Trust Center page. Campaigner describes this page as the “Trust, Privacy and Anti-spam Resources”. This page further assures their clients that they can trust Campaigner with their data and mission. It clearly states the Terms and Conditions as well as their Anti-Spam as prescribed by law. Their privacy policy is also outlined on this page to let clients know that their data is highly protected. On top of all these, Campaigner also has an easy-to-understand reseller term sheet.

All these complement the rest of the features and services offered by Campaigner. These customer services are geared towards adding value to their clients and making it easier for them to make the most out of their services.


If due to some reason you cannot access or use Campaigner. Following are the nice alternatives to the Campaigner:

This marketing platform is efficient for designing as well as sharing campaigns across many email platforms and advertisement channels. It is capable of integrating with services that are applicable as well as tracking the statistical results. This platform acts like a personal publishing tool. This platform is more usable, it has online support as well as best for meeting requirements as compared to Campaigner.

  • Robly

Robly email marketing platform has all the good features you are looking for since it has no hidden or extra charges as for their price plans. Therefore such a marketing platform is perfectly tailored for beginners as well as experts

  • Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor platform is user friendly as well as a professional eCommerce platform. Its automation system enables quicker growth of the business since most emails tend to drive real as well as bottom-line decisions.

  • Constant Contact

On the off chance that you are on the search for more customers, increasing the sale of your products or maybe sharing your passion worldwide, Constant contact is an extraordinary tool for you, it consists of all the necessary features you need as well as expert guidance.

  • AWeber

This email marketing platform helps mostly small businesses in the automation of email follow-ups as well as newsletter deliveries which leads to an increase in customer retention as well as higher sales rates.

Pros and Cons

Campaigner featurs

Like any other marketing service provider, it is also important to take note that there may be some aspects where Campaigner excel and others where they may need improvement. Check out some of the pros and cons of Campaigner to help you further decide.

Pros of Campaigner

Here are the top-selling points customers love about Campaigner:

  • Decades of Experience – Campaigner has been around even before the start of the millennium and has since grown along with the Internet even before it grew exponentially. In terms of expertise and trust, Campaigner should be at the forefront of your list of service providers to trust in this digital age.
  • Ease of Use – Customers are loyal to Campaigners as it allows users to in control of what they put out through the easy-to-navigate interface and drag-then-drop feature. One only needs to click the standard templates to send out to the mailing list. Contacts are also provided beforehand. It is also exciting to keep track of the email performance as Campaigner also has a feature to generate reports.
  • Personalization – Perhaps one of the most important features of this is that Campaigner does not only allow one to personalize their marketing strategies through email, they can also help craft what kind of content will work depending on the target market’s journey with the brand. If one needs to use old invites, Campaigner also makes it possible to use them as foundations for new campaigns.
  • Value for Money – Campaigner understands that easy penny spend must be maximized. Aside from the standard packages, customized plans are also helpful for companies who only wish to pay for features that they need.
  • Customer Service – Campaigners already made their interface one of the easiest to use in the industry yet they still make sure to have a fully responsive customer service sales team to take care of its clients.

Cons of Campaigner

Meanwhile, there are also some disadvantages experienced by users along the way, some of which are as follows:

  • Unable to Receive Test Messages – There are instances where the senders are unable to receive test invites from their campaigns. Sometimes the creator may not be able to get the invite himself and will resort to sending out actual emails to his email to see what the target market will receive.
  • Spam – There are also chances where the emails are sent directly to spam, even when the target market was specifically specified.
  • File Size Concerns – Given the ability to personalize the emails, some users experience errors occurring relating to filing sizes even if the files they try to attach are not that big. This is sometimes related to glitches in the system.
  • Contact List Count – Users can also benefit more from a more transparent mailing list displayed in the interface. Instead of the number of active subscribers, the list looks to be including the actual or entire size of the list (making the list look larger than it is).
  • Compatibility with other apps and social media platforms – There are also some challenges with connecting the service to other choice platforms like Twitter. At the same time, if the email is heavily formatted, readability through various platforms and devices may vary, too.

Those are some of the pros and cons of Campaigner. Weigh the pros and cons equally to be able to decide better. Keep in mind your priorities at the moment such as budget, ease-of-use, or features to help you move forward with your email marketing strategy.

Final Verdict

Campaigner will not have survived the competitive email marketing business for more than two decades if it delivers sub-par service. This is great both for companies with zero email marketing activities or those on the lookout for a new company to take over their email marketing needs. Campaigner is highly recommended if you’re looking for an easy way to reach your market through email. Plus, it has great value for money, too!

Depending on which package you choose, you can make use of at least fifty features and add-ons, all of which can help one better understand the email marketing practice and help others improve their content. Their customer service is also helpful enough to help you find footing in your email marketing plans.

After sending out emails to thousands of contacts, Campaigner also allows you to use their features such as monitoring and reporting to closely watch progress and turn-around. This provides insight on how your products or brand is received, and in the long run, can help inform your next business decision.

Campaigner Review
Campaigner Review
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