Benchmarkemail Review

Benchmarkemail Review

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7.9/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #40 in category Email marketing service
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Starting a business is already a challenge. But keeping it up and expanding your business’ reach could be painstaking. The good thing different marketing tools are available for you to use such as Email Marketing. Email Marketing is marketing that utilizes electronic mail in reaching customers. Commercial advertisements and messages are sent through email to a group of individuals being targeted by the company as potential customers. Benchmark Email is probably one of the top Email Marketing provider in the US today. Benchmarkemail caters to all sizes of customers from small to large enterprises. They focus on providing marketing solutions and strategies that help their customers to expand their business’ reach.

Advertised as being easy to use, Benchmarkemail was an Email Marketing for the masses since 2004. And over the years, Benchmarkemail has been through so much rebranding to adapt to the changing needs of its growing consumers.


Benchmarkemail has become a venue for marketers who search for high-quality services to target potential customers. With support teams from 15 countries around the world, Benchmarkemail poses excellent customer service for your software and practical strategy needs.

Pricing Options by Benchmarkemail

Benchmarkemail offers free Email Marketing. Yes, you\ read it right. They offer free Email Marketing for unlimited subscribers but with a limit of 250 emails per month. The free service lets you use hundreds of responsive email templates. You can also build customizable sign-up forms to capture more customers and eventually turn them into active clients with list-based automation. All come with access to their 24/7 customer support. In 15 minutes upon registration, you will be able to send your first email. The good thing about the free service is that it doesn’t demand a credit card on registration. Thus, you are sure that there are no hidden schemes upon registration on the free service of Benchmark.

If the free service isn’t enough for your demand, you may opt to upgrade at any time. Upgrading to the Pro service gives you access to additional features of Benchmarkemail like Automation Pro and 29+ more exciting features. It also comes with Premium support that guarantees superior service. The Pro service has options of Annual or Monthly Subscription. Subscribing to the Annual option saves you more dollars than the monthly option. Both subscription fees are variable depending on the number of your subscribers. The fees are shown in the tables below.

Annual Subscription Fee

Number of Subscribers Emails per Month Monthly Cost
0 – 600 Unlimited $11.89
601 – 1,000 Unlimited $18.69
1,001 – 1,500 Unlimited $23.79
1,501 – 2,500 Unlimited $27.19
2,501 – 3500 Unlimited $37.39


Monthly Subscription Fee

Number of Subscribers Emails per Month Monthly Cost
0 – 600 Unlimited $13.99
601 – 1,000 Unlimited $21.99
1,001 – 1,500 Unlimited $27.99
1,501 – 2,500 Unlimited $31.99
2,501 – 3500 Unlimited $43.99

Benchmarkemail Features


Benchmarkemail has several features for the Pro Service. These features are categorized into 5 main features; the Automation Pro, Email Designer, Grow Your Audience, Tracking & Reports and Apps & Integration. Each feature and its sub-features will be discussed below.

  1. Automation Pro

Automation Pro allows users to send time or action triggered emails to targeted customers. It can be used on different marketing strategies to reach more customers. It can be used as well to automatically add new customers and explain your products’ features in hopes to build a network of customers.

Benchmarkemail’s Automation Pro will do the follow-ups for you. Once your customers are subscribed, they are automatically added to the list. And from leads, Automation Pro converts them to buying customers through their user-friendly templates.

There’s also an automated follow-up on abandoned items on their cart. This allows you to remind your customers of items that they placed on their carts. You may also send coupons for promos during the follow-ups. Thus increasing the chances of getting that sales are done.

Finally, Benchmarkemail’s Automation Pro has an exciting Follow-up series that makes email follow-ups based on 2 conditions. Email follow-ups will be sent automatically if the welcome email has been opened and the other if it was not opened. You may set email templates based on your customer’s actions. This makes your interaction with your customers more personal.

  1. Email Designer

Benchmarkemail’s Email Designer tool is a quick and easy to use tool to make your emails more welcoming, engaging and personal. Their quick and easy features let you add images and provided blocks by just dragging and dropping them to your email. The Live Editing feature also helps you visualize the email as you design it. And with responsive emails, may it be from Benchmark’s email templates or one that you designed, there’s no need to worry about your customers’ way of accessing their emails. Benchmark’s email designer automatically adapts your email to all platforms (desktop view, tablet view or mobile phone view).

  1. Grow Your Audience

With Benchmarkemail, growing your audience or network is easy. You can utilize their List Builders, Automations, Surveys and Polls to gain a following that engages in your emails.

In Benchmarkemail’s list builder, you may use their pop-up options and embeddable sign-up forms to connect with your potential subscribers. The sign-up forms can be added to your blog or social media platforms to reach more audiences.

  1. Tracking & Reports

It is important to make calculated moves when building business strategies. And to make such moves, you will need a good amount of reliable data. Benchmarkemail’s intelligent tracking and reporting system allow you to get a view of your customers’ movement in your network. Benchmarkemail offers its A/B Testing, Inbox checker and reporting features to help you create campaigns based on how your customers respond to your emails.

The reports contain information on email responses like emails that are opened, links that were clicked and emails that bounced. Through this data, you can change your campaign and strategies to improve your customer engagement.

Benchmarkemail also lets you use their A/B Testing which allows you to compare to campaign options and see which one is most effective. It also lets you identify the best timing that your customers are most likely to engage in your emails.

  1. Apps & Integration

Benchmarkemail’s partnership with 300+ services lets you increase your visibility and get more sales on any platform. From social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr to Blogs and other integrations, Benchmarkemail lets you covert followers to customers and vice versa. This Benchmark service allows you to harness the power of social networking to a higher level of marketing. All you need to do is just click a button.

Additional Perks


  • Webinars

Benchmarkemail not only offers its customers its tools for email marketing. They also provide their customers with a wide range of topics on how they can expand their businesses. With Benchmarkemail’s Webinars, customers get new knowledge and update their skills for them to hit their sales targets.

  • Photo Editor

No need for you to have those expensive photo editing software. Benchmarkemail has integrated the Photo Editor that lets you adjust the quality of your pictures to make it more attractive to your customers.

  • Code Editor

For the more advanced users, Benchmarkemail has Code Editor tools so you can work on your HTML. Use this tool to edit the HTML of existing templates or make your email design using HTML.

  • List Management

Benchmarkemail allows you to segment, import and integrates your list of subscribers. You can breakdown your subscribers based on demographics, what they like or what they dislike. This will help you organize your emails to target specific subscribers based on their choices. You can also import your contacts using .xls, .csv and .txt files.

  • Mail Format Viewer

Benchmarkemail lets you view your email on different formats or platforms before even sending it to them. Through this, you will be able to edit your email to fit on each format or platform.

  • Email API

Benchmarkemail’s Email API lets you integrate your database programs to Benchmarkemail’s system. This seamless integration allows you to manage your subscriptions from your existing system to your Benchmark’s Email Account. Benchmark’s API is available in 2 formats (XML-RPC and PHP). And the best thing about this is that it is free.

Ease of Use

As advertised, Benchmarkemail brands itself as an easy to use Email Marketing tool. You need not be an expert to navigate through their system. Benchmarkemail is recommended to those who haven’t had exposure to Email Marketing services. The easy drag and drop functions allow you to create expert-looking emails with ease.

Benchmarkemail provided also several tools from Photo Editors that are not complicated to use and Image Library that allows you to add photos to your email without worrying about taking those pictures on your own.

The Email templates are also available if you want to make a shortcut in making emails. But if you have the skills and time, their code editors are also smooth to use for those HTML savvy customers who know how to work with them.


Perhaps, the main point in subscribing to an Email Marketing Company is the Automation it offers. Benchmarkemail’s automation pro is as reliable as any Email Marketing Company can be. Benchmarkemail’s free automation service is good for start-up companies while the Automation Pro is more for the mid-range businesses that want more from their subscription. Harness your business’ potential through benchmark’s Automation Pro services and realize the growth in your sales targets.

Integration and Add-Ons

As mentioned previously, Benchmarkemail has more than 300 services that you can integrate with. The social media platforms will allow you to make use of your social network to expand your business’ reach. Upon registration, you may use these integrations already. However, some add-ons may only be accessed if you are subscribed to the Pro service.


While there are numerous Email Marketing services today, Benchmarkemail is at par one of the best. Their ease of use and very affordable rates make Benchmark a great option like Campaigner. And for beginners and start-up companies, Mailerlite Email marketing services is a good choice because it has a free to use option. While others offer a free trial for a limited period, Benchmark offers it entirely free to use (of course with limitations on access).

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Benchmarkemail?

Benchmarkemail is an Email Marketing Service that allows its customers to reach their target networks through Automation tools. It provides a venue for their customers to get more engagement through emails and other integration and apps.

    2. How can I subscribe to Benchmark?

You can subscribe to the BBenchmarkemail by registering on their online website. Just provide the type of marketer you are, your name, phone number, the name of your organization, email address, the number of your contacts and your preferred login and password. There’s no need for credit card information and their system is as secure as it can be with security systems in place and updated.

     3. Is there a free trial on the Benchmarkemail?

Benchmarkemail does not offer a free trial because it offers a free service already for an unlimited time of use but with limitations on tools and the number of emails per month. You can subscribe to free service at any time you want to be able to access the Benchmark’s other exciting Automation tools and services.

   4. Is Benchmarkemail recommended for newbies or first-time users?

Yes, Benchmarkemail is highly recommended for newbies or first-time users. Benchmarkemail has templates that you can start with. They also have an extensive guide through their blog and webinars on how to use their tools.

    5. Is Benchmark available in other languages?

Benchmarkemail’s presence in over 15 countries made sure that it is available to languages other than English. The website can be viewed in 9 languages including Japanese, Chinese, French, and Spanish to name a few.

Customer Service

Benchmark is committed to providing excellent service to their customers. With this, Benchmark has set-up different Customer Service platforms to cater to each customers’ needs. Below are the different platforms that Benchmarkemail has set-up to engage on their customer’s queries;

  • 24/7 Live Chat Support

The 24/7 Live Chat Support can be accessed on the Benchmark’s website. It provides its customers to get the necessary information on their inquiries anywhere in the world.

  • Phone Call Support

Benchmark’s service can be accessed also through International calls. The service is also available in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland. For those in countries where the call service is available, the phone call support is a better option.

  • Blogs and Webinars

To be able to attend to customers’ needs and inquiries, Benchmark has set-up a blog that offers vast information about the company and its services. The webinars, on the other hand, give technical business support to their customers for them to upgrade their skills and know-how. This is one of the reasons why Benchmark was recognized as one of the top 20 B2B companies in 2017.

With these platforms, Benchmark has made it easier for you to get support whenever and wherever you need them.

Benchmark Pros and Cons

To give you a deeper review of Benchmark’s email marketing service, listed below are the Pros and Cons. Hopefully, you could use the details below as considerations before using the Benchmark service.


Below are the advantages of subscribing to Benchmarkemail’s Email Marketing Service.

  • Free Service: The free service option of Benchmarkemail allows you to test the system before subscribing to their Pro service option. Although limited in the number of subscribers, emails, and tools to use, the free service is good for those who are still starting their business and those that want to explore the email marketing option but doesn’t have enough funds to finance it.
  • Training Support: One of the best features that Benchmarkemail offers is training support through their Webinars. The broad list of topics will surely help new business owners to expand their business knowledge and realize their success.
  • Flexibility: Benchmarkemail can be used by beginners to expert HTML code editors. The Email Templates are best for the newbies while the code editor support is for the HTML savvy. Both still delivers the best Email Marketing for each user.
  • Personalization: Using the Benchmark’s tracking and reports option, you can personalize your emails according to your customer data. By this, you can send emails based on what your customer needs and wants.
  • Worldwide Presence: Benchmarkemail’s presence in 15 countries and 9 language support allows it to reach more customers. You will not worry about customer support anywhere in the world.


  • Failure to Deliver: Some emails keep on falling on the flagged or spam folder which gets deleted after some time. Target customers are not reached due to this making the service useless. In most cases, customers using Outlook emails and Gmail are unreachable. In the case of AOL, it seems they automatically flag Benchmarkemail emails that is why it falls on the Spam folder. Some templates are also designed that they look like Spam-Mails such that recipients flag them and move it to junk folder without even reading them. This is bad especially for those that utilize the free service that has very limited email sending capacity per month.
  • File Size Issues: Benchmarkemail only offers 10MB of image storage which is very limiting to users. Although there is a good amount of material in the image library, users will still need to add personal images to personalize their emails. So, if you want to upgrade to an unlimited image storage size, Benchmarkemail charges $5 per month.
  • Bugs and Inconsistencies: Some users experience email sending delays. The occurrence may be attributed to the long list of recipients and file size. In most cases, delays are at an hour max. While not much of a bother for those that don’t have specific time arrangement, it is critical to those customers who are identified to have specific engagement time. Also, Social Media integration is buggy. Some buttons are unlikeable and missing for some time.

While there are issues on the use of Benchmark Email Marketing Tools, generally speaking, such issues are technical glitches that are solvable by IT specialists. There is still a lot of advantages to subscribing to Benchmarkemail.

Be sure to take into consideration the Pros and Cons before using the Benchmark platform. This will serve as a great tool for you to effectively make use of Benchmark’s amazing service.

Final Verdict

While there are some concerns about Benchmarkemail’s Email Marketing tools, specifically on the technical side, these issues can be easily addressed. The good thing about Benchmarkemail is that that takes concerns seriously and finds solutions to solve them. The positive aspects of Benchmarkemail, like the ease of use and affordable rates on top of everything else, makes it probably the best Email Marketing tool. We highly recommend that you try their free service first and get a firsthand experience in using their service.

Benefit from their knowledge library and expand your business’ potential, that’s a promise that Benchmarkemail offers to their customers. They don’t just help you reach potential customers, they also help you get the deal done by providing you marketing and business skills. They understand that your growth is also the growth of Benchmarkemail. Their sensitivity to their customers has to lead them to launch international bases in 15 countries with 9 languages support which by far is one of the largest in the Email Marketing Business and shows how committed they are in providing support to their customers.

Benchmarkemail is open to innovations as proven by their constant rebranding to meet their customers’ demands and the fast-evolving markets. What they promise is an experience like no other while allowing you to just sit back, relax and watch your network to grow. So, if you want your business to prosper and reach a multitude of customers, Benchmarkemail is your way to realize them. Start from the free option and later on explore the Pro Service (with competitive fees) to harness the full potential of your business. With Benchmark’s Email Marketing Service and tools, the possibilities are endless.

Benchmarkemail Review
Benchmarkemail Review
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