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Autopilot Review

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9.1/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #3 in category Email marketing service
Ease of Use
Customer Support
  • Free Trial
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Powerful automation and integration
  • Sometimes slow performance
  • No Sales Intelligence feature
  • Absence of RSS feed

Any Business that wants to fly high needs effective email marketing tools to navigate all information about their products and services safely to their clientele. Autopilot email marketing software is the email marketing pilot to direct your email marketing journey to the target direction. Email marketing is an excellent strategy to attract, advertise and interact with your customers (old and new customers), Autopilot email marketing software is said to be the one of best in that aspect.  This email marketing automated software is best known for piloting information successfully to customers. For productive and effective marketing, Autopilot marketing software is the email marketing pilot required.


It’s not called the “pilot” of email marketing for no reason, Autopilot email marketing software possesses the qualities of a pilot, it’s confident and creative, it can manage all your email marketing operations. Autopilot software works exactly like a pilot. It plans and navigates all your email marketing strategies. This email marketing software is regarded as the captain of email marketing, it controls the journey of email marketing automatically. It is said to be ranked number one in email marketing automation. Autopilot is responsible for the safe trip of informative and promotional emails worldwide. This magical email marketing software is tested, trusted and loved by thousands of companies around the globe.

Autopilot Pricing

 To get on board, you are allowed to start your journey for free. Autopilot allows customers to start up their email marketing journey without having to pay a penny. You start by signing up for the free trial. Signing up for free allows you to try any of the plans for free for 30 days. After your 30 days email marketing journey, to continue your ride, you are required to subscribe for the monthly or annual package.                          Autopilot allows users to subscribe for their monthly plan and have the option to pay month to month or pay monthly and commit for a year. Both plans come with a silver, gold and platinum package. The pay monthly and commit for a year plan is economical, users get a 10% discount. The annual subscription is more economical, users get a 20% discount. The plan comes with a silver, gold and platinum package that guarantees a smooth journey of email marketing all year round.

The Gold package is the most common plan used by customers to grow their business. It doesn’t matter the plan you are subscribed to, Autopilot software offers limitless email chat and email support on all of their subscription plan.

Autopilot Monthly plan (pay month to month)

Package Number of contacts Email per month Monthly cost
Silver 2,000 Unlimited $49
Gold 5,000 Unlimited $149
platinum 10,00 Unlimited $249


Package Number of contacts Email per month Monthly cost
Silver 2,000 Unlimited $44.10
Gold 5,000 Unlimited $134.10
platinum 10,00 Unlimited $224.10

Autopilot Monthly plan (pay monthly, commit to a year and save 10%)

Autopilot Annual Plan (Save 20%)


Package Number of contacts Email per month Monthly cost
Silver 2,000 Unlimited $39.20
Gold 5,000 Unlimited $119.20
platinum 10,00 Unlimited $119.30

Customers that want a plan for more than 10,000 contacts can request a quote on the Autopilot website. Request quote link ( Checking the pricing list, you can see that the silver, gold, and platinum plan of all packages have the same number of contacts. It all depends on how much you are willing to save. Autopilot email marketing comes with optional add-ons that guarantee a productive email marketing journey. This Autopilot service comes with a price but they are optional.

The expert setup and training is an optional service that assists you to start your first email marketing journey in the right direction. Autopilot specialist trains, guide and assist you with the configuration of your email marketing account. This service costs $1,699.

Check the table below for other add-ons options.

Optional add-on Monthly cost
VIP support      $199
Salesforce CRM integration      $199
Custom IP (Advance)      $149
Activity streams (Advance)      $199

Autopilot Email Marketing Software Features

 Autopilot email marketing platform is equipped with the best features that enable you to stay connected to all your customers. These superb features guarantee an advantageous and productive email marketing journey. All Autopilot email marketing software features will be discussed below.

Autopilot features

Customers and Leads Administration

This Autopilot software feature allows you to categorize all of your customers and leads data in a section for easy identification. With this feature, you can track your customers’ activities. You don’t have to worry about capturing new leads from your website, Autopilot email marketing software enables you to do that with ease, keeping your email marketing journey going on smoothly. Autopilot allows you to increase greater awareness of your target audience and unlock the most important content in every segment of your email marketing journey. This feature allows you to understand your customer’s moves to increase your marketing resources. It makes marketing plan effective by targeting the precise customer at the right time.

Creative Email Design

The email marketing journey is incomplete without a good design. A Good email marketing journey requires good design and good design makes you operate in style. This Autopilot feature allows you to organize recurring duties and build a remarkable email marketing journey for your customers. It also allows you to customize your email marketing campaign depending on the response of your clientele.

This creative automation marketing software allows you to interact with your customers in different languages. Use autopilot AB split to improve communication with your customers. This feature enables you to change your email content, language, and interaction method. Autopilot automation marketing software helps you to get creative with different communication techniques that make communication effective and productive. Autopilot beautiful canvas is a problem solver, it helps you to create an outstanding experience for your customers and it requires no coding. With autopilot canvas, you can automate repeated tasks.

Easy communication with your customer

For a remarkable email marketing journey, communication is a major key. This feature allows you to associate and analyze the experience of your customers in due time. Autopilot permits you to interact with your customers, showing the progress and advancement of your business engagement. This email marketing software encourages effective communication with your customers, converting leads to customers and existing customers to regular customers. Use autopilot software to build and supervise your email catalog.

Personalize your email

 Autopilot software is a creative email marketing software that allows users to be creative by using Autopilot alluring template or you can create your own branded template and personalize your emails to ensure a polished email marketing journey.

This feature allows you to increase your sales and leads together. Compose and send a scheduled email with content your customers can relate to. Email personalization is very important when you are communicating with your customers, autopilot email marketing software enables you to discuss directly with your customers.

A Good Journey Comes With A Good Story

With no technical know-how required, Autopilot email marketing software enables you to tell your story on a channel of yours. Either by sending an SMS or a social media advert. This Autopilot allows you to personalize your messages easily on every channel.

Application Integration

This email marketing software enables you to increase your productivity on any platform. This feature allows you to use the influence of social media to your advantage. This automated email marketing software allows users to integrate their favorite social media application to the software. With the application integration feature, users can increase their customers and get a better view of their customers.

Monitor Your Report


 Autopilot email marketing software tracks the progress of your marketing campaigns. Users can monitor the performance of their campaigns. This automated software gives you a full report of the performance of your channel on a daily. It tracks the conversion rate of your email marketing campaign.

Use Auto pilot AB split action to monitor your email marketing campaign. Get a report on the number of opened and clicked emails. This marketing tool serves as a third eye, it allows customers to see what’s working and what need to be improved. Use Autopilot’s Al Dashboard to monitor and convert new contacts to customers.  The Al Dashboard envision reports from your email marketing campaign. With the autopilot Al Dashboard, you are one step ahead of your competitors.

Additional Perk

24 hours support service

 Autopilot service experts are available to assist and guide customers at any time of the day. The live chat on the autopilot website is available round the clock. Customers can talk to an autopilot expert to seek advice concerning their email marketing journey. Autopilot experts are always available at your disposal.

Review Your Email Marketing Journey

Autopilot service expert offers customers a review on their email marketing journey. These experts are available to review your marketing journey and confirm if your email marketing is right on track. Customers who need the service would have to request for it.

Email API

Autopilot allows you to process and access all of your information to the autopilot system. This email marketing software is said to be one of the leading email marketing software in Email API. The autopilot software system comes with a data warehouse. Users can integrate their information into the data warehouse or other applications.

Autopilot Scale And Speed

 In any email marketing journey, speed is a necessity to grow your business. With autopilot scale and speed, sending any amount of messages comes with ease. If you want to embark on a journey of growing your business, autopilot speed and scale will pilot your business to the promised land.

Ease Of Use

Autopilot pricing

Autopilot email marketing software is easy to use marketing software. The software setup is not complex, it takes a few steps to learn how the software works. It’s very simple to use and easy to access.  Investing in autopilot for the growth of the business is a profitable investment because it gives you great value for money.

This is an excellent marketing tool, its powerful automation and integration make your email marketing journey epic. The pricing is reasonable and users are allowed to experience a remarkable email journey for free for the first 30 days. Autopilot software is the first choice of email marketing software for marketing automation. Its expert service is available to render support and review customers’ marketing journeys. Autopilot email marketing software is excellent for any business starting their email marketing journey. This automated software allows customers to monitor and track the performance of their email marketing campaign which makes the email marketing journey easy.


 Marketing automation is a major factor in email marketing journey. Autopilot is said to be the leading email marketing software in that regard. Autopilot outstanding automated marketing tools pilots your entire email marketing journey with its easy to access visual marketing automation feature. Autopilot marketing automation software is the best email marketing automation software. it allows users to create their email marketing from the beginning or use the autopilot template for motivation. Its powerful automation creates an email marketing journey that tracks down and transforms new leads for customers. Customers can automatically repeat tasks between applications and create a good marketing stack connection with social media.

This software makes interaction very productive with your leads and customers. Users can effortlessly synchronize data from their CRM (customer relationship management) and increase their lead from their website. This automated marketing software automates all your campaigns at a precise time. It triggers email timely, mainly on the interest and behavior of your customer. Autopilot email marketing is very reliable for marketing automation.

Integration and Add-ons

Autopilot email marketing software supports integration with the best applications. Its powerful integration enables users to smoothly integrate all their favorite applications to interact and captivate their customers. Autopilot integration tool pilots email marketing to a whole different level.


 Autopilot email marketing software is incredible software for email automation. It’s a superb email marketing option for people who need to automate a segment of email. Regardless, there is a various email marketing software, autopilot email marking software remains the captain of automated email marketing. Autopilot software pricing packages are excellent and the expert support team is top-notch, they are always ready to advise and guide you all through your email marketing journey. The email marketing software alternate options are endless, but the few that can match some of the features of autopilot email marketing software are listed below.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The following questions are the most frequent questions asked regarding This email marketing software.

  1. What is Autopilot?

 Autopilot is an email marketing automation software that constructs customers’ email marketing journey. It’s a pilot software that navigates email marketing automatically. Its overpowering automation and integration guarantee a productive email marketing journey.

  1. Is there a free trial?

Autopilot allows customers to begin their email marketing journey for free. When signing up for the 30 days free trial, your credit card is not required. The free trial gives you full access to the software and you have access to send 100 emails.

  1. Can users upgrade or upgrade anytime?

The autopilot software pricing plan is dependent on the amount of contact in your catalog. There will be a change in your pricing as you increase your contact in your catalog. Monthly plans can be downgraded anytime, but it’s impossible to downgrade the annual plans until the end of a billing cycle. Annual plans can be upgraded at any time.

  1. What are the methods of payment? 

All autopilot plans require a credit card for payment and you are charged in USD. Annual plan payment over USD 10,000 can demand to pay via invoice by contacting the autopilot expert team.

  1. What is VIP support?

With the VIP support, the autopilot expert team will concentrate on your request and give you a VIP treat. You will be entitled to autopilot’s highest stage of technical assistance. The VIP support feature is recommended for enterprise customers.

Customer Service

The expert support team is available to customers 24 hours a day. The support team is ready to give customers the heads ups anytime they need assistance or advice concerning their email marketing journey.

The live chat is available for quick interaction with the autopilot support team. Customers also have the email support service option (available 24 hours on weekdays). The support team can be reached via email and as soon as your request/complaint is received and reviewed, you will get a response. Customers can apply to attend a training session on the autopilot website and also book a demo.

With the read autopilot knowledge base on the website, you can read and learn more about autopilot software. The read knowledge base was set up to educate customers and increase their knowledge of how the software operates. Customers can read popular articles and browse through different categories to get more familiar with email marketing software. It offers a whole lot of customer support packages and services. It all depends on the priority of the customer.

Autopilot Pros and Cons

Whatever has an advantage comes with a disadvantage and autopilot email marketing software is not an exemption. The pros and cons of autopilot email marketing software are listed below. Knowing the pros and cons of autopilot would serve as a guideline before deciding to use autopilot email marketing software.


 Below are the advantages of using the Autopilot Email Marketing Service. 

  • Allows users to experience top-notch email marketing journey free for 30 days with no credit card required. You can access all the software features and marketing tools during the 30 days free trial.
  • It possesses powerful automation and integration that makes email marketing effective
  • The expert support team is readily available to give customers the assistance and advice they seek
  • It’s simple and easy to use
  • It’s a creative email marketing software that makes communication very easy


  • The software proves to be slow sometimes
  • Inability to access emails effectively
  • Absence of RSS feed

Autopilot email marketing software is equipped with an incredible marketing tool that makes email marketing super productive, but lagging in some areas that requires improvement. This is a perfect email marketing software but it’s highly rated when it comes to email marketing automation. The software is a good and effective email marketing software that delivers results.

Final verdict

Marketing is said to be the heart and soul of any business. Adopting this software to accomplish all your email marketing operations will keep your business alive and running. This marketing automation software plays a vital role in creating awareness for any products and services. Autopilot email marketing software concentrates solely on automation and smart segmentation of your lead, depending on their behavior on your website.

This email marketing automation software is the pilot every business need for rapid growth. Its features make email marketing so productive. It’s a journey building software that navigates an informative and promotional campaign to your target market.

Digital marketers and businessmen in search of an email marketing software to automate their email campaign, autopilot email marketing software are the pilot software for the job. With autopilot software, you can create a compound email marketing journey for your leads and monitor them at every point of your email marketing campaign. Autopilot email marketing software is very useful when you need to attract ditched potential customers and existing customers.

This email marketing software is a powerful marketing tool that helps customers increase their sales and also structure their email marketing campaigns. It monitors your email campaign and reports on customers that are interested in your products or services. The email marketing software gives you great value for money. It’s the pilot software that guarantees the safe delivery of information to your existing and potential customers. If you need an email marketing software to pilot segment of email automatically, Autopilot is the email marketing automation software you need to captain your email marketing operation to the next level.

Autopilot  Review
Autopilot Review
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