Autoklose Review

Autoklose Review

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8.6/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #20 in category Email marketing service
Ease of Use
Customer Support
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  • Powerful Pipeline Management
  • Excellent Personalization Feature
  • Cloud-Based Program only
  • No Visitor Identification Feature
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Autoklose was created to revitalize the sales profession. As society continues to evolve, CEO and co-founder Shawn Finder, recognized the need to create a sales front that was current and innovative, breaking away from the archaic face-to-face sales method. Autoklose understands that deals are closed, and revenue increased, due to good communication and client relationships. To allow sale-people to dedicate a larger portion of their time to this pursuit, they set out to create an application that provided all the necessary email sales tools in one place. In 2018, Shawn Finder integrated an ongoing enterprise – ExchangeLeads, a B2B software – into the email interface software, founding what we now know as Autoklose.

Autoklose review

Autoklose took off with admirable momentum and within a year was services over 2 000 companies and a further 3 000 entrepreneurs including notable and recognizable names such as Microsoft, Rogers, DHL and Hilton. Although the company now has a team with over 50 members, Shawn Finder remains in an active role, answering questions, running demonstrations and interacting with clients. His experience with sales with the orient has allowed him to create a platform with all the requisite tools to run a steadfast and successful sales business.

Autoklose has won various awards, specifically in 2018 when they were awarded both the ‘Rising Star’ award by Finance Online and the ‘Great user experiences’ award. These are both notable as they recognize the rapid growth of the company in conjunction with their prowess in developing a user-friendly interface.

Autoklose Pricing

To choose your edition and pricing range, you need to estimate the number of users that will be using the application. There are set price editions for 1 to 5 users. If neither of these options is sufficient for your requirements, then you may contact Autoklose directly to calculate a personalized quote and package. Payment is due annually but is calculated on a month by month basis. Although payment may appear steep, all packages come with inbuilt benefits such as unlimited contacts, campaign tracking and follow-ups. Features and add-ons are then available at a staggered rate throughout the editions. There is no free edition available, however, you can try out all these editions for a 14-day free trial period.

Edition: Price/Month Annual Total: Users:
Starter $49.99 $599.88 1
Small Business $149.95 $1 799.40 5
Enterprise Custom Custom Custom

Autoklose DataUnlimited / Sales intelligence and Data add-ons:

This add-on is available for an additional fee. Autoklose DataUnlimited provides you with an unlimited database of contacts that will allow you to grow and develop your subscriber base. For more details, see Integrations and add-ons. The payments can be made on a quarterly or annual basis.

Annual Starting Price: Quarterly Starting price: Monthly Starting Price: Users:
$6 000.00 $2 000 $500.00 Custom

Autoklose Features

Sales Productivity Tools and Tracking

Unlike other applications, there is no additional fee for email tracking. Email tracking is unlimited and returns detailed reports. Emails are optimized to spur productivity and the efficacy of campaigns. Autoklose will also alert you to any word usage that is likely to trigger the email as spam, allowing you to adjust your methods and increase your open and click-through rates exponentially.

Email Reports

Reports are delivered on a real-time basis, not after the fact when all the data has been rendered redundant. These reports will include information integral to the campaigns that will allow you to fine-tune your strategies such as the most responded to links, templates and prospects. There is also an activity-log available of all the latest activities undertaken by recipients. Reports are downloadable for you to peruse at your leisure. You can customize the analytics to provide you with daily or hourly open rates, which will allow you to keep a close eye on the development and progress of your work. Information is also available for all the ins and out of email-recipient interactions such as click-through rates, bounce rates, delivery and opening. Autoklose compiles all this information to build a picture of how your emails are received and interacted with. Understanding these activities will allow you to better target leads at convenient times and under suitable circumstances.


Templates on Autoklose provide you with verbal formatting, designed to deliver your message succinctly and effectively. Autoklose allows you to save and reuse templates, to maintain consistency in your emails, retaining the efficacy of the emails. There are also facilities to build a sequence of templates for campaigns. This work in tandem with the application’s A\B testing, working to create a cohesive and emphatic product.

Contact Management

With unlimited contact retention and access to B2B access (Executive edition only), Autoklose provides you with all the tools you need to construct meaningful and productive relationships with all your recipients.  There is no need to lose contacts when transferring from another application as Autoklose allows you to import from all .cvs files.

To allow you to better target and utilize your emails, you can build filters and tag contacts that fit into a specific set. When using these streamlined lists, you can target emails at the groups that will be most receptive to that particular subject – for example; those functioning in a specific industry or with a minimum number of employees. Leads are also ranked according to the ‘Smart lead Scoring’ system implemented by Autoklose. This system will inform you of how engaged recipients are and of the likelihood that they will be receptive to sales.


B2B Access

This is available to subscribers to the Executive edition only.

This is an extensive database of leads. You can utilize this to expand your lead-base, equipped with all the essential information such as phone numbers, industry, email addresses and organization names. There is a convenient and easy to navigate user interface with different filters that will assist you in narrowing your search to find the leads for whom your emails would be applicable.

Email Campaign Management

An Autoklose subscription entitles you to an unlimited number of follow-up emails for an indefinite period. Campaigns on Autoklose fall under two categories: Drip and regular. You can manage and co-ordinate these both on the application with specialized tools to help you to execute both methods with great aplomb.

Campaigns can also be tailored to specific time zones to increase the likelihood of them being opened and acted upon. Further enhancements are available due to SmartSend – a machine learning-based feature that will analyze and identify trends in your and your recipients’ activity. You can schedule your campaign down to the minutiae including the days and hours in which you wish to send emails.

Detailed reports are also available for your campaigns. These are presented in a clear and intuitive format, complete with graphing. Summaries on past campaigns are available in a format that is clear and formatted with quick and informative perusal. These reports cover every single prospect individually – their responsivity, their interest and engagement actions.

A/B Testing

Autoklose utilizes A\B testing to uplift your campaigns and their turnover. A\B testing will analyze and extract the most evocative subject lines, templates and the personalization of emails. This is compiled in a concise format that will allow you to make informed decisions to better your performance.

Team Management

There is a vast array of tools available for team projects and management included in the Small Business and Executive packages.

Team reports will keep you up to date on the activities and statistics of each team member – their productivity, click-through, and open rates. You can download these reports at will and use them to analyze the efficacy of your teams, add members, delete members and change member roles. Autoklose also allows you to assign different permissions according to the roles of your team members, in this manner you can ascertain that everyone works within their authorized boundaries and will not interfere with projects out of their jurisdiction. You are not restricted to one team but can manage and communicate with multiple teams working on different campaigns and projects.

Upcoming features

There are completely new features currently in the pipeline for the Executive edition.


If this sounds like a bunch of games to you, that’s because it is. Gamification makes your recipients’ experience more fun and engaging with tasks to accomplish and rewards to achieve. This is will build your customer loyalty in addition to boosting engagement levels.

Predictive analytics

This will help you streamline your emails from the outset, giving you an idea of how they will be received and reciprocated by leads.


Custom Automation

Going above and beyond just automating responses to regular triggered events, this feature will likely provide a more direct approach to scheduling strings of follow-up emails. More information on this feature is yet to be released.

Integrations and add-ons


Autoklose partners with Zapier and Native and to provide a large set of integrations. In addition to these, Autoklose is also able to sync with any 3rd party email application. Integration categories include:

  • CRM tools
  • Inbox options
  • Sales Productivity
  • Sales intelligence and data


To enhance the experience of your recipients, Autoklose allows you to make create a unique and memorable experience for your prospects, using integrated videos, attachments and other media in your emails.

Autoklose DataUnlimited

This is available with any edition for an additional (and formidable fee) of $500.00 per month. This add-on allows you to access an unlimited array of contacts on B2B, along with their phone numbers and other significant data. It also gives you more advanced options for filtering and segmenting your contact lists. Autoklose DataUnlimited also validates all your contact information in real-time, ensuring that your database does not go out of date and saving you valuable resources.


Managing time effectively is key, and so is the timing of your emails. Autoklose allows you to schedule the delivery of your emails, writing them no and scheduling them to send at a later, more appropriate time. Once you have done so, you do not have to navigate your way through slews of replies, searching for the ones that express interest. Autoklose is primed to deal with most scenarios so that only the necessary replies find their way to your inbox. Autoklose automatically deals with unsubscribe requests and bounces – adding them to your list of unsubscribed addresses – alleviating the additional stress and time this would cost you.

Autoklose provides you with two categories of emails that you do no longer wish to communicate with. These are the ‘Do not Email Emails’ and ‘Do not Email Domains’. This feature allows you to automatically remove bouncing or invalid address or classify an entire domain under ‘Do not email’.

Autoklose can also run auto-follow-up responses to regular triggers for an indefinite amount of time without your input, quickly managing matters that leave you and your team with time to dedicate to other matters.

Ease of use

Customers report that Autoklose is easy to use and does not include a steep learning curve. Interfaces are straightforward and easy to interpret, and the features are intelligible and take very little time to become accustomed to. All system analytics, campaign and team reports are delivered in a manner that can be understood by the layperson with little knowledge of data analytics. The application does not require peripheral coding or database management skills as this is all taken care of. Autoklose also betters your experience by saving you time and energy with nifty tools and automation. Overall, customers found much satisfaction with this product and any uncertainties were taken care of upon communicating with Autoklose help team. There are various reports of the UI being ‘clunky’ and ‘not streamlined’, but these were minor issues that did not detract greatly from the overall enjoyment of the application.

Customer Support

Unusually, reports of customer support are highly complementary. Autoklose boosts a Help center as well as regularly supplying webinars and podcasts, running a blog and supplying extraneous reading material on marketing and sale strategies. Autoklose is also active on review sites so that they can gain an understanding of customer experiences and update the application accordingly. They add features and updates regularly, usually at least once every fortnight.

Autoklose features

On a more practical basis, upon visiting the site, you are automatically set in a chat with a bot that opens a direct line of communication for any of your queries. They also offer email and chat support and, in the case of the Executive edition, phone support around the clock regardless of your time zone. Users report support to be well structured and informative, providing easy methods to navigate problems, step by step directions on using tools and informed explanations on the capabilities of the application.

Pros and Cons


  • Customer support has a palpable presence and is effective and reputable.
  • Templates do not only allow you to format your emails but to gain ideas as to verbiage and copy.
  • There is a broad range of features and tools to deal with the minutiae, leaving you time to focus on the bigger picture.
  • Detailed reports keep you abreast of developments.
  • You can create your payment plan based on your requirements.
  • Regular updates ensure that the software is fit for current issues and irons out any wrinkles in the system.
  • There are many up and coming advancements and features.
  • Autoklose is easy to use.


  • There is no free version of the software available.
  • Some desirable features, such as B2B access, are only available at higher tiers.
  • Autoklose DataUnlimited is only available for a steep additional fee.
  • The UI can be clunky and unwieldy at times.

Frequently Asked Questions about Autoklose

Can I use Autoklose for newsletter distribution?

While this is possible, you will find yourself highly unsatisfied with Auoklose’s performance as a newsletter distribution tool. Autoklose is specifically prime for sales and marketing and it is with this purpose in mind that it has been programmed. Autoklose is not focused on creating aesthetic newsletters with color palettes and imagery, but on following leads to close deals and produce revenue.

Can I import my contacts from another Database?

There is a mixed answer to this question. Autoklose allows you to download any contacts from a .csv file, however, databases such as Microsoft Access, Oracle, and MySQL produce do not necessarily save their databases in this format and will have to be converted. If this is not possible, you will be required to manually upload each contact individually which can time consuming and monotonous.

Can my lead or I schedule meetings?

Yes. This is a simple matter of including a link to your calendar in your email. After that your recipient need only click on that link and select an available time slot to schedule and set up a meeting. After that it is up to you to follow-up.

Do all my leads have to receive all my campaign emails?

Definitely not! Autoklose provides you with tools to streamline and subcategorize your list. This may mean you send out an email to only those occupying a specific tier in a company, have a certain number of employees or work in the same industry. Not only will this preserve your resources, but potential leads will not become irritated at unnecessary and irrelevant strings of emails.

What do I do if leads are not opening my emails?

Autoklose will compile a list of those who do not open your emails and you can then create a follow-up campaign to target the relevant parties. Using A\B testing, you can further motivate this campaign by fine-tuning your subject lines and copy to elicit a greater response and increase your open and click-through rates.


There is various other email marketing software out there – all performing the same tasks as Autoklose to a greater or lesser degree. In terms of pricing, Autoklose comes in the higher range, although it is still not the most expensive of the batch. Autoklose does have a broad array of integrations, but some customers express dissatisfaction with these options, especially when it comes to CRM integration. Autoklose also does not offer a free version which is a significant drawback for potential customers. Autoklose is still viewed as being amongst the top in its field despite its various shortcomings. Some alternatives that target the same or similar markets include SalesLoft, Groove, Mixmax, and Outreach.

Final Verdict

Autoklose is a cohesive and comprehensive software that reaches many of the requirements and expectations that one would have for sales software. Not only is this application easy to use and navigate, but it easy to interpret and does not require the user to have any additional knowledge or skill in programming or database management. Users also report that although they may have limited experience in copywriting, the templates provided by Autoklose give them a good foundation to build upon and assist them in generating ideas. The hefty amount of resources allows you to not only utilize Autoklose to its utmost potential but learn how to better your strategies and run a better business. As the CEO remains directly involved in customer affairs you know that customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to this company. Autoklose has what is both integral and often lacking in email sales software: Stellar customer support. This is so important to the average consumer and the executive user. Knowing that there is assistance ready and prepared to give you adequate and in-depth advice and direction allows you to be secure in your work. You do not have to waste hours trying to interpret a single interface or circumnavigating glitches and hiccups in the system.

Another huge bonus for Autoklose users is the spam alert system. If you type your email within the interface, the software will alert you to any words or sentences that are likely to trigger spam. This is an indispensable tool in ensuring your emails reach the intended recipient and can skyrocket your open and click-through rates. Overall, this is an incredibly useful tool for medium and large businesses. Some reservations must be expressed concerning small businesses due to the price range and the absence of a free version of the software.

Autoklose Review
Autoklose Review
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