10 Best Email List Cleaning Services

Doing email list cleaning and verification can be quite overwhelming, especially if the number of emails in the list is high. Failing to do so, however, can be a bit costly, as the email list will not yield the expected results. That is because you will experience email deliverability failure and lose out on numerous quality leads. The situation can arise from emails landing in the subscribers’ spam folder instead of their inbox.

You can save yourself from the trouble of having to clean your email lists and still enjoy all the benefits that come with a clean and verified list by using an email list cleaning tool. A clean email list contains IDs that have interacted with you within the last six months. Such a list will help you avoid unengaged users and spam traps.

Email list cleaning tools usually use ISPs, which continuously look for spam emails to ensure that a sender has the right to land in the inbox of the receiver. That helps to avoid the sender’s email being sent into the spam folder, which can tarnish the reputation of the sender. Other reasons to use email list cleaning services include to get validation, increase leads, improve performance, and to get visible results.

There are numerous email list cleaning services currently available, and deciding which one to choose can be a bit challenging because of the many considerations that you have to make. Below is a review of ten of the best email list cleaning services to help you make the right choice.

1. Pabbly Email Verification

Pabbly Email Verification offer among the most impressive email list cleaning services that you can find. It can help you clean your entire list manually, removing any duplicate or invalid address. It validates email lists through Message Transfer Agents to check whether or not the lists have an MX-checker.

It also uses Intelligent Spam Trap Indicators to get rid of all spam records. The service makes use of an anti-greylisting technology, which secures email lists from spammers.

Pabbly email verification

Pabbly Features

One of the things that makes Pabbly the go-to email scrubbing service is its impressive features. Below are some of the most notable features.

  • Syntax remover

Your email list may contain invalid addresses, usually caused by user typing errors. Pabbly detects all email addresses that have invalid syntax and removes them

  • Complaints eliminator

If there is an email address on your list that matches one in the complaint database, Pabbly will remove it immediately

  • Risk validation

Pabbly also runs numerous scans against top-level domains and high-risk keywords, ensuring that your email list remains risk-free and secure

  • Domain clearance

Any email addresses that contain inactive, invalid or parked domains are also removed from your list

  • 24/7 support

You can always access customer service at any time of the day via live chat.

2. MailGet List Cleaning

This is another impressive tool for validating and cleaning email lists, which has earned its spot among the top ten. To clean your list, all you have to do is click on the upload button. You then wait for a few minutes, and the job will be completed.

This tool can support up to five more SMTP SendGrill, Mandrill, Postmark, Mailjet, and Mailgun. It makes use of nine filtration steps to clean the email lists. The measures focus mainly on syntax errors, domain check, formatting of addresses, and spam trap, among others.

Mailget list cleaning

MailGet List Cleaning Features

The features of MailGet makes it quite popular among users who are seeking email list cleaning services for the first time. Some of the notable features are highlighted below.

  • Email list cleaning

MailGet is capable of detecting and removing all email addresses that are bad or inactive from your list. It can give you up to 99% deliverability, high responses, and many subscriptions. Duplicate, undeliverable, and invalid email addresses are also removed from your email list

  • Bounce file comparison

Your email list is compared against that of hard bounces, and an address that is affected is filtered out

  • An editor that supports drag and drop

This is probably the most outstanding feature of MailGet, which has a positive impact on sending cheap emails when using Amazon SES. The design of the tool is in many ways similar to that of MailLite, except that it works better. It is not yet quite advanced, but it is a lot better than many other tools

  • Detect disposable emails

The tool can also detect any junk or temporary email addresses that might have been used during the signup process and cleans them

  • Subscriber list segmentation

MailGet allows you to segment your subscriber list based on clicks, bounces, and various other elements. That is a feature that is not so common among email list cleaning tools

  • Drip emails and autoresponders

Being able to add several drip emails is quite an impressive feature offered by MailGet, which you can rarely find in other tools. The implementation is also quite clean and straightforward, which makes it easy to use

  • Inbox preview

You can get a preview of whichever newsletter you want to send before sending it.

Other than all those impressive features, MailGet has various other interactions such as Google Analytics, Zapier, and Wufoo.

Pros of MailGet List Cleaning

  • Supports multiple SMTPs
  • The interface is intuitive and straightforward
  • It has an easy setup process, which comes with detailed tutorials
  • Has numerous integrations

Cons of MailGet List Cleaning

  • Lacks custom field for subscribers

3. XVerify

The one main thing that sets XVerify apart from its competition is that you can call them and speak to a real person about email deliverability at any time of the day. The company, which is based in the USA, has been in operation for several years now. It has maintained quite an impressive reputation after all those years. Finding such a trustworthy provider that has all the experience is not common.

Using XVerify is also quite easy, and the cleaning process is done in real-time. All you need to do is input your list of email addresses, and the service will do the rest. XVerify uses JavaScript and API implementation. API implementation offers more flexibility and control. At the same time, JavaScript, on the other hand, is much simpler and allows mobile verification. Individuals who are not tech-savvy can upload the address lists via the web uploader.


XVerify Top Features

  • All in one email verification and hygiene

The service can simultaneously identify high-risk emails, bounces, fraudulent emails, complainers, disposable emails, and various other threats

  • ESP integration

The service has integrations with numerous ESPs, including all the major ones

  • Reporting

The interface of the tools allows you to get a detailed report and analysis of the results

  • Real-time and batch processing

The API for XVerify can validate emails in real-time, as soon as the emails are collected on the web forms. With batch processing, email verification is possible for any file size. That includes files with more than a hundred million records

  • Accuracy and security

The accuracy rates for XVerify are at about 98%, which is among the highest in the industry. They have also implemented the latest security features to make them a trusted and secure source to which you can send your data.

4. ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce is a premier email list cleaning service, which comes with a guaranteed accuracy rate of 98%. The service focuses on detecting email bounce, email abuse, and spam trap. Its popularity is as a result of not only the high accuracy rates but the impressive features as well. Below are some of its top features.


  • Email validation

This feature allows the tool to determine whether an email address is bad or good

  • Abuse accounts

Some users can subscribe to your email list knowingly, yet they are against the idea of email marketing. Such users usually mark the messages they receive as spam. Doing so can put your brand at risk regarding reputation. To counter that, ZeroBounce has its list of complainers and abusers, which it uses to help companies to avoid them and to reach the intended audience instead

  • Catch-all domains

Some domains can mask the validity of email addresses. That means the email addresses cannot be reported as bad even when they are. ZeroBounce has a proprietary technology, which makes use of algorithms to identify catch-all domains. From that, they can determine the emails that cannot be validated instead of reporting bad emails as good

  • Spam traps

ZeroBounce uses a series of algorithms to do internal research, which helps to detect an email account that has a connection with the industry-wide blacklists

  • Do not mail accounts

ZeroBounce can detect role-based emails, such as sale@, info@, and support@, to which marketing messages should not be sent. It can also identify domains that belong to companies

  • Bounce AI

This is a relatively new feature of ZeroBounce. It is a proprietary scoring system, which is driven by artificial intelligence. It scans all the addresses on an email list and gives a quality score for all individual addresses.

5. InkThemes Email Verification

InkThemes is particularly an excellent choice for businesses that need a guarantee on inbox delivery, high open ratio, and low bounce rate for any email marketing campaign. This tool offers a variety of services, which can be quite useful to any email marketer. The services include removing duplicates and potential bounces, and cleaning lists to result in a well-filtered email list. Below is a highlight of some of its notable features.

InkThemes Email Verification

  • Email list cleaning

InkThemes identifies all the bad emails on your email list and cleans them out automatically

  • MX server connection validation

The service also checks connections to the email server to validate domain-specific email addresses

  • Email syntax verification

It helps to identify and get rid of all the email addresses in a list that have incorrect or invalid syntax

  • Duplicate email removal

Duplicate addresses only add bulk without bringing in any value. InkThemes can identify and remove the duplicate addresses

  • Suppression verification

This feature checks pre-suppression lists automatically and removes all bad emails from it

  • Eliminate hard bounce

The service keeps records of hard bounce messages. It also provides a cleaned list that is guaranteed to give higher open rates.

6. MyEmailVerifier

MyEmailVerifier offers exceptional reputable email verification services. And is known for dealing with bulk emails. It offers a guarantee of over 96% deliverability. The tool’s cleaning process can remove close to 100% of junk, spam, and invalid addresses. Its main goal is to boost leads and allow businesses to focus on other things.

The service offers instant verification API for businesses that are heavily reliant on email marketing. It increases conversions by improving the deliverability of emails. MyEmailVerifier’s user-friendly interface also makes the process of cleaning an email list easy and fast. It is recommended for companies of any size regarding pricing and sustainability.


Top MyEmailVerifier Features

  • Verifier

The service syntactically checks all the email addresses individually, with IETF standards. Any email address that is found to have a syntax error is instantly removed

  • MX record checker

The service can identify parked, inactive, and invalid emails and remove them from your list. It also detects the addresses that do not have a valid mail exchanger

  • Temporary unavailability detector

MEmailVerifier performs a deep-level SMTP verification on each email address, which allows it to detect temporary unavailability easily. Emails will not be sent to the temporarily unavailable addresses until when they are available

  • Catch-All detector

The system can detect an email address that receives mails that are addressed to a non-existing or incorrect domain and mark it as a catch-all

  • Role account detector

The service can detect email addresses that are associated with businesses, groups, brands, and organizations. It then excludes such addresses as they affect deliverability

  • Free domain checker

The tool can detect free domains such as yahoo.com and gmail.com in real-time

  • Detailed SMTP response

The detailed SMTP response provides the exact reason why the email address is invalid

  • High-performance real-time API

You can verify email addresses before they reach your email list, thanks to faster API that offers instant validation

  • Greylist domain detection

This feature helps to reduce deliverability-related issues using an anti-greylisting technology that can identify domains that are greylisted

  • Lowest turnaround time

The tool can process over a thousand email addresses in less than 15 minutes, with a minimum accuracy rating of 96%

  • High-risk email detection

Emails that are considered high-risk are displayed with unknown status.

7. QuickEmailVerification

This service helps you to maintain a clean email list by preventing any dead or incorrect email addresses from entering the database. The tool can run the verification process on every single email address that is on your database, all within a short time. It is capable of verifying bulk emails as well, which is why it is a preferred choice for many businesses with massive email lists.

Its API also allows you to verify addresses in real-time, as they enter your mailing list. It has an accuracy of above 95%. It can classify email addresses as a catch-all, role-base, disposable, and so on.


Notable Features

  • Multiple email verification methods

The tool uses more than one method of validation for email address verification. The other methods include IETF validation standards, SMTP testing, RFC syntax, DNS entry checking, and many others

  • Real-time verification

You can enjoy this feature only if you integrate the QuickEmailVerification REST API into your website

  • Bulk email verification

The tool can perform verification of bulk email lists within a few minutes, making it suitable for businesses with a huge customer base

  • Simplified verification

The interface has the drag-and-drop feature, which makes the verification process quite simple. You only need to drag and drop your email list on the validation window, and the tool will do the rest. It also has an option to upload with a CSV file.

8. Data Validation

Data Validation helps to boost your email marketing campaigns by ensuring that your list of emails consists of only valid addresses. All you need to do is upload your list, and the service will verify it and get rid of the email addresses that do not belong. The service uses Batch Verification, ESP integration, and real-time APIs to validate email lists. You have to choose the integration to use when verifying an email list. The interface appears to be simple and user-friendly, unlike many others that are usually quite intricate.


Top Features

  • Email validation

The service identifies and eliminates all bad emails from your email list. The clean email list gives you much better results for your email marketing campaign

  • List quality reporting

With Data Validation, you can see the engaged, undeliverable, and deliverable email addresses on any list before purchasing it. All the email lists validated by the tool are awarded a score. The score is ideally a description of the list’s quality

  • Email list cleaning

The tool erases any email address that is temporary, undeliverable, non-existent or has any other trait that may be undesirable, leaving you with a clean list

  • ESP integration

You can link your account using any of the supported integrations, and view the List Quality report as well

  • Real-time verification APIs

The Real-Time verification API allows you to verify email addresses in real-time. You can alternatively use Batch API to verify an entire list at once.

9. Kickbox

This is another effective email list cleaning service, which separates high-quality email addresses from poor-quality ones. It mainly helps to solve a significant challenge faced by email marketers, which is email lists maintenance. The tool will automatically identify email addresses that are deliverable, undeliverable, risky, or unknown, allowing you to filter as desired.


Kickbox Key Features

  • Recipient authentication

This helps to ensure that your subscribers own the email addresses that they use to subscribe to your newsletter

  • Kickbox Sendex

This feature is for rating all the emails in our list to give you an indication of their quality

  • Multiple Integration

Kickbox does work quite well with a variety of other email marketing services. It also integrates well with tools such as Drip and Campaign Monitor

  • Easy to use

The platform is quite intuitive and user-friendly

  • Guarantees email deliverability of about 95%

10. Email Checker

This email list cleaning service relies on cloud-based infrastructure to store data and distribute it through a very secure network. It has the Disposable Email Address Detection functionality, which allows the software to detect any temporary or disposable emails that may be present in your list. It then informs you automatically about the same.

The cleaning tool has a B2B cloud platform, which is custom-built. It also has a real-time API to help ensure super-fast verification. You can thus verify an address instantly on the dashboard.


Notable Features

  • False email detection

The service has an API system, which helps to detect whether an address used in the signup process is real

  • Check syntax and format

This feature allows you to ensure that any email entered by a user has met specific pre-defined criteria. That reduces the chances of users signing up with invalid email addresses

  • Domain verification

This feature is used to check whether an email address contains a domain name that is valid or not. It also goes further to check if the domain has been configured to receive emails

  • Rectification of errors

A user can enter various invalid characters while inputting an email address. Examples of such characters include white spaces and incorrect symbols. The additional characters can be removed automatically using the Email Checker API.


The email list cleaning services rated as the best top ten have a variety of features that are almost similar or accomplish the same purpose. However, each of them has some specific features that make them stand out among the rest. Those notable features are what make them successful.

The plans and pricing also contribute to differentiating the services. For that, you have to choose an email list cleaning service that offers you a reasonable plan based on the bulk size of your list and your budget. That means that there may be others not mentioned on this list, which might be a better choice for your business. Using the ones listed above, however, you should have a good idea of what to consider when choosing.

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